Dealing With Feeling Overwhelmed


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Running a business can be overwhelming and stressful. Here are some useful tips on how to deal with stress and how to establish long lasting beneficial habits to help you become a more successful and efficient entrepreneur. Brought to you by

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Dealing With Feeling Overwhelmed

  1. 1. Michael Gravette/Lee Milteer Dealing with Feeling Overwhelmed Page 1 of 10Michael: Hi. Its Michael Gravette. Its a real treat to have Lee Milteer on the calltonight. Ive asked Lee to help me out with a problem that most of my distributors haveand thats feeling overwhelmed. Ive always had a patented response to that whensomeone would say theyre feeling overwhelmed and I would just tell them to take action,do something. And youll stop feeling overwhelmed.But I realized thats a very simplistic approach or very simplistic advice. So I think Leewill be able to give some better insight into that. Lee I have a couple questions for youabout this subject. Are you ready for this first question?Lee: I am.Michael: Okay. The first question – what is the biggest thing you see today that causessmall business owners and entrepreneurs to become overwhelmed in their businesses?Lee: Well Michael thats a fabulous question because I would say that entrepreneurs takeon so much information at the same time. We are wired to always be going forward anda lot of entrepreneurs keep taking on information without what I call editing in their brainwhat is appropriate information to be using mentally, physically and emotionally. Andthey just keep hammering at their business.So what I like to do is kind of break down for you today some things that all of us asentrepreneurs and your distributors can do and some of these are common sense andsome of these might stretch your mind a little bit. But the first thing that I want to talkabout is the psychological thing that we as entrepreneurs, business owners have to dodeal with. We have to face reality that our general society is programming us to be intomassive fear. The word fear, a great definition of the word fear is fantasize experiencesappearing real. So Michael on an average day we are exposed to over 3,000 messages,commercial messages, news messages through everything now. Everything is so wired tobe connected to whats going on in the world. But the medias message is were all goingto hell in a hand basket but life as we know it is deteriorating, disintegrating, there is nohope, we dont know what to do with our money. We have lost hope about theweightings of the United States, where our future is going to be.Now on a subconscious level this kind of poison in your veins message to us asentrepreneurs every single day is the death of us. It is stressing us out. It is causing us tofeel fear. It is causing us to doubt ourselves. It is causing us to not have the confidenceto take the risk and use our skills and our abilities like we should be using them. I like touse the word should but its appropriate here.I am going to ask people who are listening to this to consider a drastic measure of goingon and testing for yourself what I call a media diet. And Michael as you well know withmy Millionaire Smarts program and also as a coach, and Ive been a coach for many,many years. I do a lot of one-on-one coaching. When I deal with entrepreneurs who feeloverwhelmed this is one of the first things that I ask them to do is I go, "Look I know youfeel like you have to be in touch." And there is a certain amount of being in touch withreality that you have to be. However, you can skim the newspaper in the morning andfound out what you need to know every day. You do not have to read about that Page 1 of 10
  2. 2. Michael Gravette/Lee Milteer Dealing with Feeling Overwhelmed Page 2 of 10problems in Europe. You do not have to read about the rapes and the murder and the warand the predictions of the economic, people, who by the way, have no idea what theyretalking about. And you dont have to read that stuff. And I invite you to envision thispicture. Every time you subject yourself to this news you are literally taking money outof your pocket. You are bleeding money onto the ground. If you can picture that. Andthe reason I want you to picture that is because every time you insert new references inyour brain that life is going to hell and youre being busted by reality, you withdraw alittle bit. Your creativity shrivels. Your creativity dies. Your desire to take risks goesaway because you feel like there are mountains in front of you instead of rolling hills.Now we are addicted to the drama of whats going on. We have been programmed sincebirth by the media to be programmed like this. I am a person who when I realize that Istart to feel very overwhelmed and scared about life and tentative that I am allowing theoutside world to determine what my inside is happening. Meaning, I wrote a book, asyou well know, called Success is an Inside Job. The reason I wrote that book is becausesuccess is an inside job. It is the internal thoughts that you have, the choices that youmake of the quality of information that you put into your brain. So I challenge to checkout for yourself how the media is affecting you.So if you would for the next 21 days, it only takes 21 days to 30 days to create a newhabit, deliberately start to limit all of your external media. Only give yourself thatabsolute what I must have. So for some of you guys youve got to know the sports news.Perfectly okay. You got to know what the weather is. Perfectly okay. Unless yourewatching weather in another city or country that has nothing to do with yours then itsperfectly okay. Youre the first to laugh at that Michael.Michael: No kidding.Lee: If you want to go check your stocks, God bless you, but thats perfectly okay. Butstay away from the economic gloom and doom. If you will do this for 30 days, and bythe way, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, and I mean that, ever watch thenews late at night because you see your subconscious is awake 24 hours a day and whenyou watch the news and then go to bed its like it stirs the pot. Then you dont understandwhy you wake up in the morning with a less than enthusiastic attitude towards the day.Youve literally just poured poison in your brain, your soul, psyche and its stupid to dothis. And yet this is how average people live and they controlled by the external.The most successful entrepreneurs of all time, the most successful, profitable people arepeople who are internally driven first, meaning that they control the caliber ofinformation that goes in their brain. They are aware that theres external things. Butwhat you focus on expands and the more you focus on how terrible things are bywatching the news that means automatically that a lot of conversations with other people,your loved ones, your friends, your neighbors, your staff, is going to drift into how badthings are.Your job as an entrepreneur, if you really want to conquer this feeling of overwhelm, ifyou have got to remove an element that is causing the majority of the overwhelm, theelement of fear of the Page 2 of 10
  3. 3. Michael Gravette/Lee Milteer Dealing with Feeling Overwhelmed Page 3 of 10Before Michael and I got on this call today we had a nice little 45 minute catch up chatand one of the things that we talk about is the fact that we always land on our feet. Ijoked with him that I land on my butt occasionally but I get back on my feet and I keepgoing. I always have. And my belief, and this is another important aspect, I have builtinto my belief systems, which by the way I had to program myself. I didnt get it fromsociety and I did it get from parents or anybody around me. But one of my belief systemsis I will always be successful. I will do whatever it takes to be successful. I havebounced off my butt but I get back on my feet and I become strong again.But nothing can hold me down, not the economy, not external circumstances. The onlything that holds me down is my inability to discern the difference between external eventsand my internal decision to excel. And I just want to share with you, and if youvelistened to me for any length of time you know that Im big in this, that you have tosubstitute those areas. See when you want to break a habit in life you cant just break ahabit. You have to substitute something else in, something positive. And so you now,your challenge is is to not just hear this recording. Go, "Oh that was nice and shesabsolutely right." And then you absolutely do nothing about it. Youve got to seriouslylook at your life and say, "Yeah she is right and I need to make some very seriouschanges." I need to stop reading the newspaper and poisoning myself, stop listening tothe news on the way to my office or in my car. I need to cut off the TV and all thisinformation overload. And I need to now go back to basics. I need to, when I firststarted my career and Michael Im sure you did this. I know I did it, is I went and readevery book I could find that was encouraging. The Think and Grow Rich, The Magic ofBelieving, you can read my book, Success is an Inside Job, anything and everything thatis inspiring, encouraging and gives you hope.You see when you have hope you have the path to success. Our media has killed ourhope. Its killed that spark of divinity within us that we have everything we need withinourselves to deal with any challenges. You always have, you will always have. Andyouve got to substitute the news for listening to the Millionaire Smarts in your car everysingle month or anybody who motivates you. Michael Im sure youve seen it today thatmotivational speakers are almost laughed at sometimes.Michael: Right.Lee: And this is a crime because nobody can motivate you but you. Thats absolutelytrue. However, the quality and the caliber of information that you put in your braindetermines the quality and caliber of decisions you make. And the people that youassociate with, the old saying, which who knows who to give this credit to becauseeverybodys claimed it and its five people that you associate with determines who youare.But I have not, in the beginning of my career, I didnt get hang around with Zig Ziglarand Tony Robbins and Wayne Dyer or anybody who motivates you but I could hangaround them every day in my car or on my tape player or any kind of electronic devicethat you have at that moment. And I deliberately associate myself with big thinkers.People who have the ability to take you out of that small thinking, that tentative realitythat youre living in, into live big, play hard, go for it, do the right Page 3 of 10
  4. 4. Michael Gravette/Lee Milteer Dealing with Feeling Overwhelmed Page 4 of 10And the reason Im making such a big deal out of this is because these are very smallchanges. They are easily made today. Its not like you have to revamp your office orcreate a new system. Its a really mindset of what am I willing to do right now to changethe caliber of information of thoughts that I have in my brain? Again what you focus onexpands.If you focus on how bad things appear to be, what youre missing is part of the picture.You see yes there are people, the poverty level has gone down in the United States andthere are people who are poor and there are people who are occupying stuff and there arepeople who are doing this, that and the other. And there are people who are kicking ass,taking names, making millions of dollars. So you got to ask yourself, where do I want tobe here? Because youre choosing sides with your thinking.And the other prospect I want you to think about is one of the things that I do in my life isI kind of analyze things. For example, Im starting a new coaching program, whichMichael and I have just talked about. Its called Implementation Coaching. And Im onlytaking about a hundred people in that program. And so I was with all these other coachesrecently and they were talking about, "Oh you know things are bad and people arentsigning up for coaching programs." And I said to them, "You know I read in the paperthe other day, because I do scan the newspaper for good stuff, but the seven billionthperson had been born in the world. And out of the seven billion people Im only for ahundred, okay? I should say I should be able to find a damn hundred people out of theseven billion to be part of my program." Can you feel and see the difference in the shift,in the reality that you put yourself in when you reframe in your mind the importance ofthings and what youre feeding your brain? You see what has been feeding your brain isthe gloom and doom. Youve got to put a big stop on that. Youve got to stop that todayand I mean that with my heart and soul. You cannot hang around people who talk aboutgloom and doom. You just gradually fade away from them.You cannot talk at yourself. You see the most, if you look at history, the most powerfulpeople on earth throughout history have been speakers. They are the teachers. They arethe story tellers and you must aligns yourself with those storytellers and those speakerswho speak to you the information that stirs your soul, that stirs your creativity, that stirsyour excitement about being an entrepreneur again because youve lost that passion ifyoure in overwhelm.I could tell you a lot of books to read but the truth is you probably have most of them onyour shelf right now. The resources you need are probably right at your fingertips. Andyou have to give yourself permission at this time to start using those resources to changethe mindset that you have from overwhelm, stressed, I dont know what to do to I amclear, I am focused, I am using my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual and financiallife energy effectively and efficiently. And I give myself permission that when I fall offthe wagon that I will get right back on the wagon.And so that is, Michael, really the first thing that every single person thats listening tothis can do and they can do it today.Michael: All right. Im looking through my questions I have. I think you alreadyanswered like four of them that I had down here already with that one answer. Tied Page 4 of 10
  5. 5. Michael Gravette/Lee Milteer Dealing with Feeling Overwhelmed Page 5 of 10all this and what youve said will apply to what Im asking you here but in more specificwhen it comes to actually managing stress, see I personally, I believe in right breathing. Ibelieve in practice meditation and a lot of people dont like to talk about those aspects oflife. But could you talk about that a little bit where you can actually, the physical thingsyou can actually do to help control your stress.Lee: Absolutely. Again thats programming. You see a lot of programming some of usgot maybe in church or in society was that everything in life is thinking. Im going to saythat you have five kinds of energy. You have mental energy, which is thinking. Youhave emotional energy, which is feeling. You have spiritual energy. You have financialenergy. And you literally every day the physical energy is you control your physicalenergy. So if youre having a lot of stress one of the very first things that happens whenpeople are in stress is they shallow breathe. And whether you are in the doctors office ortheres a medical tech around you or in any emergency one of the very first things thateverybody tries to get you to do is to do deep diaphragm breathing because whatbreathing does is bring oxygen to your bloodstream, which relaxes you. It takes oxygenand brings to your brain, which gives you more resourceful thinking.So if we just take all the spiritual woo woo stuff out of breathing and stress and we reallyjust do it from a physical point-of-view, ever since we were kids everybody always heardif youre mad count to 10 and breathe deeply. Well theres a couple reasons for that, one,it keeps you from using your mouth, which causes more stress. And secondly, is forhundreds of years, thousands of years theres much research done about the simple act ofbreathing. I know that if I find myself afraid or scared or Im nervous about something ifI will just stop and focus on my breathing for a few seconds I just calm right down.Michael Ive been speaking on stage for over 20 years. Ive done a lot of television anddo know, and people think that you lose nervousness. You dont. If youre a goodspeaker you never lose your nervousness. In fact, if you do lose your nervousness yourenot going to be good. You need that energy. But before I go on stage I literally, I have todo deep breathing. It calms me. It makes me focused. It takes energy to my brain. Itmakes me think clearly. The breathe of life is the most important thing that you can dowhen youre stressed.The other things that you can do is just when youre stressed about something, and I weall get stressed. Ill give you an example. This morning my computer crashed. I meanlike really today. I really needed that computer today. And I felt a little stressed. Andthen I remembered, I just breathed a couple of times, one, its got some kind of warrantything on it. And two, I have a backup system. Everything thats on that computer is onsomething in the sky somewhere, an iCloud thing somewhere. Everything on it. So Ihave lost nothing but maybe a couple of hours of somebodys going to have to come inhere, bring a new computer and hook it up.Instead of me falling apart part of the reason Im not going to be really stressed about thatis something all of us as entrepreneurs need to do, is we need to preventive stressbehavior. So for anyone who doesnt have some kind of back system to your computeryoure just asking for stress. For anyone who doesnt have backup systems for everythingits not a matter if things are going to go down, its a matter of when theyre going to Page 5 of 10
  6. 6. Michael Gravette/Lee Milteer Dealing with Feeling Overwhelmed Page 6 of 10Its like your car. If you get a vehicle youre going to be stressed out if somebody dingsit. Again its not matter of if it gets dinged, its a matter of when its going to get dinged.I used to have a friend who used to say, hed get a new car. Hed immediately put a smallding in it. And I said, "Why?" He said, "I know I have no stress over the car anymore."He said, "We go put a little ding in the car and its already got a ding it and Im good togo." Now I thought that was stupid and insane but it worked for him. But it is kind of aninteresting philosophy.And the other thing is about stress, Michael, is we have all this fabulous gut feelings,intuition, instincts, whatever you want to call it. Theres a guiding force within us. Whenyou have little nagging thoughts, which most of you will probably describe as worry,what they really are is hints that theres a possible weak link in your fence. Youre onlyas strong as your weakest link. So if you only have one person in your office that worksfor you, one is a very bad number and you have little nagging thoughts, "Well wouldhappen to the business or my assistant or if she gets hit by a bus or runs off withsomebody and doesnt show up?" When you have those the most intelligent thing youcould do is not to worry about them but to literally stop, acknowledge that oh Im gettinginformation about a weak link in my world. I need to do something about that nowbefore that weak link breaks. Does that make sense?Michael: Yes. In fact that ties into another question I had because one of the things thatalways gave me stress was trying to do everything myself because its so hard sometimesto let go of certain things. But as I started to delegate more and more I feel the stressgetting less and less. And Ive learned a lot from you and Dan Kennedy about this. Canyou elaborate a little bit on how to manage delegation?Lee: Well I am very proud to say that I am a fabulous delegator. In fact Im sure youveseen me do this Michael. When I have taught this I say, "Im a pointer." I walk in theoffice and start pointing at things that need to be done. I am the born queen of pointing.And I love it. And the reason I love it is because I learned a very young age I am onlygood at a couple of things in life.Michael: And one is pointing.Lee: And one is pointing, absolutely. The other one is Im a great talker. Im a greatcommunicator. Im very good at that and this is the secret all entrepreneurs need tounderstand. Your ability to make money is directly tied to your natural skills and that 80to 90% of all of your time needs to be focused on that narrow band of things that you dowith massive excellence. That is the engine of your business. Everything else needs tobe delegated and outsourced and then just reviewed.And I have been able to grow my business far, far beyond, at least 95% of the otherpeople who went into business at the same time I did, at the same kind of things that I dobecause they try to be all things to all people. They try to do their books. They try to dotheir websites. They try to do all their copywriting. Theyre trying to do all things.I have a big sign up in my office that you should have in your office and that is – followthe money. Follow the money. The reason I say that is all the other stuff is just stuff. Page 6 of 10
  7. 7. Michael Gravette/Lee Milteer Dealing with Feeling Overwhelmed Page 7 of 10the office being pretty. The office even being neat. All this stuff that has to be done, yesit has to be done but the most important thing that you can do is to make sure that youhave people around you who understand that the engine of your business is the moneythat comes in and the clients and customers that you have, that everything else issecondary.So if theres an order that comes into my office literally that has priority over everythingelse, everything. Everything from lunch to everything. Orders coming in, we get anorder out within 24 hours. We do that for a lot of reasons because one, a lot of peopleorder something then change their mind. They have buyers remorse or something. Solets get that order out. Lets get it to them right away. Lets do a little bit more extra thanthey expected. Lets be really friendly. And were a real, real company. You can call uson the phone and get us. You can stop by. God forbid but you can. Its a real building.You can find us. And our whole concept of reality is that we want to make our customersexperience be so pleasant and so enjoyable that they recommend us and they come backto us.But all that happens Michael because I hire the right people. I delegate. I tell them whatI want. Ive created systems for them to follow. I have an accountability process thateach and every one of them does for me. I double check their work but I dont do thework. One, Im the worst at doing books. The worst. But I know how to look at thebooks. I know when were in profit. I believe that if you do not have a really strongability to delegate, review what theyve done and by the way you cant be one of thesepeople when you delegate something that its a like a dictator of youll do it this way. Ifyouve hired the right people what you want to do is tell them the end results that youwant to accomplish. And if its something really new and something delicate that youreally have to pay attention to you might ask them, "Okay how would you do this andhow you will you enact on this and bring completion to this?" And then you can finetune it but youve got to give them, its like running a horse. You got to give them theirhead a little bit. You give them their boundaries, their perimeters, what they can andcannot do but then give them the ability to do that.And also there has to be a reward system. You seen when you delegate something tosomeone people are all motivated by different things. As entrepreneurs were motivatedby money. Its pretty flat for money for most of us. But for our staff theyre not alwaysmotivated by money. Many times theyre motivated by being acknowledged for a goodjob, little bonuses. Theres a million things that you can do if you pay attention how toreward your staff for running the business like you.And the first things that you have to do is you do have to train them to think like anowner and we have to be brutal here. If they have the ability before they work for you tothink like an owner they would be an owner. They are not as capable as you are to thinkin the big picture. And Michael we could talk about for hours and hours about thecapabilities of people but I do I want to share with you when you do delegate that youhave do have to take into consideration their capabilities. You cannot expect certainpeople, like I just hired this little 20 year old gal whos just right out of school. I knowthat she is only capable of what we call grunt work. Load stuff into the computer, fulfillorders, mail stuff out, do inventory. Thats all shes capable of. I cant expect her to becapable if a customer calls to get on the phone to explain my hundred and some Page 7 of 10
  8. 8. Michael Gravette/Lee Milteer Dealing with Feeling Overwhelmed Page 8 of 10to them in detail. Shes not capable. Shes not been trained. Shes not capable. So wehave to be realistic about delegating to people but you also want to think aboutoutsourcing.I outsource so much stuff its kind of mind boggling and Im a collector of outsources,that whenever I go to any of events where other people do what I do I am an interviewer.I always ask people questions, "Well whos doing this duplication for you? Who is doingcopywriting for you? Where are you getting your conference call people from? Tell meabout those." So Im always, always gathering, gathering outsource information. Sowhen I have the need to have something done and I know its going to over task, overstress my existing team I have the ability to outsource. And by the way Im a big believerof hire slow and fire fast. And if anybodys ever seen my staff I go through them becauseIm willing to let people who are not good go because its too stressful for me.Over the years I have created a lot of systems and, Michael and I we just talked aboutthis, most of the entrepreneurs I know are the worst trainers to their own staff that Iveever seen. Its sort of like hire people and heres the job, figure it out. And most of youshould be laughing about that because its so pathetically true and the reason its true isbecause we are the visionary, the engines in our business. We create the picture but wehate the minutia, the details. I want to get this done but oh my God I dont want to makethose 12 phone calls to get it done. The people we hire have to be able to do that. Andyou also, lets face it, if you really want to a well oiled machine in your business youvegot to train your staff.Michael is going to give you a link on a brand new product I have created that I wentwith my top staff people and myself for over 20 years and we went and listened to allthese entrepreneurs about what their entrepreneurial assistants needed. And I literallycreated the complete entrepreneurs assistance training program. Very inexpensive. Its, M-I-L-T-E-E-R. If you identify yourself as a Millionaire Smarts andMichael Gravette customers theyll be a big discount for you. So I highly recommendthat you consider something like this for your existing staff and also for your future staff.Its very evergreen. I traveled a hundred cities a year doing public seminars for sixstraight years. And because I was gone so much out of survival every time there was anew thing that happened in my world I created a system and forms on how my assistants,my staff, my team should handle it. We created office meetings. We created our officebook on okay Lees not here. We dont know what the heck to do about this. You golook it up in the manual, the office manual on what to do.So you will have to jury-rig it a little bit to your own business and adapt it a little bit justto make these forms work for you but it would save you a massive amount of hard ache,time in your future when youre dealing with your staff. But I do want to say this, mostof your staff that has good intentions, they want to please you but you have to give themthe tools to do that and its a two way street. You really have to participate in delegatingin a very intelligent way that they can then take your directions and fulfill them becauseas an entrepreneur and a distributor you can only grow as fast as you and your staff candeal with it.And so you have to have your systems set up so that the growth of your business flowseasily instead of it becoming all bottle necked and then all of a sudden you grow Page 8 of 10
  9. 9. Michael Gravette/Lee Milteer Dealing with Feeling Overwhelmed Page 9 of 10youre not prepared to grow and then you mess up with your customers and your clientsand you create ill will and you lose those people that you have spent so much time andmoney courting, as I like to call them. Does that answer your question?Michael: Yeah. And real quick to add to this, it seems like a lot of people are reluctantto do this, to get help is because they think that as long as theyre doing it its for free andthats because they dont put any value on their time. Can you speak to that just for asecond?Lee: Oh gosh yes, Michael. Thats a fabulous observation. Every person listening to thisyou need to sit down and assign an amount of money of what you are worth an hour.And Michael you hit the nail perfectly on the head when you said, "Its free." Thatsbullshit. Its not free. Your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual and financialenergy are tied up into that.In all my coaching groups I always tell people youve got to figure out exactly what yourtime is worth. Now Im not suggesting that you put too high a value on it but I amsuggesting you put a high enough value on it that you have a benchmark. Ill give you anexample, years ago I was in radio sales. I was like 22 years old. Im in radio sales. I gotmyself a housekeeper. And I remember people around me were like, "What the hell iswrong with you? What do you need a housekeeper for?" And I said, "Well, one, I amnot the greatest domestic goddess person there ever was. Secondly, I can go out in mycommission and I can go make a lot more money in that four or six hours thathousekeepers there and then pay her and have money leftover instead of me doing stuff Idont like, Im not good at it, I dont want to do. So whether its cutting grass, whether it ispainting your garage or anything you do in your life youve got to analyze what is thetrade off? Is it worth me using my mental, physical, emotional energy on doing this? Orwould it be much better for me to take my skills, expertise, knowledge and wisdom goout and make money?You see if you really think about it cutting your own grass, unless you love to cut grass,is costing you money. Because you as the creator of your life could be expanding yourbusiness. You could be writing copy or you could be doing things that actually bringincome into you versus you expending physical, mental and emotional energy doingthings you don’t really like to do.Now some people, Michael, are so what I call tight about life. They dont want to spendthe money but those are people who will always be really tiny entrepreneurs. Theyllnever break into what I call serious money. Because theyre not thinking like that.Theyre thinking very small, very tight. The most important resource in your whole life isyour time. You have 1,440 minutes of every day and if youre using your time doingthings that are not income producing or remember follow the money, then youre literallywasting your resources of why youre being self-employed and a distributor to beginwith.In my home when anybody, Im married, so if my home, people want me to do somethingI dont want to do I go, "Thats not my job. My job is to make money." Im serious.Absolutely. That is my job. My job is to make money. All this other stuff you canhandle Page 9 of 10
  10. 10. Michael Gravette/Lee Milteer Dealing with Feeling Overwhelmed Page 10 of 10Now people are going this is not the womans normal perspective of life. But I can makemore money in a day than I can then if Im trying to cook and clean and take care of thehouse and doing all the things that society expects of me. One, Im not good at that stuff.Two, Ive never done that stuff. Three, Im never going to do that stuff. That is not myjob. My job is to be the visionary of my creation. I can hire housekeepers. I can go outto dinner. But I cant waste my lifes energy doing things that I can hire someone else todo for a very small amount of money, now, unless I like to do those things. I think thatspretty brutal.Michael: Yep. All right Lee. I just realized God weve been on this call almost 45minutes and I dont want to take up too much more of your time. And youve given us somuch to think about and to chew on here. In fact, I cant tell you how much I appreciatethis and how much my distributors are going to appreciate it. So thank you so much forthis call.Lee: Oh my pleasure Michael. And I do want to leave you with this thought. Yourfuture is determined, everybody on the call here today, your future is really determinedwith the integrity of your thinking and your time management. So a couple little thingsbefore we go. One, I want you to consider that your time, you have a clear thought ofwhat your time is worth. That you dont just be a rescuer to other people. Dont maketheir problems your problems. Be very aware that every single day you are the provider,youre the alpha of your business. You are the one providing jobs and skills and productsfor other people. Your real job in life is to have integrity with concept of you are thevisionary of your business and that you must control the caliber of information thatcomes into your brain, so you can have clear thinking. You must control your time. Youmust not allow yourself to be open to anybody and everybody who thinks they want you.If youre interested in time management I have a fabulous program at calledBanishing Time and Energy Vampires: The Essentials of Productivity andImplementation. If you want to be in a coaching group I have all kinds of thoseavailable. I highly recommend that you take the Millionaire Smarts program each monthand not only listen to it yourself but also distribute the reports and the transcript of thepresentation and the topic each month to your top people, maybe even to your kids. Ifyou have teenagers if you gave them this kind of information you would be giving themgifts of success in the future that are far beyond anything the school system teaches them.And that you would also, if you share the information among yourself, your family andyour staff, your team so to speak youll all be on the same page of what I call rightproductive, profitable thinking. So thank you so much for having me on.Michael: Thank you Lee. And Ill talk to you soon.Lee: I hope so. Thank you.Michael: Okay, Page 10 of 10