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New Business | Social Media Workshop


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How to fuel ad agency new business through social media.

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New Business | Social Media Workshop

  1. 1. 2012 New Business | Social Media Workshop Michael Gass Consulting |
  2. 2. Laying a Foundation for New Business• Commonality of Problems• Paradigm Shift for New Business• Making New Business Easier• Examples of Agency Positioning• Objectives and Best Practices
  3. 3. Agencies don’tpractice what theypreach
  4. 4. The Cobbler’s children who have no shoes
  5. 5. Agencies look and sound just alike
  6. 6. “Most agencies are in a perpetual state ofrebranding and redesigning their websites.”Michael Gass
  7. 7. Only 9% of marketersbelieve agencies are doing agood job keeping up
  8. 8. In 2010 Agencies Jump In
  9. 9. Social media is asaviour not a nemesis; anasset rather than a liability; atime saver instead of a timekiller.
  10. 10. Overthinking It
  11. 11. The way you network offline isthe way you network online
  12. 12. Agency Logo
  13. 13. The Great Recession“Social media is about people connecting with people.”
  14. 14. “People want to work withother people ... that theyKNOW, TRUST and LIKE”
  15. 15. “Lead with BENEFITS rather thanCREDENTIALS and CAPABILITIES”
  16. 16. “Expertise: the primary basisfor differentiating ourselvesfrom the competition”
  17. 17. Experts Write
  18. 18. Paradigm Shift
  19. 19. 80% of decision makers saidthey found their vendors not theother way around
  20. 20. 90% of energy andresources spent usinginterruption tactics
  21. 21. Become the Prey
  22. 22. Control the client relationship
  23. 23. 24/7 Awareness
  24. 24. what new business heaven is like
  25. 25. The Great Recession
  26. 26. The Great Recession
  27. 27. “As important as it wasto have a website, it isnow as important tohave a blog.”
  28. 28. read and“Leadersreaders lead”MichaelHyatt
  29. 29. “Reading fuelsyour writing”
  30. 30. Content Creationand Curation• 350 to 450 words• 1 original post for every 4 to 5 curated post• Key words in post titles• Write in inverted pyramid style• Lead with conclusion• Write for scan-a-bility• Writing schedule at least 2-3 posts per week• Spread content consistently over multiple social media platforms
  31. 31. generating leads
  32. 32. Jump Starting Blog Traffic• Base of Content - 30 posts in 30 days• Tool to Build “Targeted” Twitter Followers• Integrate: Blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Google+• eNewsletter• Tool to repurpose content• Key words to build search rankings quickly
  33. 33. A positioning tool +:• networking & referral business• no longer having to “chase” new business• skip the dating process• controlling the client relationship• ability to charge higher premiums• maintain top of mind awareness 24/7• personalized continuing education program• national & international new business• a social media program that works for clients
  34. 34. The 3 Steps in Positioning:1. Choose a focus2. Establish a positioning of expertise3. Back it up - “a look under the hood”
  35. 35. A quick positioning exercise
  36. 36. First Step• Target Audience• Descriptor statement• Blog title• URL• Key words• Categories
  37. 37. Ph 205.370.7750Email michael@michaelgass.comBlog: www.fuelingnewbusiness.comTwitter: