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Integrating Social Media Into Your Marketing Mix


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Is social media a revolution or just another channel? In this presentation, Michael Brenner, Director of Online and Social Media Marketing, SAP Americas shares his tips for how to integrate social media into your marketing mix.

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Integrating Social Media Into Your Marketing Mix

  1. Michael Brenner Director, Online and Social Media - SAP Americas
  2. What is Social Media? “Social media: …the use of web-based technologies to transform and broadcast media monologues into social media dialogues…and transform people from content consumers to content producers.” ~ Wikipedia
  3. Social Has Taken Over Bigger than email… Bigger than search...
  4. “Social Networks have existed for as long as we have.” ~ Paul Adams, Google: The Real Life Social Network
  5. What is the Impact on Purchase Behavior? DEI Worldwide/OTX ”The Impact of Social Media on Purchasing Behaviour”
  6. @DellOutlet drives sales with Twitter. Can you?
  7. Objectives of Online Media vs Social Media: 1. Drive Leads, Sales Pipeline, Revenue 2. Increase prospect “engagement”?
  8. The Scream explained by Paul Wineguy
  9. ~ Paul Adams, Google: The Real Life Social Network
  10. “Social networking is a means to an end. You need to understand what the end is.” ~ Paul Adams, Google: The Real Life Social Network
  11. It’s not about the technologies… It’s about the relationships It’s Not About The Technology…It’s About the Relationships
  12. The 18 Use Cases of Social Media Social Customer Insights Service & Customer Marketing Sales Innovation Collaboration Support Experience 2. Social 9. Social 12. 14. 17. Seamless 6. Social Marketing Support Innovations Collaboration Customer Sales Insights Insights Insights Insights Insights Experience 3. Rapid 7. Rapid 10. Rapid 13. Social 15. Enterprise 18. VIP Social Sales Social Crowdsourced Marketing Collaboration Experience Response Response R&D Response 4. Social 8. Proactive 11. Peer-to- 16. Extended Campaign Social Lead Peer Unpaid Collaboration Tracking Generation Armies 5. Social Event Management © 2010 Altimeter Group Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States
  13. Social Media Monitoring to Drive Insights 1. Social Media Insights Rapid Social Media Response Social Campaigns Social Event Management •Drive insights across Sales, marketing and support •Understand brand sentiment, key themes, hot topics, trends and influencers •Identify opportunities for Social engagement •Example: “SAP struggles with BOBJ integration story” •Action: Social Campaign using Explorer to demonstrate our leadership in BI •Mitigate Risk •Example: “SAP Failed ERP Implementations” •Action: Paid Search Campaign presenting ERP Customer Success Stories
  14. Social Monitoring – Paid Services Other providers Buzzmetrics Cymfony Dow Jones Scout Labs Techrigy/Alterian Visible Technologies From Radian 6 15
  15. Social Media Monitoring - for Free • Google Alerts • Monitor the conversations taking place in blogs/forums/etc about your industry, products and competitors by using keywords to create alerts delivered to you by email. • TweetBeeps • Monitor the conversations taking place in Twitter about your industry, products and competitors by using keywords to create alerts delivered to you by email. • SocialMention • Monitor and measure what people are saying about you, your company, a new product, or any topic across the web's social media landscape in real-time. Social Mention monitors 100+ social media properties directly.
  16. Respond When Necessary to Mitigate Risk Social Media Insights 2. Rapid Social Media Response Social Campaigns Social Event Management • Defend the Brand • Example: Inappropriate YouTube Video • Action: Global Marketing sent “cease and desist” letter to YouTube • Customer Support • Example: “I cannot find CrystalReports support on the SAP website” • Action: SAP employee responds “I can help you?” • Demand Signal Identification •Example: Twitter: “Anyone have a POV on SAP vs Oracle?” •Action: SAP Inbound Tele team identifies the post and direct messages the contact
  17. Employ Social Media in all Tactics Social Media Insights Rapid Social Media Response 3. Social Campaigns Social Event Management Use existing SAP Social Presence to: • Create News / Amplify Good News • Engage prospects • Accelerate pipeline
  18. Website Tactics: “Share This” and “Follow Us” Functionality
  19. Social Media Tactics: Email Integration All emails have options for individuals to share or interact. 1) Share Link – this allows recipients to “share” this message across social media channels such as Digg, Twitter, Facebook, etc. 2) Follow Us – this allows recipients to connect with SAP on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.
  20. Social Media Tactics: Landing Pages
  21. Live Webcast Tweeting Benefits: • Reach: Extends the message beyond the live audience as their followers begin receiving updates about the event. • Message Validation: Ability to see if the intended message was communicated effectively based on the tweets • Rapid Response: Ability to either immediately reply to these individuals online, bring the conversation offline after the event or direct them to the first point of contact. • Engagement: Increase audience member participation with the content. • Sales: Identifying individuals that may be further down the buying process.
  22. This Year 1,176 Tweets Clicks 9,408 *based on PPC avg CPC of $2 and conversion rate of 2.8% 100 200 300 400 600 700 800 900 500 0 3/7/2010 3/14/2010 $18,816 3/21/2010 3/28/2010 4/4/2010 Twitter 4/11/2010 4/18/2010 263 4/25/2010 Value Add Inquiries 5/2/2010 5/9/2010 5/16/2010 5/23/2010 5/30/2010 13 6/6/2010 Leads 6/13/2010 6/20/2010 6/27/2010 Twitter - @SAPNorthAmerica 7/4/2010 7/11/2010 4 7/18/2010 Opps 7/25/2010 @SAPNorthAmerica Followers 8/1/2010 8/8/2010 8/15/2010 1 8/22/2010 8/29/2010 Deals 9/5/2010 9/12/2010
  23. Participating in Conversations on LinkedIn and Other Community Sites “ What are the best CRM products for a law firm?” “ My suggestion is OnDemand solutions:”
  24. Drive Attendance and Engagement For SAP Events Social Media Insights Rapid Social Media Response Social Campaigns 4. Social Event Management • All Webcasts have Social Support • Strategic Live / Virtual Events: •SAPPHIRE – “Top Trending” Topic • Steps: •Create hashtag (like #SMPlus) •Share on event site and event emails •Create content prior to event and share with Top Tweeters •Seed and share content during events
  25. Strategy: Drive Social Media into our DNA at SAP – Who: Technology decision makers, buyers 4 major groups 5 major groups 30K+ members and influencers 2M+ members – What: Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Social sharing, blogs, YouTube, 20K followers 18+ accounts SCN – How: Active listening and support in all campaigns 25K fans, – Results: Driving leads 15+ active pages for SAP 40K visits via blogs “SAP Community Network…may be the most extensive use to date of social media by a corporation.” Richard Adler, Leveraging the Talent-Driven Organization, The Aspen Institute, March 2010
  26. 5 Steps to Executive Buy-in 1. Show Them The World Has Changed 2. Show Them The Money 3. Answer The Hard Questions 4. Present a Strategy 5. Get Them Involved
  27. The 4 C’s of Social Media 1. Customers 2. Content 3. Context 4. Channels Social media is not an interruption but a distraction medium!
  28. Michael Brenner @brennermichael Follow Me: | | | B2B Marketing Insider Blog