Content Marketing: How To Sell It In


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Content Marketing is all about the battle for customer attention.

As most marketers try harder and harder to interrupt their audience, smart marketers are using valuable and helpful content to attract the audience of future buyers.

In this presentation, delivered at MarketingProfs Social Tech, you'll see 7 reasons why most marketing sucks. Learn the 3 most important metrics to help drive change in your organization.

I also define content strategy and show one example of how we're addressing this challenge at SAP with audience-focused content.

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Content Marketing: How To Sell It In

  1. The Battle For Customer AttentionMichael BrennerSAPSr. Director, Marketing and Content StrategyMarch, 2012
  2. Marketing is Hard! Your Marketing Sucks • Consumers are bombarded with over 2,000 marketing messages per day • More than 200 Million Americans have joined the U.S. “Do Not Call” list • 86% of people skip television ads • 44% of direct mail is never opened • 99.9% of banner ads do not receive clicks • 90% of emails are never opened and 99.5% don’t produce even a single click. • Buyers wait until they have completed 60% to 80% of their research before reaching out to vendors.© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Confidential 2
  3. Our Inbound Marketing Measures of Success1. % of inbound web traffic from non-branded keywords • Seeking to address larger group of early stage buyers, sooner • Taking the “brand” out of the story (focus on customer needs) • Majority of content is curated or syndicated from “others” • Split inbound web search traffic into 2 groups: • Branded product keywords (“SAP CRM,” “Sybase Afaria” or “Crystal Reports”) • Unbranded keywords (“Cloud Computing” or “Big Data” or Mobile Applications”)2. % of leads from inbound sources • Web, Search and Social3. Return on Interesting • 13 Measures of website, social and community health© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Confidential 3
  4. Our Greatest Challenge: The Fight for Customer AttentionHave the content our audience needs . . . . . . distributed in the channels they use.Created, Curated and Syndicated content to create conversations• For each buyer journey stage• For all “personas” that influence the buying process at each stage• For all their media channels © 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Confidential 4
  5. Business Innovation blog from SAP Driving innovation on the cloud, on mobile devices and with real-time analytics to help businesses grow Content strategy:  analyst whitepapers  employee and thought leader blogs  3rd party, objective news Social sharing, comments and dynamic updates Subtlebranding and appropriate CTA to explore SAP solutions © 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Confidential 5
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