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Where is the internet taking us?


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Presentation to the TAFE SA LEARN Network (30/9/13)

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Where is the internet taking us?

  2. 2. THEORIES ABOUT TECHNOLOGY 1. Technological determinism: technology is an external agent that acts upon people and changes society. 2. Social construction of technology (SCOT): it is human decisions and processes that create the technologies we have, and that the prevailing social milieu has an influential role in the decisions we make about how we use that technology. 3. A middle ground between people and machine is the theory of Social Shaping. Nancy Baym refers to technologies having ‘logics’ that influence how we use them. Nicholas Carr calls them ‘ethics’: “the message that a tool or medium transmits into the minds and culture of its users”
  3. 3. The Internet version 1.0 – not much more than a book
  4. 4. The Internet 2.0 “The Read/Write Web” (Tim Berners Lee) Original photo by Hummanna.
  5. 5. eLearning 2.0/Web 2.0 (Stephen Downes) Elearning 1.0: • static packaged content • little true interactivity and learner input and • very little contact with a teacher • represented by Learner Management Systems. (eg Blackboard, Moodle, etc) Elearning 2.0: • more student-centred • centred around a Personal Learning Environment using social software. • students generate and share content. • they interact not only with teachers and their peers, but with anyone in the world they can learn from. (this description courtesy of Sean Fitzgerald)
  7. 7. Facebook almost became THE Internet • Estimated that Facebook is responsible for 80% of all Internet traffic • Numbers of new users finally plateaued in 2012 at approx 800 million users
  8. 8. the knowledge is in the network
  9. 9. The Internet v3.0? • The Semantic Web • The “Internet of Things” THE INTERNET IS BEING RELEASED FROM SCREENS
  10. 10. 2013 Australian HORIZON REPORT
  11. 11. THE INTERNET OF THINGS (a network of things) • Tracking objects/monitoring information – wildlife, consumables, health, inventory management Ubi -
  12. 12. WEARABLE COMPUTING: Uberveillance Google Glass Memoto CC image:
  13. 13. DEVICES that can be implanted in the brain are being trialled to treat seizures, pain, psychiatric conditions and Parkinson's disease.New electrodes - half a millimetre thick - are being designed to insert into the brain, detect abnormal brain activity and deliver instant treatment.
  14. 14. GOOGLE GLASS "A study of over 4000 people carried out by the Centre of Creative and Social Technologies (CAST) at Goldsmiths University, revealed that one in five Britons were uncomfortable with the privacy implications surrounding the Google Glass – and believe that it should be banned outright. The research paper, The Human Cloud: Wearable Technology from Novelty to Productivity, found that around half of respondents expressed a general mistrust about the invasive nature of wearable technologies such as Google Glass
  15. 15. ETHICS OR LOGICS OF TECHNOLOGIES  “the message that a tool or medium transmits into the minds and culture of its users” CC image:
  16. 16. “We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us.” (McLuhan)
  17. 17. Microchips in humans? It’s not IF but WHEN.....
  19. 19. (big) DATA IS THE NEW OIL
  20. 20. LEARNING ANALYTICS CC image:
  21. 21. THE ROLE OF CREATIVE COMMONS • Who owns materials? new systems of copyright should be embraced eg Creative Commons licensing - Federal Govt and Department of Health in SA are already backing this approach
  22. 22. How many people arrived in Adelaide by plane on June 23rd, 2004? How many students passed 3rd Year Architecture at UniSA in 1987? How many people bought a Toyota in Australia in August this year? How many people had the flu in Adelaide in July, 2009? etc LA POLICE DEPARTMENT.....
  23. 23. 3D PRINTING CC image:
  24. 24. (Open) BADGES From Peer2peer university
  26. 26. DRONES FOR GOOD CC image by mobology
  27. 27. ROBOTS Over the last 30 years people have increasingly being more open about the idea of having a robot as friend or carer.
  28. 28. eAssessment via Uberveillance? Google Glass Memoto CC image:
  29. 29. IMPORTANT QUESTIONS/PERSPECTIVES • “In Net Smart, I show how to use social media intelligently, humanely, and, above all, mindfully.” • INFOTENTION – surf with purpose; know why you’re there; have a goal!
  30. 30. IMPORTANT QUESTIONS/PERSPECTIVES “Google is turning you into the person it thinks you want to be.” .... so is Facebook, Twitter , and LinkedIn .....
  31. 31. FUTURE OF THE INTERNET The web evolved due to an open and transparent philosophy and architecture that is generative ie allows others to build on and expand >>>> INNOVATION >>>>
  32. 32. IF WE CAN DO IT WE WILL. CC image: