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AIESEC Phes MCP 14.15 Apps - [4] curriculum vitae


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AIESEC Phes MCP 14.15 Apps - [4] curriculum vitae

  1. 1. 56 General Avenue | Project 8, Quezon City 1112 | 09179088475 | Profile Highly motivated, innovative and versatile AIESECer Effective and efficient team leader who balances processes with results Analytical thinker with passion for challenging ideas and people for the better Organizational Experience AIESEC in The Philippines Member Committee Vice President for Marketing, Communications and Strategic Initiatives (May 2013 – Present) LC Coach – AIESEC in Miriam College (May 2013-Present) Member Committee Vice President for Communications (May 2012 –May 2013) LC Coach – AIESEC in University of Sto. Tomas (May 2012-May 2013) Campaign Team Leader – National GCDP OGX Task Force (AY 2011-2012) AIESEC University of the Philippines Diliman Local Committee Vice President for Communications (AY 2011-2012) nd OCP for Culminight (2 Sem, AY 2010-2011) st AVP for Brand Management (1 Sem, AY 2010-2011) st OCVP Creatives for UNLEASH (1 Sem, AY 2010-2011) nd Merchandise Officer (2 Sem, AY 2009-2010) Conferences and Seminars Attended AGBS 2009, Asian Students’ Venture Forum 2012 , UNLEASH Asia Pacific 2010 (Organizing Committee), National Leadership Development Seminar 2010 & 2011, Development Conference 2011, Global Youth Summit 2011 (Facilitator), Global Youth Summit 2012 (MC Team) & 2013 (Conference Manager), PH Youth-to-Business Forum 2012 (MC Team) & 2013 (Conference Manager), National Leadership Development Conference 2012 (Facilitator) & 2013 (Facilitator, Conference Manager), Strategic Conference 2012 & 2013 (Facilitator), National Conference 2012 (Facilitator), XP Con 2012 (Facilitator), International Youth Leaders Summit, Nanjing 2013 (Facilitator), National Presidents Meeting 2013 (Facilitator, Conference Manager), AIESEC in Miriam College – A-Camp 2013 (Chair), AIESEC in University of Sto. Tomas – A-Camp 2012 (Chair) Others Kampo Uno Rescue – Junior Instructor, 2011; Business Administration Council – UPD – Sophomore Representative, AY 20102011 Education University of the Philippines, Diliman (June 2009 – Present) Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, anticipated in 2014 Relevant Skills Skills in Leadership & Management (team management, risk management, crisis management, strategic planning and management, project management, operations management); Skills in Marketing and Communications (social media management, marketing research, corporate communications, marketing communications); Skills in sales and financial management. Languages Spoken Fluent in English and in Filipino