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Sinaia6 Just to walk around1


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Sinaia is a town and a mountain resort in Prahova County, Romania. The town was named after Sinaia Monastery of 1695, around which it was built. The monastery in turn is named after the Biblical Mount Sinai. King Carol I of Romania built his summer home, Peleș Castle, near the town in the late nineteenth century.
The city is a popular destination for hiking and winter sports, especially downhill skiing. The altitude varies from 767 to 860 metres above sea level. Among the tourist landmarks, the most important are Peleș Castle, Pelișor Castle, Sinaia Monastery, Sinaia Casino, Sinaia train station, and the Franz Joseph and Saint Anne Cliffs. Sinaia was also the summer residence of the Romanian composer George Enescu, who stayed at the Luminiș villa.

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Sinaia6 Just to walk around1

  1. 1. Saint Ilie church is the soul settlement for Sinaia’s inhabitants, being the city’s protector. Built between 1933-1939, in Romanian bizantin style, it represents a true monument of art. Construirea i înzestrarea bisericii se datorează familiei Costinescu, ceaș care a construit i de inut primele fabrici în Sinaia, începând chiar din anulș ț 1885
  2. 2. Saint Ilie church
  3. 3. Due to its popularity and grandeur Saint Ilie church is also called the Cathedral of Bucegi Datorită măre iei iț ș popularită ii saleț biserica mai este denumită i Catedralaș Bucegilor
  4. 4. Saint Ilie church was projected without cost by the architect Paul Smărăndescu and fresco painted by the painter Nina Arbore Biserica a fost construită după planurile renumi-tului arhitect Paul Smă-răndescu i a fost pictată în frescă deș Nina Arbore
  5. 5. Nina Arbore (1889 – 1942) studied at the Munich Academy, in the class of professor Angelo Jank (1868 - 1940). She decides to finish her studies in Paris, where she attended the Free Academy led by Matisse. Biserica a fost restaurată de două ori: în 1983 de către pictorul Cristian Samoilă, iar în 2002-2003 de către profesorul Tănase Mocănescu, pictor bisericesc
  6. 6. Strada Tirul cu Porumbei
  7. 7. Strada Tirul cu Porumbei
  8. 8. Heart-Leaved Aster (Blue Wood Aster) Aster Cordifolius
  9. 9. New Montana - Hotel
  10. 10. New Montana – Hotel, Bulevardul Carol I
  11. 11. Cuza Vodă streetCast iron drinking fountain Benito
  12. 12. Cuza Vodă street
  13. 13. Cuza Vodă street
  14. 14. Snow Restaurant
  15. 15. Cuza Vodă street
  16. 16. Sinaia City Hall
  17. 17. Sinaia City Hall
  18. 18. Fountain in front of Sinaia City Hall
  19. 19. Sinaia City Hall
  20. 20. Sinaia’s Casino represents one of the iconic buildings of the resort. It was built in a small period between 1912-1913, having as a primary activity gambling games
  21. 21. Nowadays, Sinaia’s Casino it’s an important international conference center and visiting space.
  22. 22. The Prince Dimitrie Ghica, Romania’s Prime Minister between 1868 and 1870
  23. 23. The Prince Dimitrie Ghica, the creator of the modern town of Sinaia, together with King Carol I
  24. 24. The ‘Dimitrie Ghica’ Park has been created (1881) under the close guidance of the Swiss landscape architect, Eder
  25. 25. Copy of statue Bather by Christophe-Gabriel Allegrain (French, 1710–1795), also known as Venus. The original in marble, exhibited at the Salon of 1767, now in Louvre museum
  26. 26. Louis XV of France presented Madame Du Barry with the statue in 1772; she placed it in the gardens of her castle at Louveciennes. Now the statue in Louvre museum
  27. 27.  ‘Dimitrie Ghica’ Park - Hotel Palace
  28. 28. Hotel Caraiman, built in the Romanian classical style, is over 120 years old 
  29. 29. Cimitirul Eroilor din Primul Război Mondial (1916-1918)
  30. 30. Cimitirul Eroilor
  31. 31. Cimitirul Eroilor
  32. 32. Aleea Pele ului, Bd.FerdinandșCimitirul Eroilor
  33. 33. Bul Ferdinand Strada Piața Libertății Râul Prahova Strada Cumpătu
  34. 34. Strada Piața Libertății
  35. 35. Strada Cumpătu
  36. 36. Strada Cumpătu
  37. 37. Strada Cumpătu
  38. 38. Strada Cumpătu
  39. 39. Strada Cumpătu
  40. 40. Vila Carola în care a locuit în anul 1927 legendarul violonist al secolului XX, Yehudi Menuhin Yehudi Menuhin studied for two months through a summer with his master – George Enescu. He lived in Vila Carola
  41. 41. Text: Internet Pictures: Sanda Foişoreanu Daniela Iacob Internet All  copyrights  belong to their  respective owners Presentation: Sanda Foişoreanu Sound: Aurelian Octav Popa – Scherzo by Constantin Silvestri 2018