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The Music Biz Weekly Marketing Webinar Presents: How To Use Facebook To Promote Your Music


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How to use Facebook insights to learn who your fans are.
How to create and send a event invite.
How To Enhance Fan Engagement & Interaction
How create your own fan gate to create a incentive to click Like.
How to install and use Bandcamp.
How to install and use Nimbit.
How to install and use BandPage.
How To Maximize Email Subscription Signups
How to display your YouTube videos.
How To Convert Facebook Fans To Website Visitors
What is the difference between your personal profile and your page.
What is a Facebook Subscriber?
How To Increase Likes
How To Increase comments.

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The Music Biz Weekly Marketing Webinar Presents: How To Use Facebook To Promote Your Music

  1. 1. Music Biz Weekly Presents:How To Use Facebook ToPromote Your MusicCo-hosts:Michael Brandvold - @michaelsbBrian Thompson - @thornybleederMichael Brandvold @michaelsb and Brian Thompson @thornybleeder 1
  2. 2. Music Biz Weekly Presents:Facebook Means Nothing ifYou Do Nothing to ConvertThose Fans Traffic • Email Address • Purchase • Share • LikeMichael Brandvold @michaelsb and Brian Thompson @thornybleeder 2
  3. 3. Music Biz Weekly Presents:Profile vs. Page vs. Subscribe•Profile - You the Person, No Apps•Page - The Band/The Business, Use Apps•Subscribe - Follow like on Twitter, Whatever is PublicMichael Brandvold @michaelsb and Brian Thompson @thornybleeder 3
  4. 4. Music Biz Weekly Presents:Engagement & Interaction•The 80/20 Rule•Know Your Audience (Fans)•Appeal to Emotions•Fans Want RecognitionMichael Brandvold @michaelsb and Brian Thompson @thornybleeder 4
  5. 5. Music Biz Weekly Presents:What is EdgeRank•Secret Formula for Who Sees a Post•Only 14% of Your Fans Likely to See a PostMichael Brandvold @michaelsb and Brian Thompson @thornybleeder 5
  6. 6. Music Biz Weekly Presents:How Often? •3 to 4 posts per day. •Average life of a post is 3 hours.Michael Brandvold @michaelsb and Brian Thompson @thornybleeder 6
  7. 7. Music Biz Weekly Presents: Increase Likes & Comments• Post Something Fun & Happy for Likes• Post Something Controversial for Comments Michael Brandvold @michaelsb and Brian Thompson @thornybleeder
  8. 8. Music Biz Weekly Presents:Insights•Data About Who Your Fans Are•Data About What Your Fans Like•Training Course on Using Insights from FacebookMichael Brandvold @michaelsb and Brian Thompson @thornybleeder 8
  9. 9. Music Biz Weekly Presents:Something is not right if Facebook fans aregrowing but website visits are decreasing. Facebook Website Month Likes Visits* August 2010 NA 105,000 Sept 2010 NA 104,000 Oct 2010 1.5 M 63,000 Nov 2010 2M 60,000 Dec 2010 NA 56,000 Jan 2011 NA 50,000 Feb 2011 3M NA *Compete.comMichael Brandvold @michaelsb and Brian Thompson @thornybleeder 9
  10. 10. Music Biz Weekly Presents:Optimizing Facebook“Events”•Change Title Weekly•Invite Only Those Who Could Attend•Use for Internet EventsMichael Brandvold @michaelsb and Brian Thompson @thornybleeder 10
  11. 11. Music Biz Weekly Presents:Social CommerceA recent report said that Facebook users who purchaseinside Facebook have shopping carts that are 7-10%larger.90% of consumers online trust recommendations frompeople they know.70% trust opinions of unknown users.67% of shoppers spend more online afterrecommendations from their online community of friends.A product posted on a Facebook Wall or shared in auser’s blog is a recommendation of trust.Michael Brandvold @michaelsb and Brian Thompson @thornybleeder 11
  12. 12. Music Biz Weekly Presents:Photos and Video•Photo A Day Plan•A picture says a thousand words•But videos say more•Understand Terms of ServiceMichael Brandvold @michaelsb and Brian Thompson @thornybleeder 12
  13. 13. Music Biz Weekly Presents:Fan Gate•Give Fans a Reason to Click Like•Not the Same Song as Your Email Signup•Does Not Have to Be a Song•Static HTML: iFrame Tabs AppMichael Brandvold @michaelsb and Brian Thompson @thornybleeder 13
  14. 14. Music Biz Weekly Presents:Facebook Ads•Very Targeted•Fans of Other Artists•Birthday GreetingMichael Brandvold @michaelsb and Brian Thompson @thornybleeder 14
  15. 15. Music Biz Weekly Presents:Music Apps•Bandcamp•Nimbit•Bandpage•Topspin•Damn the RadioMichael Brandvold @michaelsb and Brian Thompson @thornybleeder 15
  16. 16. Music Biz Weekly Presents:Email Subscriptions•Add a Email Signup Form•Mailchimp App•Constant Contact App•HTML Embed CodeMichael Brandvold @michaelsb and Brian Thompson @thornybleeder 16
  17. 17. Music Biz Weekly Presents:YouTube Videos•YouTube For Pages AppMichael Brandvold @michaelsb and Brian Thompson @thornybleeder 17
  18. 18. Music Biz Weekly Presents:Search Public Posts•Search Bar - Enter Term•Select See More Results at the Bottom•Left Column Click On Public PostsMichael Brandvold @michaelsb and Brian Thompson @thornybleeder 18
  19. 19. Music Biz Weekly Presents:Quoting a famous commander, Jean-Luc Picard ENGAGEMichael Brandvold @michaelsb and Brian Thompson @thornybleeder 19
  20. 20. Music Biz Weekly Presents:Video is Availablehttp://web3.MusicBizWeeklyPodcast.comOnly $5 for the entire webinar, on demand video.Also available:•How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Music•How to Use WordPress to Build Your Band’s WebsiteMichael Brandvold @michaelsb and Brian Thompson @thornybleeder 20
  21. 21. Music Biz Weekly Presents: Thank You! Micheal Brandvold - Michael Brandvold Marketing Twitter - @michaelsb Email - Brian Thompson - Thorny Bleeder Twitter - Email - brian@thornybleeder.comMichael Brandvold @michaelsb and Brian Thompson @thornybleeder