Deep groove ball bearings


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Deep groove ball bearings

  1. 1. Applications of deep groove ball bearings are particularly broad scope. Therefore, there aremany varieties and sizes of them. SKF standard series is composed of the following types:Single row deep groove ball bearingsSingle row deep groove ball bearings with filling slotsStainless steel deep groove ball bearingsDouble row deep groove ball bearingsHybrid deep groove ball bearingsDeep groove ball bearings for high temperature applicationsCam roller1, single row deep groove ball bearingsSingle row deep groove ball bearings are with particularly wide application. This type of bearingis designed to be simple for non-separable, suitable for high speed, even for very high speed andvery durable in operation, almost no maintenance. Bearing Raceway of deep groove and the hightie between raceways and balls, deep groove ball bearings in addition to radial loads, canaccommodate axial loads in both directions, even at high speeds as well.Single row deep groove ball bearings are one of the most widely used bearings. Therefore, SKFhas many varieties and sizes:Open basic design bearingsSealed bearingsICOS oil sealed bearing unitsWith open ring groove of bearings, bearings with snap rings rings with or without opening.
  2. 2. Product family also includes bearings with a tapered bore.2, deep groove ball bearings with filling slotsThere is one filling slots on the ring and the outer ring of single row deep groove ball bearingswith filling slots. Bearings with filling slots have a higher radial load capacity than bearingswithout filling slots, but their axial load carrying capacity is small. Moreover, this bearing shouldnot be at the same standard bearings under the same high speed running. Depending on differentapplications, deep groove ball bearings with filling slots can be caged or without cage.Small dimensions of these bearings are mainly used in automobile gear box, standard modelidentification, with cage.Applications designed for heavy loads and low speed rotation of large bearings without cage.3, stainless steel deep groove ball bearingsStainless steel deep groove ball bearings can withstand moisture and corrosion caused by anumber of other media. This type of single row deep groove ball bearings the same as standarddeep groove ball bearings, bearing raceway with a deep ditch, Compatibility between racewaysand balls is extremely high. The bearings is without filling slots, in addition to radial loads, alsosubjected to bi-directional effects of axial loads, even at high speeds as well.
  3. 3. Operating characteristics of stainless steel deep groove ball bearings are the same asconventional steel deep groove ball bearings, but the load carrying capacity is low.The bearings are provided with an open and sealed design, shaft sizes from 1 to 50 mm.Model prefix w stainless steel bearings, for example, W626-2Z.4, double row deep groove ball bearingsDouble row deep groove ball bearings echoed with single row deep groove ball bearings in thedesign. These bearings have deep uninterrupted raceways and high tie between the balls andraceways. In addition to radial loads, they are also subjected to bi-directional effects of axialload.Double row deep groove ball bearings are ideal for single bearings low bearing load of thebearing arrangement. Outer diameter and inner diameter of the same case, the double rowbearings are slightly wider than single row bearings, but substantially higher than the loadcapacity of the 62 and 63 series single row bearings.5, hybrid deep groove ball bearings
  4. 4. Standard ceramic hybrid bearings are mainly single row hybrid deep groove ball bearings. Thereason is clear: deep groove ball bearings are the most widely used bearing type, particularly inthe motor. Close fit between deep raceway grooves and roller, makes it able to withstand radialloads and axial loads in both directions.inner ring diameter of Hybrid deep groove ball bearings varies from 5 to 110mm, and can meetthe needs of most applications. Larger bearings can be customized.6, deep groove ball bearings for high temperature applicationsThe bearings are without filling slots, in addition to radial loads, can accommodate moderate axialloads. This is characterized by radial internal clearance of the bearing and is equipped with aspecial cage. Large clearance is four times the C5 clearance, even in rapid cooling can preventbites in the bearing. All surfaces of the bearing and the housing are manganese phosphate. It hasantiseptic effect, and improves operational performance.High temperature deep groove ball bearings are with a cylindrical bore, there are five differentforms, as described follows.VA201, for the most common applications
  5. 5. VA201 bearings are without seal, with pressed steel cage. Using poly (alkyl-Asian) glycol/graphitemixture lubrication and can be used from-40 to + 250 ° c temperature range. At the time of hightemperatures above + 200 ° c, suitable for dry lubrication.2Z/VA201 with shield2Z/VA201 has the same design as the VA201 bearings. There are shields on both sides to preventsolids from entering. In addition, the bearing load of poly (alkyl-Asian) glycol/graphite mixtureamount is twice times the open VA201 bearings.2Z/VA208-used in high temperatureBearing 2Z/VA208-equipped with a segmented cage of graphite,-150 to + 350 ° c temperature ofthe environment. Graphite in the paragraphs to separate the bowls, at the same time providesthe necessary lubrication. Bearings are equipped with two shields, axial guide cages and preventsolids from entering. When cage is rotated graphite powder released particles provide adequatelubrication for the bearing.Another advantage of these bearings are good environmental performance. Even at the highesttemperature, and no dangerous gases or steam comes out.-2Z/VA228, can be used for the highest requirements
  6. 6. 2Z/VA228-bearing is SKF high-temperature applications in the "best". Pure graphite with "ball"cage, the cage has opened up more areas of application for this high temperature bearings.Spherical cage is a unique invention of SKF, allows running at speed of up to 100r/min.2Z/-VA216 for corrosive environmentsWhen corrosive in application environments are especially strong, 2Z/VA216 design bearings arerecommended. The bearings are filled with milky white all purpose grease this grease with amixture of PTFE based fluorinated polyether oil that can be used from-40 to + 230 ° ctemperatures. Bearing design and 2Z/VA201 are the same in other areas.Under normal circumstances, the lubricant in the bearing filled free space and 25. On request,you can provide other fill level.Deep groove ball bearing General by pair rings a group keep frame, a group just ball composedand a group keep frame constitute, deep groove ball bearing type code for 6. is production mostgeneral, application most broad of category bearing. deep groove ball bearing structure simple,using convenient, is production bulk maximum, and bear must of axis to load. Dang bearing ofradial tour gap increased Shi, has corner contact ball bearing of features, can bear larger of axisto load.Deep groove ball bearings are mainly used under purely radial load, can bear both radial andaxial loads, when it is only when you take pure radial loads, contact angle is zero. When a deepgroove ball bearing with larger radial internal clearance are, with angular contact bearings, can
  7. 7. withstand greater axial loads. small coefficient of friction of deep groove ball bearings, speedlimit is also very high, especially in axial load is a lot of fast-moving conditions, Deep groove ballbearing than thrust ball bearing more has superiority. and size same of other class bearingcomparison, this class bearing friction factor small, limit speed high. in speed higher not usedthrust ball bearing of situation Xia available the class bearing bear axis to load. deep groove ballbearing mounted in axis Shang, can makes axis or shell of axis to displacement limit in bearing ofaxis to tour gap range within. While, dang shell hole and axis (or outer ring internal ring) relativehas tilt Shi, (not over 8-16 according to tour gap determines) You can still work properly.However, that tilt, is bound to reduce the service life of the bearing.Check more details at or more productsat