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Rozavlea is a village of more than 4,000 inhabitants on the right bank of the Iza River, one of the most important rivers in Maramures. Contemporary Romanian Orthodox wooden Church

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  • Thank you Johndemi, I'm happy you visit Maramures. THANKS for fav.
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  • Lovely to see people dressed in these costumes including children and teenagers...........Thank you Michaela.
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  • Maramure s is considered by many to be the heart and soul of rural Romania. With its picturesque countryside of small villages, rolling hills, pastures, and meadows full of wildflowers, Maramure s epitomizes all that the rural lifestyle encompasses. Visitors to Maramures have a unique opportunity to step back in time and bear witness to simpler times and simpler lives. Rural and ecotourism opportunities abound throughout Maramure s .
  • Wonders in Maramures18

    1. 1. http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/sandamichaela-1403681-rozavlea1/
    2. 2. In northern Romania, lies the county of Maramures. Here, amidst mountains, hills anddepressions are one of the most interesting tourism objects in the country, yet very wellkept. Here, people lead their lives as authentically and peacefully as in the old times.
    3. 3. Maramures is one the best keptEuropes secrets, the place where thetime hasnt moved for decades, a placewhere the traditions, the wooden artand the human kindness are wellpreserved. On this small surface arepreserved over 100 wooden churches(8 of them listed on UNESCO list), anatural reserve also protected byUNESCOÎn Maramureş se află mai mult de osută de biserici din lemn din care optau fost cuprinse pe listele patrimoniuluimondial UNESCO
    4. 4. ROZAVLEA este una dintrevechile aşezări dinMaramureşul istoric, locuită de„dacii liberi” şi de urmaşii lor,din cele mai vechi timpuri.În vremea cnezatelor şivoievodatelor, Rozavlea afăcut parte din cnezatul devale al Bogdăneştilor, fiindmenţionată printre satelestăpânite de Iuga, fratele luiBogdan, înainte de anul 1353,an în care se dă fiilor lui Iuga,Ştefan şi Ioan. După anul1424, aşezarea devine centruldomeniilor urmaşilor lui Iuga„possessio Rozalya”
    5. 5. Plopis is one of the sevenvillages of Şişeşti commune inMaramureş County, Romania.In 2002, the commune had apopulation of 5479, of whom Iza Valley is a region with99.6% were ethnic enchanting and captivatingRomanians. 55.3% were scenery.Romanian Orthodox, 40.7% Iza is one of the mostwere Greek-Catholic, and important rivers in Maramures.2.5% were Pentecostal. The valley collects hundreds ofPlopiş has a Church of the small rivers until it flows intoHoly Archangels, built in the Tisa River.All along the Iza1796; it is one of eight Valley there are small villagesWooden Churches of dating back to before theMaramureş that are listed by fifteenth century. The IzaUNESCO as a World Heritage Valley is home to villagesSite. known for their historical significance and their woodenPLOPIŞ este unul dintre cele churches. Rozavlea is a villageşapte sate ale comunei of more than 4,000 inhabitantsŞişeşti, cel în care se află una on the right bank of the Izadintre cele opt biserici de River. The oldest finds arelemn din Maramureş cuprinse from the Stone Age, althoughîn patrimoniul mondial written mentions start fromUNESCO 1353.
    6. 6. Biserica nouă de lemn din comuna Rozavlea
    7. 7. Text: Internet Fotografii şi prezentare: Sanda Foişoreanu www.slideshare.net/michaelasandaSound: Victoria Darvai - Câte frunze îs în nuc; Florentina şi Petre Giurgi - Învârtita; Grigore Leşe - Stâna prădată