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Vadu Izei, Sapanta


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Vadu Izei is at the confluence of the Mara and Iza Rivers. Surrounded by hills and situated on a small plain only a few square kilometers in size, Vadu Izei stands beside these two rivers. The village is well known for its impressive, traditional, wooden gates carved by Gheorghe Borodi, the songs of Maria Trifoi, the melodies played by violinist Gheorghe Covaci Cioata, Tiberiu Utan's poetry and the magnificent drawings of Vasile Kazar.
Stan Ioan Pătraş was a Romanian wood sculptor, the creator of the tombstones in the Merry Cemetery in Săpânţa, Maramureş County.
His creations fit harmoniously within the local popular arts and in the old Romanian tradition. He died in 1977, leaving his house to a disciple, Dumitru Pop, who chose to live in his master's house, and later turned it into a workshop and a museum.

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Vadu Izei, Sapanta

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Stan Ioan Pătraş was a Romanian woodsculptor, the creator of the tombstones inthe Merry Cemetery in Săpânţa, MaramureşCounty. La casa lui Ion Stan Pătraş
  3. 3. Săpânţa
  4. 4. Obcinele Bucovinei
  5. 5. Monumentul de la Ciumârna ( Palma ), a fostridicat în cinstea celor care au construit drumulcare străbate Munţii Obcina Mare (Bucovina)
  6. 6. Ciurda din Şişterea
  7. 7. Fotografii: ♦ Sanda Foişoreanu ♦ Florica Chira Prezentare:Muzică: Sanda Foişoreanu♦ Grigore Leşe - Cântă cucu-n lemn uscat