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Plan of action


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Plan of action

  1. 1. THE PLANThis presentation is to show an understanding of what is to come out of the PPD module, and how I’m going to achieve it.
  2. 2. MODULE DESCRIPTION “This module enables students to have a greater understanding of the professional practicesinvolved in portfolio development and self-promotion through techniques applicable to the world of work in their chosen specialism. The module provides a broad understanding of the currentemployment landscape, developments and trends within the games industry. The module will allowthe student to explore pro-active leaving strategies which will help prepare them for the workplace through the research and planning of a professional portfolio of work.”
  3. 3. THE CHOICESEither:• A blog that is very informative, already set up, that is equivalent to 3,000 wordsOr• An Adobe After Effects video that contains the same information as the blog but stylised in a typography manner.
  4. 4. WHAT SHOULD BE INCLUDED:The brief contains:• Pro-active leaving strategies (What will happen at the end of the course)• Website design, CV’s and self-promotion (Already have a website and CV)• Quality bench marks (A Gantt Chart of when to do things)• Reflection and critical analysis (Analysis of myself and my work, maybe good to include film industry expert analysis)• Personal planning (Gantt Chart again?)• Developments and trend in the industry ( A look into the industry, be good to contact people in the industry, also a way to get my name into the industry)• Employment landscape (How to break into the industry and what promotional opportunities there are)• Candidates portfolios (Chance to compare myself to candidates that have joined the industry within the past few years)
  5. 5. TWO PARTS1. Show in the blog that you have an awareness of the jobs market, view other candidates portfolios and of the industry itself.2. A detailed development portfolio that blocks out what will be made and when and how it will all be showcased.
  6. 6. NOTES• Look at the graduate showreels of other visual effects students from other universities and look at the ‘Escape Studios’ showreels.• Double Negative showcases what they’ve done so look into that, and other visual effects companies.• Double Negative also showcase certain people’s showreels and do profiles of employees, so look into them and other companies that do that.• View some more break down of visual effects and look for examples of modern day through to the first stages of visual effects so that you are aware of the history of visual effects.• Contact people in the industry, Escape Studios is a good start, and then onto other places that do the visual effects for films.
  7. 7. WEEK 6