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Valery Kot, Songs of the South Wind (1)


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Having a degree in architecture, 1981, worked in design institutes in Kiev,
1985, I finally decided to switch my vocation and to work professional painter.
Infatuated by surrealistic ideas started to work in this direction in 1977.
The first exhibition took place at October Palace in Kiev at the 1st of April, 1979 ("Avant-garde in the works of students of the department of architecture").
Starting in 1986 regularly took part in the opening days at Andriivsky Uzviz in Kiev.
Took part in the Modern Ukrainian Painting exhibition at the Palace Of Teacher.

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Valery Kot, Songs of the South Wind (1)

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Valery Kot (born 1958 in Ukraine) holds a degree in architectureand used to work in architectural firms throughout Kiev,Ukraine. In 1985 changes his vocation and starts dealing withart, lead by ideas of surrealism he is so fascinated by, from hisearlier years. In 1977 performs his first art works in surrealismgenre. His first show took place on April 1979. Since 1986 artistexhibits and participates in various shows in Kiev on apermanent basis. Artist exhibits in EuroCenter Berlin, Germany in1991 and Spa, Belgium in 1995 and 1997. The concept of artist’swork is uncontrolled play of subconscious associations, philosophyand inscrutability of the images and themes, connection ofnatural with surreal, reality with fiction. Artist is trying toconvey that there are eternal values facing absurd and chaos ofour life.
  3. 3. Green door and temple of Fate - 2004 (72x99)
  4. 4. V Day. Point of Deliverance 2005 (50X40)
  5. 5. Refuge of True – 2005 – (72x99)
  6. 6. Equinox 2005 (70x50)
  7. 7. April Herald 2004 (50x70)
  8. 8. Temple of the Time 2005 (70x50)
  9. 9. Young Colomb Overheading a Talkingof the Birds 2006 (40x50)
  10. 10. Artyfact of Time 2006 (60x50)
  11. 11. A Sandy Temple of Time 1999 (78x87)
  12. 12. Child in Time. Birth 2004 (58x58)
  13. 13. First Journey to the Noon2004 (78x87)
  14. 14. Heart of the coast dune 2003(60x80)
  15. 15. Magic Door 2005 (72x99)
  16. 16. Man Go 2004 (50x70)
  17. 17. Solstice Point 2007 (50x70)
  18. 18. Song of South Wind 2002(72X99)
  19. 19. Summer substation 2003 (78x87)
  20. 20. Sunny Bird’s Ambition 2006(70x90)
  21. 21. Four Bridges 1997 (74x95)
  22. 22. Text & Pictures: Internet Copyright: All the images belong to their authors Arangement: Sanda Foişoreanu Rolando Villazon - Kuda? Kuda? (Piotr Ilici Ceaikovski - Evgheni Oneghin)