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Mood boards


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Mood boards

  1. 1. The images are captured from music videos tocreate a mood board.You can see different camera angles andeffects. For example close ups and blurs ofdifferent things in the background or focus onone particular thing at a time which is a effectwhich is used a lot in music videos general indifferent types of Genre.You will also be able to see what they wear torepresent the mood/theme of the video athand.
  2. 2. The Camera angles really add to the theme of the Video. For example, if it’s a fast quickpaced song, The camera will cut to act as if the action on the footage is “speeded up”to certain key points.I’ve chosen these images as they are an excellent example of Camera Angles, you cansee some overhead and some wide-angle shots to even close ups of a person or anobject the camera wants to focus on.
  3. 3. I’ve chosen these images as it sets a good example of some of the props that are usedin music videos. Some props are actual instruments that are used through out thevideo making them somewhat crucial. Props could be anything and they also could beapart of the clothing too. Example the goggles are actually made out of cardboard andgives you the feeling of Steampunk.
  4. 4. On these images, you can see that the different instruments represent a genre. Likethe Guitars for example, they represent acoustic or Rock.It’s really dependent on the instruments to categorise genre. Example, Dubstep ismade with computer beats and Rock is made with Various instruments and you seethis clearly in the images.