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Practicing Radiologist iPad Toolbox: Integrating Radiology Education Into Your Professional Life and Clinical Work


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Practicing Radiologist iPad Toolbox: Integrating Radiology Education Into Your Professional Life and Clinical Work

  1. 1. Practicing Radiologist iPad Toolbox
 How I Do It: A Day In The Life
 Integrating Radiology Education Into Your " Professional Life and Clinical Work Michael P. DAlessandro, M.D. " " University of Iowa College of Medicine / University of Iowa Childrens Hospital" " "
  2. 2. Goal "•  Bring all the radiology educational resources together"•  Show how they can be integrated into the professional life and clinical work of radiologist in private practice or academics"•  Stress mobile use"
  3. 3. Mobile Platforms Today
 The Paradigm Shift - Post PC" Android Blackberry 7 (10 future) iOS Windows Mobile"•  According to Manhattan Research in May 2012, 85% of US physicians use smart phone for professional purposes and 62% use tablet for professional purposes"•  45% of Sermo website traffic comes from Sermo Mobile app ~ iConsult feature facilitates crowdsourced curbside consultations"
  4. 4. To App or Not To App
 That Is The Question"•  Apps" •  Facilitates content revenue stream, more polished user interface, need separate app for each platform, closed garden limits interoperability"•  Web sites" •  Content wants to be free, not-so-polished user interface (improving with HTML 5), need one Web site for all browsers, open Web facilitates interoperability"
  5. 5. The Browser is the Killer App" Safari"
  6. 6. Before the Day Begins" •  Breakfast" •  Commute" •  In your office"
  7. 7. Radiology Society News
 Social Media - News Stream""
  8. 8. Journal Publications
 RSS Reader - Journal Stream""
  9. 9. Pediatric Radiology News
 News Alerts""
  10. 10. Mental Calisthenics""(Or via email ~ Get CME) "
  11. 11. During the Day" •  Reading Room"
  12. 12. Searching""
  13. 13. Situating Learning in Practice: Decision Support
 " Radiology Search Engines" Bring together in Googles interface best society / university / commercial free Web resources"
  14. 14. To Learn More
Index of Best Radiology Sites""
  15. 15. Capturing Experience
 e-Memory System" Gordon Bell "
  16. 16. During the Day"•  At lunch"•  Immediately after work in your office"
  17. 17. Tying Learning to Practice
 Point-of-Care CME" (also at"Receive 0.5 AMA PRA Category 1 CME credits / question (up to 20 hours / year) "
  18. 18. e-Memory / Knowledge Management
 Learning Portfolio + Community of Practice"For each case: Question / Story / Answer / Impact on Practice / Resources Used / Image"Excel iPhoto"
  19. 19. After Day Is Done" •  Commute" •  At night"
  20. 20. Journal Articles"Good Reader"
  21. 21. eBooks
 Reading + Creating"iBooks (ePub) / iBooks2 (IBA not ePub) Kindle(AZW) iBooks Author"
  22. 22. Educational Apps"CTisUsiQuiz ~ iRadiology ~ One Night in the ED ~ Essentials of Pediatric Radiology"
  23. 23. Watching Lectures
 Podcasts / Vodcasts""
  24. 24. On Call "Citrix Receiver"
  25. 25. Future"Spectrum of tablet sizes"
  26. 26. Conclusion
 My Personal Learning Environment "•  System that help learners take control of and manage their own learning including providing support for learners to" •  Set their own learning goals" •  Manage their own learning - both content and process " •  Communicate with others in the process of learning" •  = summation of software programs / Apps / Web sites you use"•  To review this talk:" •"