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Commercialising Communities - SWARM 2013


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Kelly Brough and Michael Eva

Communities can be commercialised in a variety of well documented ways.

But how do you know which is right for you?

And what’s the plan once you have?

Bringing recent case studies to the floor, Kelly and Michael lead an interactive session with participants to identify, map and apply the commercial model most suitable for their community, examining how to test and iterate within that process.

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Commercialising Communities - SWARM 2013

  1. 1. Commercialisin g Communities
  2. 2. Agenda – Commercialising Communities 1.Introductions 2.A Community’s Value 3.Direct commercialisation 4.Indirect commercialisation 5.Measuring ROI 6.Wrap-up
  3. 3. What you should take away… 1.An understanding of the key community commercialisation models. 2.How they apply to your community. 3.How to prove the value of your community.
  4. 4. Introductions 16Community Managers 2Designers 2SAMs
  5. 5. Introductions Almost 300 Australian businesses managed on social media
  6. 6. Introductions
  7. 7. Over to you… Let’s hear about the type of community you run.
  8. 8. Finding a Community’s Value
  9. 9. Finding Your Community’s Value 49% of CMOs don’t know the value of their social.* *The CMO Survey - 2013
  10. 10. Finding Your Community’s Value
  11. 11. Finding Your Community’s Value
  12. 12. Finding Your Community’s Value
  13. 13. Finding Your Community’s Value
  14. 14. Question Do you know the value that your community does or could provide to your business?
  15. 15. Direct Monetisation
  16. 16. Advertising
  17. 17. Affiliate Marketing
  18. 18. Branded Content
  19. 19. …And more. E-commerce Donations Pay-walls Events Podcasting Email marketing And more..
  20. 20. Truelocal Monetisation?
  21. 21. Question Has anyone tried any of these commercialisation strategies? Are any of these right for your communities? Are there any strategies you’d like to try?
  22. 22. Indirect Monetisation
  23. 23. Indirect Monetisation
  24. 24. Yelp - Indirect Monetisation
  25. 25. Beletti Restaurant and Café in Melbourne Suburbs What is Beletti’s community ROI?
  26. 26. Beletti Restaurant and Café in Melbourne Suburbs Customer retention and loyalty. 1149 Likes Anecdotal uplift in bookings
  27. 27. SOHO Dresses Online fashion retailer •What is SOHO dresses community ROI?
  28. 28. SOHO Dresses Online fashion retailer •Over 3000 likes. •Sales have doubled along with traffic.
  29. 29. Tas IVF IVF Clinic •What is Tas IVF’s ROI from social?
  30. 30. Tas IVF IVF Clinic •1200 Likes •Building a safe community for women engaging in or interested in IVF •Referrals have grown by 8% •Procedures have increased by 13%
  31. 31. Daalders Exhausts and Mufflers Business •What is Daalders ROI from social?
  32. 32. Daalders Exhausts and Mufflers Business •1500 Likes •Solid number of customer service enquires. •Showcases business products.
  33. 33. Questions In what way is your community indirectly generating revenue?
  34. 34. How to Commercialise Your Community
  35. 35. Direct
  36. 36. Indirect
  37. 37. Commercialising White Pages Community
  38. 38. White Pages Report •Key Growth Metrics •Benchmarking •Reporting on growth metrics •Aligning goals with the wider business?
  39. 39. Key Stakeholder Engagement
  40. 40. Question What will you STOP, MINIMISE, KEEP DOING, do MORE of and START?
  41. 41. Measuring ROI
  42. 42. Indirect Monetisation
  43. 43. What’s Important to Your Business? Sales Subscriptions Direct revenue Ratings Traffic Customer retention Donations ?
  44. 44. Question What are the core objectives of your business?
  45. 45. ROI – Analytics and Tracking
  46. 46. ROI – Earned Media Value
  47. 47. ROI – Earned Media Value US$174 = Synapcase 2013- -
  48. 48. ROI – Business Data and Timelines
  49. 49. ROI – Word of Mouth
  50. 50. ROI Planning 1.Identify business goals. 2.Define success metrics. 3.Benchmark. 4.Track, measure, correlate, and adjust.
  51. 51. Example – Roadmap and Reporting •Set the benchmarks for measuring ROI – Roadmap. •Return to those benchmarks as often as possible through reporting.
  52. 52. Question What metrics should you be reporting for your community? How could you be tying that value in better with wider business objectives? Who should you be reporting to?
  53. 53. Wrap-Up
  54. 54. Wrap-Up Commercialisation can be direct or indirect. Regardless, it’s important to understand and demonstrate the value your community provides your business.
  55. 55. Direct 1) Are you ready to directly commercialise? 1) Is your community big enough? 2) Will they accept commercialisation? 3) Do you have wider business support? 2) Don’t limit yourself to one strategy but focus on one to start with a get it right. 3) Implement lightly and be prepared to change if needed. 4) Measure and analyse.
  56. 56. Indirect 1)Tie your community back to core business objectives. 2)Find a way to measure and track your community against core business metrics.