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Hunvalski Huntervalley [Compatibility Mode]


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Social media experiment we ( ran at the Hunter Valley - I media conference in Australia. Experiment ran from start to finish in 48 hours. Great success story.

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Hunvalski Huntervalley [Compatibility Mode]

  1. 1. Hunvalski
  2. 2. Who am I Who am I • Russian born  uss a bo • Full name:  Hunvalski Vodkalots • Alcoholic  Alcoholic • Passion for fine wine and skiing • Arrived to Australia and settled in the Hunter Arrived to Australia and settled in the Hunter • Never been online • Opened a ski report in the Hunter Valley inspired  Opened a ski report in the Hunter Valley inspired by Anthony Robins • Is a delegate here for the next two days Is a delegate here for the next two days
  3. 3. Hunvalski…… • Lucy James Lucy James  • Mike Weeding  • Michael Buckley  i h l kl
  4. 4. Hunvalski s need Hunvalski’s need • As a delegate he is interested to learn: As a delegate he is interested to learn: – How to launch his resort through social media – Learn from other delegates experiences in digital Learn from other delegates experiences in digital – Utilise ppls social profiles to help launch the resort – B li Believes global warming is over and we are  l b l i i d heading into 10 years of arctic conditions to bring  snow to the Hunter snow to the Hunter – Help HUNVALSKI launch his brand here.
  5. 5. Google currently Google currently
  6. 6. Hunvalski goals Hunvalski goals Goal Number 1 Goal Number 1 To follow and have met every delegate through  twitter. twitter He needs you to join if you have not already by  end of Tuesday 5pm (tomorrow) d fT d 5 ( )
  7. 7. Hunvalski goals Hunvalski goals Goal Number 2 Goal Number 2 To start building a brand ‐ Measured by links in Google for “Hunvalski” by  end of the conference.  
  8. 8. The Result The Result
  9. 9. Insight • How does Google rank each listing? How does Google rank each listing? • Test and Learn to see what gets indexed • Be your consumer and get involved d i l d Content Search Social
  10. 10. Hunvalski goals Hunvalski goals Goal Number 3 Goal Number 3 To get as many followers on twitter of my new  Twitter and Facebook account as possible. Twitter and Facebook account as possible
  11. 11. Result
  12. 12. Contact • Twitter @mbuckley Twitter @mbuckley •