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99 Amazing Content Marketing Hub Examples


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One of the best way to show a business the importance of content marketing is to show them all the great examples of companies who are already doing it right.

- Imagine you own the website for the generic category searches your customers use like L'Oreal's
- Imagine you own the digital destination for your target persona like Adobe
- Imagine your content marketing hub is the largest source of leads for your business like American Express OPEN Forum

I think it often helps businesses, who might need that little push into content marketing, to see what others are doing.

What Is Your Favorite Content Marketing Hub?

This list came from my constant desire to learn from others, to recognize those who are creating great content, to inspire those who are looking to build their own best-practice content marketing program, and to help you see what approaches other companies are taking,

You will see a mix of B2B and Consumer brands. You will see a mix of on-domain and off-domain content hubs. You will see examples from companies large and small. You will see examples of brands that include some direct conversions and some that are only looking to build awareness.

99 Amazing Content Marketing Examples . . .

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99 Amazing Content Marketing Hub Examples

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  5. FROM MARKETING INSIDER GROUP Reach, Engage & Convert New Customers For Your Business Marketing Insider Group is uniquely qualified to take your content marketing strategy to the next level and build strength and results into your marketing team. CEO and founder Michael Brenner and his team have the real-world marketing experience and have dealt head on with the same challenges and obstacles you face every single day. Contact me: or on twitter @BrennerMichael • Workshops & Training • Reporting & Analytics • Digital Strategy • Content Marketing ROI • Personal Branding & Coaching • Content Marketing strategy • Content Marketing best practices • Content audits, and topic ideation • Visual content strategy • Editorial / Writing services • Influencer identification • Top Social Media influencers • Business case development • Optimization & Testing • Employee Activation MARKETING INSIDER GROUP