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This is how we can help you communicate your corporate brand message, attract and retain your target market.

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  1. 1. D I G I TA L P R I N T I N G A N D M A R K E T I N G S O L U T I O N S
  2. 2. What makes MediaDirect has built a reputation of a companyus different: that can be relied upon to get things done correctly, quickly and within budget. We view ourselves as a creative marketing company with a relaxed and flexible attitude. We have experience in different business industry sectors so we offer creative and successful solutions from other areas that may be fresh and new to you. We love working with our clients and getting to know them personally. We share stories about work, family, things we experienced the past week, things we look forward to doing, so that all of our clients realize there’s a real person on the other end that wants to connect with them.
  3. 3. Our ApproachIt is actually JFDI. (Just Frickin’ Do It.) It’s a lesson that Sun Microsystems taught usvery simple in in 1996 when they purchased Cray Systems Business and Sun’s Enterprise Management division wanted shirts with the Sun logo on the left chest andwhat we JFDI on the cuffs in two days. MediaDirect had the shirts there the next day. Why so fast?practice MediaDirect learned about JFDI. We at MediaDirect understand our clients haveeveryday. busy schedules with a never-ending to-do list of marketing projects or activities. These projects come at such a fast pace, that they tend to stack up unless a reliable vendor can take control and handle the projects. All without complaining that the turnaround is too tight or they don’t have the experience. MediaDirect is that perfect vendor. We understand it is our job is to make our client’s job easier. Never quitting or stop thinking outside the box on how to turnaround a project is how we retain loyalty. It’s all about JFDI.
  4. 4. Our ProcessHow do you Experience, keeping the process simple and a constant eye for thekeep135 troublemakers.projects Troublemakers are projects that are controlled by Murphy’s Law. They can happen anytime, anywhere and on any project. How do you handlein different the troublesome projects is again? JFDI. After all, the client has a deadline which must bestages of met and is also on budget. Period.chaos Our workflow process is simple. The project is discussed with the project managerorganized? and the client, either in person, by phone, e-mail or package. A work order is written up explaining the details of the project, deadlines, where the finished art needs to be sent and which graphics team will work on it. The detailed work order is sent to the Customer Service Representative (CSR) for schedule documentation and then sent to our talented graphics team. Depending on the complexity of the graphic development, this will determine the length of time needed to finish and the size of the graphics team. Proofs are sent either by email PDF or online via our website and are numbered to control graphics changes to artwork. Final art and/or product is either sent to MediaDirect’s print/mail division, digital marketing division or per client’s shipping instruction. See last page (back cover) for our full capabilities.
  5. 5. LogosBLUE Ray Calhoun ray@silverbridgeus.comOWL (858)735.1700 • 9929 Hibert Street, Suite A San Diego, California 92131 USASOLANA BEACH Ray Calhoun (858)735.1700 • 9929 Hibert Street, Suite A San Diego, California 92131 USA
  6. 6. Booklets/Brochures GLOW PRODUCT CATALOG JUNE 2010E. GLOW Products 4 5 2010_glow_catalog.indd 4 6/7/10 11:23 AM 2010_glow_catalog.indd 5 6/7/10 11:23 AM PREPARED FOR LIFE. Features: LED technology Highly Durable 3 x cell Batteries Included Water Proof up to 300 Feet Safety & Prevention Curabitur aliquet, urna rhoncus fermentum imperdiet, neque ipsum luctus libero, eu ultrices turpis metus ut enim. Recreation Waterproof Glow Stick Quisque tristique, tellus ac ornare Emergency 4 Emergency egestas, nunc tortor aliquam turpis, Non-toxic, Reusable, 200 hour* LED Glow Stick 1. Whistle Signaling Options (see left) a ultricies nisl lacus sed ipsum. Pha sellus vehicula, tellus vitae imperdiet bibendum, sapien sem euismod. Fun & Convenience Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur! Vestibulum elementum condimentum 200 hr* LED 3. Adipiscing elit. Ut ornare consectetur lectus, id interdum massa vul semper. Integer ultricies sollicitudin Glow Stick putate et. Vivamus condimentum felis id enim pulvinar non elemen vulputate. Nulla facilisi. Vivamus sed tum mi dapibus pellentesque. massa ac lectus cursus feugiat. Duis tempus nunc sed ligula scelerisque. Emergency 2. Flasher Mode 200 An instructor, 2010_glow_catalog.indd 1 6/7/10 11:22 AM LED volunteer, 4. Flashlight dreamer, PREPARED FOR LIFE. and I use... *As per LED manufacturer specifications based on flasher mode. Battery run times may vary. 10,000 LED life. 8 9 2010_glow_catalog.indd 8 6/7/10 11:24 AM 2010_glow_catalog.indd 9 6/7/10 11:24 AM Features: Safety & Prevention LED technology Curabitur aliquet, urna rhoncus fermentum imperdiet, neque ipsum 3 x cell Batteries Included luctus libero, eu ultrices turpis metus ut enim. Waterproof / Floats Emergency Signaling Recreation (see page left) Quisque tristique, tellus ac ornare Eco-Friendly egestas, nunc tortor aliquam turpis, a ultricies nisl lacus sed ipsum. Pha LED Glow Key Chain sellus vehicula, tellus vitae imperdiet Non-toxic, Reusable, 200 hour* Key Chain No harmful chemicals bibendum, sapien sem euismod. Replaceable batteries no waste Fun & Convenience Non-toxic Vestibulum elementum condimentum Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit! semper. Integer ultricies sollicitudin Ut ornare consectetur lectus, id interdum massa vulputate et. Vivamus condimentum felis id vulputate. Nulla facilisi. Vivamus sed enim pulvinar non elementum mi dapibus. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et massa ac lectus cursus feugiat. Duis etus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. tempus nunc sed ligula scelerisque. Available Colors: A climber, thrill seeker, vegetarian, PREPARED FOR LIFE. and I use... *As per LED manufacturer specifications based on flasher Red Green Blue mode. Battery run times may vary. 10,000 LED life. 11 12 2010_glow_catalog.indd 11 6/7/10 11:24 AM 2010_glow_catalog.indd 12 6/7/10 11:24 AM baCKgrounD: This is a product catalog that we produce Features: LED technology 3 x cell Batteries Included Safety & Prevention Curabitur aliquet, urna rhoncus fermentum imperdiet, neque ipsum luctus libero, eu ultrices turpis metus ut enim. Waterproof super bright LED flashlight Recreation complete digitally. The artwork is sent to us and we provide 2. Emergency Flasher Mode 3 Emergency Signaling Options (see left) Contemporary Quisque tristique, tellus ac ornare egestas, nunc tortor aliquam turpis, a ultricies nisl lacus sed ipsum. Pha sellus vehicula, tellus vitae imperdiet bibendum, sapien sem euismod. LED Glow Flashlight 400 hour* LED Glow Waterproof Flashlight plus Flasher proprietary design Fun & Convenience the full printing and finishing services. Patent pending technologies Vestibulum elementum condimentum Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur! semper. Integer ultricies sollicitudin Adipiscing elit. Ut ornare consectetur lectus, id interdum massa vul vulputate. Nulla facilisi. Vivamus sed putate et. Vivamus condimentum felis id enim pulvinar non elemen massa ac lectus cursus feugiat. Duis tum mi dapibus pellentesque. tempus nunc sed ligula scelerisque. 200 hr* LED 3. Glow Light Available Colors: A leader, activist, Client needed 10 catalog for a sales meeting and we turned 1. LED Flashlight Red/Red White Red Green Blue Pink Purple Sky PREPARED FOR LIFE. and I use... enthusiast, *As per LED manufacturer specifications based on flasher mode. Battery run times may vary. 10,000 LED life. it around within 24 hours. Subsequently, the order increased 17 18 2010_glow_catalog.indd 17 6/7/10 11:24 AM 2010_glow_catalog.indd 18 6/7/10 11:24 AM to 250 catalogs on a on-demand monthly basis. Glow Stick Side kicks Glow Stick Small Floor Display The benefit of on-demand printing is the flexibility to change out products each and every run so content is always Generic Glow Stick Sidekick Generic Glow Stick 48 Piece Display G H current and up-to-date. Holiday Glow Stick Sidekick Holiday Glow Stick 48 Piece Display 38 39 2010_glow_catalog.indd 38 6/7/10 11:26 AM 2010_glow_catalog.indd 39 6/7/10 11:26 AM
  7. 7. Booklets/Brochures At PETCO, Animals Always Come First... Rejoicing in the bond between pets and people PETCO Animal Supplies Inc. was founded in 1965 on And Our People Make Corporate Address: the principle of “connecting with the community.” This philosophy has served us well in becoming productive It Happen! PETCO Animal Supplies, Inc. partners with the many diverse humane groups we 9125 Rehco Road support nationwide. San Diego, CA 92121 PETCO’s rapid growth throughout the U.S. created the need to launch a separate organization to manage Telephone Number: their charitable endeavors. The PETCO Foundation was (858) 453-7845 established in February 1999, to support and foster hands-on involvement with animal welfare agencies Founded: across the country. 1965, incorporated in the state of Delaware Today, PETCO and the PETCO Foundation work together to promote charitable, educational, and other unique philanthropic activities for the betterment of companion animals everywhere. COMPANY OVERVIEW The mission of the PETCO Foundation is to raise the quality of life for pets and people who love and need At PETCO, our vision is to create a fun and exciting shopping experience, online and in stores, for them. We accomplish this by creating responsible pet our customers and their pets by offering a complete selection of small companion animals, pet-related owners, reducing the number of animals euthanized, rescuing animals in crisis and rehabilitating behavioral products and pet services, including grooming, canine education, vaccination clinics, and photography issues in pets. at competitive prices with superior customer service at convenient locations. PETCO does not sell dogs or The PETCO Foundation has raised over $45 million cats, instead we choose to partner with local shelters and adoption groups to help find homes for these through a combination of fundraising promotions deserving animals that may otherwise never find homes. in PETCO stores, special events and from generous donations from PETCO Animal Supplies and its vendors We understand that our customers are pet lovers, not just pet owners. They view their pets as members of and associates. the family and believe they deserve the same level of care and comfort. We invite our customers to shop our The funds donated are used to support over 5500 stores with their pets. This makes purchasing the right product easier and a lot more fun! local animal welfare groups across the United States. In addition to direct monetary contributions, the PETCO Foundation also coordinates the donation of We also realize that in today’s world, our customers’ lives are filled with competing demands for their many valuable in-kind goods and services to worthy time. To help make caring for their pets a little easier, our stores are conveniently located in the community. organizations who share our mission. Next to the local grocery store, bookstore, video store or on the way home from work, PETCO is in your The PETCO Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit neighborhood. We also offer the convenience of online shopping. Your favorite pet products are available corporation (#33-0845930) that supports other Internal here on our web site and are conveniently delivered to your door. Revenue Service designated non profit pet related groups as well as municipal/governmental agencies and educational institutions involved in animals causes. PET OWNERSHIP INFORMATION PIJAC Prevention Associate Training Animal Ownership (households) Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) is the • Smart Pet Choices • Specialized training • Steady at 63% of population since 2004 unified voice of the pet industry, representing all • Excellent Pet Care • Habitat selection segments of the pet industry: • 113,707 million households • Alternatives to Release • Diet selection • Retailers • There are more than 360 million pets in the US • Toy selection • Wholesale/distributors PETCO ANIMAL CARE FIRSTS • The annual market value of the pet industry is • Health care approximately $42 billion in the US alone • Companion animal suppliers • All animals must see/consult with veterinarian within 24 of illness or injury – Recommendations • Manufacturers Health benefits commonly attributed to • Vet care based on need - not cost of care or cost • Will turn down sale if customer is not able to • Manufacturers’ representatives properly care for the pet pet ownership: of animal • Lowers stress levels • Hobbyist groups and other trade organizations • Hourly animal walks Vendor Certification • Reduces the risk of heart disease PIJAC promotes responsible pet ownership and • Periodic store inspections (unannounced) Comprehensive program designed to ensure the animal welfare, fosters environmental stewardship, animals that PETCO sells are bred, maintained and • Increases survival from heart and ensures the availability of pets. It is a nonprofit, • Care Sheets – customer education transported in a healthy environment attack service-oriented organization comprised of Members – Species Specific • Unannounced vendor certification audits who care about pets and the pet industry. • Lowers allergic reaction – General care • Exceeds USDA requirements PIJAC works closely with other industry associations – Habitat • Improves physical & psychological • Exceeds IATA transportation requirements such as: – Husbandry well-being • APPA (American Pet Product Association) Independent Animal Care Advisory Council Fun Facts Think Adoption First • FTFFA (Florida Tropical Fish Farmers Association) • Composed of 5 independent members who are • 99% of pet owners consider their pets family • Initiative in all PETCO stores specialists in their fields members • PIDA (Pet Industry Distributors Association) • We recommend adopting animals before • Meet twice yearly • 83% refer to themselves as their pet’s mom or • WWPIA (World Wide Pet Industry Association) purchasing • Comprised of experts in aquatics, animal ethics, dad • PFI (Pet Food Institute) • Computer kiosks linked to in all animal behavior, veterinary medicine and animal • 63% of pet owners say “I love you” to their pet at stores welfare least daily National Reptile Improvement Plan (NRIP) • Inspired by heartwater concerns Healthy Bird Program State of the art animal habitats • 59% celebrate their pet’s birthday Testing for diseases • Electronically controlled temperature and lighting • 57% would prefer their pet as their only • Multi-stakeholder initiative in reptile habitats companion if stranded on a desert island • Sets husbandry standards – Psittacosis • Individual • Continual fresh air make-up and negative air • Pets bring considerable joy and security into • Voluntary compliance/regulation pressure bird habitats – disease control people’s lives • Group • Completed in 2003 – Beak & Feather Disease • Continual fresh air make-up in small animal • The bond can be as vital as any human habitats • Approximately 90% of reptile and amphibian • Individual relationship imports by NRIP accredited companies • Group PETCO AFFILIATIONS • Lovebird • 100% of PETCO reptile vendors are NRIP certified Center for Disease Control and Prevention Banding • Expanding to incl. “Mom & Pop” stores • The CDC is a valued – All PETCO birds have leg bands PETCO partner Habitattitide™ is a joint effort by • PETCO has a signed PIJAC-USFWS-NOAA Polyoma Virus Memorandum of – Vaccine for specific species Understanding (MOU) Habits, Habitats and Attitudes. – Screening for other species with the CDC outlining Partnership-based campaign to our working relationship. discourage (prevent) the release of unwanted pets in order to reduce risk of biological invasion, including transmission of pathogens and parasites.baCKgrounD: PETCO needed a brochure to present at a US Congressional hearing on the pet ownership and treatment.PETCO wanted to position themselves as a leader in this industry by supplying pet necessities and owner informationpertinent to pet owners in general.
  8. 8. Signs / Posters / DisplaysOur large format printing allows you to display your message in a BIG WAY. Below are examples of what we can create foryou in terms of branding messaging, stage prop signs, banners, trade show and golf tournament signs and displays.
  9. 9. Tradeshow BoothsbaCKgrounD: Applied Computer Solutions (ACS) needed a high impact, attention-getting booth display to attract theattention of the Oracle Open World attendees. Strategic placement of booth elements was important as they were locatednext to the largest exhibitor, Intel. Crowd flow and in-booth assets created the visual appeal and excitement necessary todraw the crowd in to participate. A prize wheel and race car were key factors in generating the “buzz” for the booth.
  10. 10. e-Mail Marketing
  11. 11. Websites
  12. 12. Advertisements DOUBLE YOUR www.ocean villa 1-800-759-0012 Hotel Features • Friendly staff familiar with local scene • Dog friendly rooms with tile floors • Ocean and dune view rooms • Private balconies/patios • Free continental breakfast daily • 24 hr. lobby coffee/tea service COMMISSION • Microwave/mini fridge in each unit • Individually controlled heat and A/C Let Cal-Prop Management handle your rental property listing. • Free parking – Once we get the account rented, we will give YOU the One car per room first TWO months management fee as our "thanks." That’s DOUBLE the commission amount that goes into • Walk to nearby your pocket. restaurants and shops Most important, you will receive our promise in writing • Just off I-5 and I-8 to refer your client back to you when it comes time to sell. freeways Our management fee for a single unit is 6–8% of the • Five minutes from monthly rent. Sea World Call Gabe Candea • Outdoor pool open 483-3534 x19 Office: (858) all year Email: • Guest laundry open M A N A G E M E N T • License #01892704 9 AM–9 PM • Ice and vending center • Dog wash and SterlingComp_OraMag_Full_FINAL.pdf 3/17/10 6:47:02 PM dog treats • Less than five miles from San Diego Airport We like saying C Sterling is the strategic partner of choice to help you design and build a flexible, secure IT architecture to fully utilize the power of new Oracle + Sun technology solutions. “Yes!” Commercial Lines • General Liability, Products Liability • Property, Earthquake, Packages M Y As an Oracle Platinum Partner with extensive experience implementing secure Sun and OracleCM solutions, our trusted, certified professionals have the proven field experience to help you design, • E&O, D&O, EPLI implement and maintain powerful, open systems solutions to leverage the power of the newMYCYCMY IT landscape. Personal Lines • Dwellings, Homeowners, Flood K Government and Commercial customers rely on Sterling to leverage innovations from our industry-leading technology partners for some of the nation’s most demanding, secure, highly • Watercraft, Mobile Homes critical application environments. • Personal Umbrellas, CPL Sterling experts are available to help you understand and meet evolving requirements and share best practices for moving towards a secure cloud architecture. Turn to Sterling for comprehensive, time-sensitive IT solutions that meet today’s needs and address tomorrow’s challenges. Exceptional Requirements Demand Exceptional Performance … Sterling Delivers. 800-234-6977 fax 323.255.0957 Los Angeles, CA 90041 • CA License #0323106 To learn more about how Sterlings experts can help with your critical IT needs: · Visit · Call 888-US-STERLING · Email
  13. 13. 3D Animation / Illustration Daniel Wheatfall 3D Illustrator and Modeler Clients: Life+Gear and OneBeam Chris Jouan Cartoonist and IllustratorClient: Lieberman Software
  14. 14. Promotional ProductsPromotional products are practical, entertaining or decorative merchandise that is imprinted with your name, logo or messageand given away. They are usually kept by the recipients, so they give your promotional message repeat exposure and you agood return on investment. What ever you can think up to slap a your logo on, we can help you make that happen.Check out for our comprehensive on-line catalog of promotional products or call us to helppersonalize your campaign and walk you through the process.
  15. 15. Contact Contact: Jed Pettey Title: CEO / Partner Phone: 858-689-6200Information: Fax: 858-689-6202 Email: Contact: Michael Elgo Title: Creative Principal / Partner Phone: 858-689-6200 Fax: 858-689-6202 Email: Billing Contact: Mary Pat Saffel Title: Office Manager Phone: 858-689-6200 Fax: 858-689-6202 Email: Address: 9929 Hibert Street, Suite A San Diego, CA 92131
  16. 16. Complete Capabilities listingCreativeGraphic DesignBrandingPackaging DesignonlineWeb DesignWeb OptimizationWeb AnalyticsOnline Registration SitesHTML E-mail DesignOnline SurveysprintingDigital PrintCommercial PrintLarge Format (Banners & Posters)Trade Show GraphicsVariable Data PrintingmailingE-mail DeploymentsDatabase ManagementBonded Mail HouseList Procurementevent support & promotionB2B Lead GenerationThird Party BankingEvent Support & ManagementMarketing ConsultingGift FulfillmentAdvertising Specialties 9929 hibert street | suite a san diego, california 92131-1079