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USPs for OptiFer® heme iron supplements


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Unique selling propositions for heme iron. This is why OptiFer® C tablets have agreat potential worldwide. Iron deficiency knows no borders.

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USPs for OptiFer® heme iron supplements

  1. 1. Heme iron USPs Unique selling propositions for heme iron
  2. 2. Heme iron is safe and natural There are only two kinds of iron that we can use; heme iron from meat, poultry or fish and non-heme iron from vegetables, dairy products or chemically bonded iron in supplements. Syntethic non-heme iron in the standard iron preparations has a low degree of uptake and often produces unpleasant side-effects. The natural bovine heme iron in OptiFer® is absorbed five times more efficiently than non-heme iron and has excellent tolerability. Today heme iron has seen safe use in the Swedish pharmacy for more than twenty-five years with literally millions of users. Bovine hemoglobin powder have no reported serious side-effects or poisonings at all reported during this time Heme iron USPs
  3. 3. Heme iron USPs Food supplements with efficacy on par with prescription preparations OptiFer® tablets can be dosed once daily at one time even with up to 3-4 tablets without side-effects. They are more effective than any other iron preparation per elementary iron due to a superior absorption. Most of the iron in syntethic tablets is not taken up due to due to simultaneously ingested other foodstuff or drink or the clinical condition. The natural uptake of heme iron is over 20 % whereas non-heme iron is taken up at best at 3-4 %.
  4. 4. Heme iron USPs Well tolerated non-prescription supplement OptiFer® tablets have less side-effects than any other iron preparation and can be dosed once daily even with up to 3-4 tablets without side-effects. OptiFer® tablets have a high compliance due to excellent tolerability. OptiFer® tablets naturally have an ideal slow release mechanism in themselves since the protein complex dissolves slowly. This gives a much-wanted steady and slow release of iron for an optimal intake and extremely low side effect risk. It also has a direct effect on compliance.
  5. 5. Heme iron USPs Safe and secure Poisonings in children with oral high-dose non-heme iron products. With OptiFer there is a high level of security. It is unlikely that poisonings can happen with heme iron even for little children. The so-called Mucosa barrier that fails in sudden high-doses of ferric iron is not critical when using heme iron. The hemoglobin will not dissociate in gastric acid meaning that no free toxic iron ions will appear. Heme iron in low doses is basically side-effects free. In all studies the side-effects level is around 10 %, which is identical to placebo. Oral non-heme iron products are known to have a side-effects ratio of up to 30 %.
  6. 6. Heme iron USPs Easy dosage OptiFer® tablets have a normal dosage of one tablet per day and it is quite possible to increase the dose up to three tablets per day without side effects. The tablet may be taken at any time during the day. For chronics it's been shown that heme iron therapy is ideal sionce the efficacy or tolerance do not change over time. This is not the case for regular non-heme iron supplements. Many chronics given intravenous iron are bound to visiting a clinic regularly. Heme iron tablet therapy is simple and gives for instance the freedom to travel.
  7. 7. Heme iron USPs Absorption steady and higher than for non-heme iron The OptiFer tablets erode over several hours, giving a slow and steady infusion of iron. Absorption regardless of simultaneously ingested other medication, food or drink. Heme iron will be absorbed regardless of clinical condition A steady absorption is also important for constant uptake, since there is an upper limit when uptake is no longer efficient.
  8. 8. Heme iron USPs Large prospective buyer groups: Fertile females and pregnants. The biggest group for iron supplementation is found among all fertile females who lose blood through menses and need replacement. It is estimated that one in every four fertile women need continuing supplementation. This is the same in all countries globally Secondary large target buyer groups are pregnants and those planning pregnancy, the elderly and sports.
  9. 9. Heme iron USPs Large prospective buyer groups: Chronics. A large group of users is all who suffer from chronic diseases that are related to anaemia. E.g Chronic Kidney Disease - CKD, Inflammatory Bowel Disease - IBD, among others. The most common therapy is intravenously given iron. Researchers have found that intravenous iron injections cause periods of exacerbation of oxidative stress in the circulation. Additionally the iron content in the body is often too high, which is associated with chronic inflammation and vascular damage. Easier to use and less hard on the system is heme iron therapy.
  10. 10. Heme iron USPs Large prospective buyer groups: Health professionals. Target groups for marketing include General practitioners, Gynaecologists, Midwives, Nurses and personnel within jobplace healthcare (including school health). They are the ones that diagnose anemia or low blood counts. Their recommendations for treatment is central. Heme iron is also ideal for large population therapy in that it is reasonably priced and will not give potentially therapy-ruining gastro-intestinal side-effects.
  11. 11. Heme iron USPs Lowest price per day One tablet per day is enough bio-available iron for continual usage. Price per day is lower than competitors on the market, capsules and significantly lower than for tonics. Heme iron tablet therapy is reasonably priced and the efficay is enough especially over longer time. Price is a fraction of the price of intravenously given iron, not to mention transfusions.