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The Beauty of Art Nouveau5


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Art nouveau was an international philosophy and style design that arose in the turn of the twentieth century. The literal meaning is "new art".

Between 1890 and 1910 it was one of the most popular forms of architecture and applied art in Europe. Many would incorporate this style into their homes, furniture, fashion, art and jewelry.

The organic forms and structures of art nouveau mirrored those found in elements like flowers, plants and curved lines. This style makes many of its references to the nature world. Some would even describe it to be fanciful and out of the ordinary.

Art nouveau was eventually replaced by the 20th century modernist style. Ever since then, there hasn't been any other style that's come close to art nouveau, especially when it comes to jewelry

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The Beauty of Art Nouveau5

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Ferdinand Erhart (flourished circa 1900)
  3. 3. Aksel Holmsen
  4. 4. Archibald Knox
  5. 5. Albert Chambin
  6. 6. Archibald Knox
  7. 7. Archibald Knox Brooch for Liberty
  8. 8. Archibald Knox Necklace for Liberty
  9. 9. Archibald Knox Pendant for Liberty
  10. 10. Art Deco Butterfly Brooch
  11. 11. Art Deco Butterfly Brooch
  12. 12. Charles de Temple
  13. 13. Elizabeth Bonté ca.1900
  14. 14. Elizabeth Bonté ca.1900
  15. 15. Elizabeth Bonté ca.1900
  16. 16. Elizabeth Bonté ca.1900
  17. 17. Elizabeth Bonté ca.1900Elizabeth Bonté ca.1900
  18. 18. Rossio & Pfister Nouveau Plique Neck
  19. 19. Arts & Crafts
  20. 20. Karl Rothmüller 1860-1930
  21. 21. Sound: Viorica Cortez- O, mio Fernando (La Favorita - Donizetti) Text & Pictures: Internet Flower pictures: Nicoleta Leu Copyright: All the images belong to their authors Presentation: Sanda Foi oreanuş