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Vietnam Da Nang Ba Na hills4


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Sun World Ba Na Hills is the most significant resort and recreational complex of Vietnam. Ba Na Hills has been famous for its tourist destination, the “Cau Vang Bridge” or the Golden Bridge Danang which became the most iconic and most-hyped landmark of Vietnam in recent times after its public opening in 2018.

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Vietnam Da Nang Ba Na hills4

  1. 1. Golden Bridge, also known as Giant Hand Bridge or Cau Vang in Vietnamese
  2. 2. Owning a lot of diverse natural scenery, Danang attracts tourists not only to its extensive beach sprawling over more than 60 kilometers in length which was selected by Forbes magazine as one of the six most attractive beaches on the planet but also other breathtaking attractions such as Ba Na Hills, Son Tra Peninsula, and so on. Located in Thien Thai Garden of Sun World Ba Na Hills, Golden Bridge is the hottest attraction in Danang city.
  3. 3. Danang has been famous for its tourist destination, the “Cau Vang Bridge” or the Golden Bridge Danang which became the most iconic and most-hyped landmark of Vietnam in recent times after its public opening in 2018.
  4. 4. “Cau Vang Bridge” (the Golden Bridge Danang) is located 1,414m above the sea level
  5. 5. The Golden Bridge acquired global fame very soon after it opened in June 2018, attracting extensive international media coverage and drawing visitors from all over the world. It has also become a fixture in several annual international awards
  6. 6. The Golden Bridge was featured among the world's best travel photos of 2018 (CNN), the World's 100 Greatest Places (Time) and Pictures of the year 2018 (Reuters)
  7. 7. The Golden Bridge was already famous before its inauguration. Many couples choose this place for their wedding photos
  8. 8. Images of the bridge have gone viral on social media, much to the surprise of the architect who had no idea it would attract so much attention
  9. 9. The footbridge, named Cau Vang or “Golden Bridge,” is 150 meters long long. What makes the bridge attractive for tourists and locals is its unusual support system ― two giant hands covered in moss, reaching toward the sky
  10. 10. Many people think that the hands lift the Golden Bridge looks like stone carvings, but actually, it is not..
  11. 11. The designers created the skeleton hand and covered with steel mesh, then finished with beautiful fiberglass and decorated it. The entire construction of the bridge takes about a year
  12. 12. “Cau Vang Bridge” (the Golden Bridge Danang)
  13. 13. According to TA Landscape Architecture – the company that designed the bridge, the giant hand alludes to the mountain god, and the bridge represents the yellow silk that helped the villagers find Thien Thai garden. Thien Thai in English means heaven, so it is quite an implication, isn’t it?
  14. 14. The root of the name “Golden Bridge” comes from its gilded railing frame
  15. 15. Since its launch, Golden Bridge has created a “fever” in the travel industry. Also, many couples have chosen this place for shooting wedding photos. In the middle of 7/2018, this new project has become the super unique catwalk floor of dozens of famous supermodels in the cult fashion show called “Walking on the clouds”
  16. 16. Taking a stroll around the Golden Bridge is like a walk on the clouds across the hands of the God of Mountain
  17. 17. People say that there are days that you can even touch the clouds from the bridge!
  18. 18. French village Le Jardin d’Amour Linh Ung Pagoda Located in Thien Thai garden, the Golden Bridge is regarded as the connection from this side of the station to the French village and the Le Jardin D’Amour.
  19. 19. The bridge connected Marseille and Bordeaux stations. It brought guests from either the foot of the mountain or the French village to the flower garden.
  20. 20. In the middle of the air, the bridge looks like brilliant silk with the length of 150m, including eight spans, the longest span is 21.2m
  21. 21. The Golden bridge has significantly stimulated tourism in Da Nang City and contributes to making Vietnam’s tourism position substantially upgraded in the eyes of international friends. In 2019, Da Nang received 3.5 million foreign tourists, up 22.5 percent over 2018, according to the local tourism department. Arrivals from South Korea, mainland China, Japan and Hong Kong showed the highest growth rates
  22. 22. In January 2020, the number of foreign tourists to Vietnam reached a record high of 2 million, but with COVID- 19 making its way around the world, international tourism virtually came to a halt with the Government's decision to close the borders in late March.
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