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Australia Snowy mountains2


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Acacia baileyana, commonly known as Cootamundra Wattle, is a shrub or tree in the genus Acacia. The scientific name of the species honours the botanist Frederick Manson Bailey. It is indigenous to a small area of southern New South Wales in Australia, but it has been widely planted in other Australian states. In many areas of Victoria, Cootamundra Wattle has become naturalised and is regarded as a weed, out-competing indigenous Victorian species.
The colour Cootamundra Wattle is used currently by the Australian Capital Territory Fire Brigade as their colour scheme for firefighting appliances.

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Australia Snowy mountains2

  1. 1. The Australian Capital Territory KOSCIUSKO PARK
  2. 2. The Australian Capital Territory is the capital territory of the Commonwealth of Australia and is the smallest self-governing internal territory. It is enclaved within New South Wales and is regularly referred to as Australia's 'Bush Capital'.
  3. 3. A scenic two-hour drive south from Canberra takes you to Kosciuszko National Park
  4. 4. Much of the tree cover in the lower sections of the park was seriously burned in bushfires in 2003. Fires are a natural feature of the park ecosystem, but it will take some time for the region to return to its pre 2003 condition.
  5. 5. Kosciuszko National Park covers 690,000 hectares and contains mainland Australia's highest peak, Mount Kosciuszko for which it is named, and Cabramurra the highest town in Australia.
  6. 21. The park is located in the southeastern corner of New South Wales, 354 km southwest of Sydney, and is contiguous with the Alpine National Park in Victoria to the south, and the Namadgi National Park in the Australian Capital Territory to the north east. The larger towns of Cooma, Tumut and Jindabyne lie just outside and service the park.
  7. 30. On 7 November 2008 The Park was added to the Australian National Heritage List as one of eleven areas constituting the Australian Alps National Parks and Reserves
  8. 32. Canberra John Williamson - Raining on the rock - Cootamundra Wattle Text: Internet Pictures : ♦ Sanda Foişoreanu ♦ Doina Grigora ş Arangement : Sanda Foişoreanu