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Building the team


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Published in: Business
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Building the team

  1. 1. Building The TeamThoughts to Motivateand Inspire as aLeader Dr. Michael R. Burcham e. w. t. f. l. www.linkedin/in/michaelburcham
  2. 2. The Most Important Decisions that BusinessLeaders Make are not “WHAT” decisions.But “WHO” Decisions.
  3. 3. The Biggest Factor Affecting Progress Is Human Factor
  4. 4. Empowerment, Persuasion & MotivationEmpowerment Persuasion MotivationGiving others Causing Providing a the power to someone to do person with an make something, espe inner drive todecisions, set cially through act.directions, and urging, reasonin create. g, or coercion.
  5. 5. What Motivates People? People can be motivated by such forces as Beliefs, Values, Interests, Fear, and Causes.• Some of these forces are internal: needs, interests, and beliefs.• Others are external: danger, the environment, or pressure from a loved one.• There is no simple formula– as a CEO, you must keep an open mind about human nature.• There is a complex array of forces steering the direction of each person and these forces cannot always be seen or studied.
  6. 6. What Makes a Successful Business? External Factors 11%Mgmt Talent Execution 52% 20% Strategy 17%
  7. 7. You’ve heard this so many times“We are making progress”
  8. 8. Human Brains Let’s make them active and happy frequent, small exciting activities, accomplishments
  9. 9. Milestone Hmm…, It seems miles and miles away3 months? 6 months?9 months?
  10. 10. When was the last timeyou projected a milestonedate correctly?
  11. 11. 1 Week That’s your milestone
  12. 12. WorkItems..each belongs to one of these buckets This Week NotThis Week
  13. 13. For a large work item, cut it into pieces soit has no more than a week’s worth of work
  14. 14. 30 minutes a dayThat’s all the team needs…
  15. 15. to review new, existing work items, to bucketize, and to celebrate accomplishments
  16. 16. Having a Sense of Belonging is a Crucial Factor in Team Morale
  17. 17. Individual Contribution To The Team Plays an important role in shaping our sense of belonging
  18. 18. Problemsare everywhere…
  19. 19. inspire your teamto the culture of execution
  20. 20. I see the problem I own the problemI solve the problem
  21. 21. StepWhen you see a problem… 1 Write the problem On a.. hallway whiteboard, Or shared database Or shared medium
  22. 22. Discuss the problem in team’s 30 min daily meeting Step 2
  23. 23. Step 3 assign 1OwnerEvery work item has one and only one owner at any given time
  24. 24. And don’t forgetto put work itemin the right bucketwhich implicitlyimplies when theresolution isexpected
  25. 25. Owner is now responsible for finding solutionswithin the expected timeframe Step*Owner can work with others 4
  26. 26. Profitability Driver: When the team is well-connected, well-informed, and driven toward one goal We ReduceWaste, Innovate, Sell