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Ruby Tuesday Ottawa - Jan 24, 2012


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Slides from the meetup, for those who missed it or who would like to grab the links.

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Ruby Tuesday Ottawa - Jan 24, 2012

  1. 1. Welcome toRuby Tuesday :) January 24, 2012
  2. 2. Tonight’s PlanA few announcementsIntroduce yourselvesVideo: Fat Models Aren’t EnoughBreak: food and networkingGroup project roundtable / Katas
  3. 3. Announcements
  4. 4. February Speaker: Peter CooperRubyInside.comRuby WeeklyRuby FlowAuthor of BeginningRuby (Apress)
  5. 5. March Speaker: Jeff CasimirJumpstart Lab FounderRuby, Rails, jQueryTeacherAs seen inCodeschool’s jQueryAir: First Flight...and tonight’s video :)
  6. 6. Real Quick:Rails 3.2 is out!
  7. 7. Real Quick:Rails 3.2 is out! More details at
  8. 8. Group ProjectWhat?Why
  9. 9. Introduceyourselves...
  10. 10. Video time! :)
  11. 11. Talk: Fat Models Aren’t Enough Slides at: or(backup)
  12. 12. Talk: Fat Models Aren’t Enough Thoughts? Questions?
  13. 13. Break: Food and Schmoozing...After the break, we’ll talk about the group project It’s optional, but it would be great to hear your thoughts
  14. 14. KatasBeginners: Google “Ruby yellow belt kata” Or:
  15. 15. Kata Practice$ git clone gilded_rose_kata
  16. 16. Group Project Roundtable TalkThoughts on the current list of projects?How should we divvy up the tasks?Focus on group learning? How?How can we optimize learning / growth?
  17. 17. Project Ideas List (In the order submitted)Open Source Gem Showcase app- A for gems that need lovin’Work on Nifty Assignments- Academic-style assignmentsWhenbot: clone- Trigger -> Parse -> PublishTable-Easy- Table parser / presenter