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Topographic surveys
The land surveys fulfill the basic layout requirement of projects coming from construction to
Topographic Surveys
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Topographic Surveys


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Geomatics UK Ltd is an established land surveying company in Britain offering clients high quality & economical topographic surveying services ranging from simple land & building surveys to detailed topographic surveys & aerial topographic surveys as well.

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Topographic Surveys

  1. 1. Topographic surveys The land surveys fulfill the basic layout requirement of projects coming from construction to environmental sector. The land surveys go beyond the general perception of traditional drawing techniques & constitute advance land measuring & land mapping. The entire area of application of land surveys is getting redefined each time a new survey variety is added to them. The topographic surveys, building surveys, location surveys, construction surveys, boundary surveys are some of the enhanced varieties of land surveys that are drawing increased attention these days. Whatever may be the kind of land surveys but they eventually finish in marking of boundary lines of both government & private properties. The boundary surveys, construction surveys & location surveys are the widely used land surveys which support in the building of airports, bridges, railroads & skyscrapers etc. Similarly the building surveys are conducted for better management of construction projects ranging from small building to large industrial plans. They include important elements like elevations, 3d models & floor plans in them. There is again a huge demand for topography surveys in market. These surveys are done to record the terrain or relief, the 3D model structure of the surface and the detection of special landforms such as plains, valleys, hills depressions & other natural features including lakes & streams. Techniques like relief shading, hypsometric tints & contour lines are being followed in these surveys to generate topographic map for representation of elevation data in electronic form. topographic surveys