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Michael Droz: Example investment pitch deck


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This is an example pitch deck put together by Michael Droz for series A funding. I am hoping this helps would be entrepreneurs avoid the mistake of putting together a "bank" style business plan for their high-tech startup pitch deck.

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Michael Droz: Example investment pitch deck

  1. 1. Billions of Images but ● Only 5% are tagged ● Consumer and Enterprise problem
  2. 2. How it Works - consumer ● Upload photos ● Provide sample tags to identify people ● Mechanical Turk tags using our tools to improve quality/ reduce time
  3. 3. How it works - enterprise ● White label consumer experience ● Enterprise-scale
  4. 4. Why Tagcow? ● Brand Identity ● Technology ● Computer-based solutions are inadequate ● Consumers don’t like tagging
  5. 5. Development Timeline
  6. 6. Business Model ● Consumer ○ Free for first 25 ○ Advertising ● Enterprise ○ White Label ○ Large Scale ● Licenses
  7. 7. Team Michael Droz (CEO) serial entrepreneur with two successful exists > $500,000. Initiated and managed the implementation of the 2003 WSA "Consumer Product of the Year", Classmates Workplace Directory. Currently focused on RoR development. Certified SM and CAMP. Matthew Nichols (CTO) led the construction of a new billing platform for payment gateway, Authorize.Net. BS in Computer Science and MBA. Timothy Wright (COO) Classmates Online, POP Multimedia and Cybersource. BA in Systems Information Technology and is a Certified Project Management Professional
  8. 8. ● $1MM Series A ● 1x Participating Preferred ● $xx Pre-money ● $1.5MM additional required in Q2 09 to B/E