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Pavia, In giro per la città


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A small city with a charming and well preserved historic centre by the banks of the Ticino River, Pavia is less than half-an-hour by train from Milan. Pavia hosts the largest college system in Italy, comprising 15 colleges (two of them dating from the 16th century). The Ponte Coperto "covered bridge" (also known as the Ponte Vecchio "Old Bridge") is a brick and stone arch bridge over the Ticino River in Pavia, Italy, dating from 1354 (itself a replacement for a Roman construction)

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Pavia, In giro per la città

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Once known as the city of 100towers, Pavia today has fineRomanesque and Medievalbuildings, a castle, and a vibranthistoric center.
  3. 3. Bianca Maria Visconti(1425 – 1468) wasDuchess of Milan from1450 to 1468. In May1448, when Sforza was inPavia, the Venetiansattacked Cremona.According to thechronicles, Bianca Mariadonned a suit of paradearmor and, along withsome troops and thepopulace, hurried towardsthe bridge that connectedthe city to Pavia. Shefought in the battle thatensued for the whole day.This episode gained herfame as a "warriorwoman".After the Venetian danger had been repulsed, Bianca Maria settled in theVisconti Castle of Pavia, together with a large court. Her good relationshipswith her Visconti relatives gained popular support, as well as loans and funds,for the fragile new state created by her husband.Domenico Veneziano (c. 1410 – May 15, 1461)Madonna and Child (Bianca Maria Visconti )Berenson Collection, Florence
  4. 4. The covered bridge (PonteCoperto, Pontevecchio,Ponte Ticino)The first bridge was built, asBishop Crispinus’sChronicle says, in the 2ndcentury A. D. Then, on thebridge’s sides opened upsome shops and smallworkshops like those wecan still see on the OldBridge in Florence. Beingdamaged by the frequentfloods, the bridge wasrebuilt starting from 1351following Giovanni daFerrera and Jacopo daCozzo’s plans.
  5. 5. The coveredbridge(Ponte Coperto,Pontevecchio,Ponte Ticino)Some pillarsfrom the Romantimes werereused and thebeginning andthe end of thebridge werefortified with twotowers withgates anddrawbridges.Only in thefollowing yearswas added itspeculiar roof.
  6. 6. The covered bridge and
  7. 7. The covered bridge(Ponte Coperto, PonteVecchio, Ponte Ticino)In the 18th century was built asmall chapel in its middleconsecrated to St. JohnNepomuk that has becomeone of the peculiar aspects ofPavia’s urban landscape.
  8. 8. Heavily damaged by 1944 bombs the bridge was demolished in 1948 and in its place was built a new CoveredBridge slimmer and wider with a concrete skeleton covered with bricks in order to imitate the old shape
  9. 9. Borgo Basso
  10. 10. Saint Theodore’s ChurchIt was originally dedicatedto St. Agnes. When thebody of St. Theodore,Bishop of Pavia from 736to 778, was brought here,the church changed itsname. As in St. Peter’s thetransept’s plan does notexceed the aisles and itstands out just for itsdifferent shape and itshigher vaults (theoctagonal dome is flankedby two barrel-vaultsfollowing the Lombard styleof Pavia
  11. 11. Saint Theodore’s Church
  12. 12. Saint Theodore’s Church
  13. 13. Saint Theodore’s Church
  14. 14. Saint Theodore’s Church
  15. 15. The two frescoes in thefirst left span are extremelyinteresting and werepainted by BernardinoLanzani in 1522 just afterthe battle between theFrench and the Spanisharmy to gain control overthe town. He pictured thewhole town from a greatheight with richness ofdetails till the nearby areaaround the CarthusianMonastery.
  16. 16. Saint Theodore’sChurchFrescoesOn the presbytery,made by the samepainter (BernardinoLanzani), there aresome stories aboutSt. Agnes (on theright)
  17. 17. Saint Theodore’sChurchFrescoes (1525)attributed to thepainter BernardinoLanzani
  18. 18. Saint Theodore’sChurchFrescoes (1525)attributed to thepainter BernardinoLanzani
  19. 19. San Teodoro (1117),dedicated to Theodore ofPavia, a medieval bishopof the Diocese of Pavia, isthe third romanesquebasilica in the city, thoughsmaller than the formerones. It is situated on theslopes leading down to theTicino river and served thefishermen.
  20. 20. Saint Theodore’s Church
  21. 21. Pavia - Cariatidi davanti a San Teodoro
  22. 22. Santa Monica 1899
  23. 23. Pavia - La facoltà agricoladelluniversità di PaviaOrto botanico
  24. 24. The Monastery of San Felice was one of the main femaleBenedictine monasteries of Pavia, founded since theLombards, suppressed in the eighteenth century. Itcurrently houses the Faculty of Economics and Business,University of Pavia with the name of Palazzo San Felice
  25. 25. Palazzo San Felice
  26. 26. Palazzo San Felice
  27. 27. Liceo classico Ugo Foscolo. Ugo Foscolo (1778 –1827), born Niccolò Foscolo, was an Italian writer, revolutionary andpoet
  28. 28. It is an imposing brick building with a square plan made by will of Galeazzo II Visconti between 1360 and 1365, presumably followingarchitect Bernardo da Venezia’s layout. In the east wing Pasquino Capelli was walled up alive. He was Duke Gian GaleazzoVisconti’s first secretary and he was accused of treason in 1398 after the defeat of the Visconti army in Mantua. Pasquino Capelliwas sewn alive into an ox’s skin still warm and then walled up for twenty days till the skin dried up and crushed him to death. Aftersome time Capelli was proved to be innocent.
  29. 29. Text: InternetPictures: Internet & Melinda HorvatCopyright: All the images belong to their authorsPresentation: Sanda Foi oreanuş Mauro Giuliani - Grand Duo Concertant for Guitar and Flute, Op.85 III - Scherzo IV - Allegretto espressivo