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Wonders in Maramures10


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The name bârsan means a shepherd who keeps sheep with thick long wool, and the word became a surname during medieaval times. The village of Bârsana is referred to as the property of kneaz Stanislau, son of Stan Bârsan in documents of 1326 and 1346.

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Wonders in Maramures10

  1. 1.
  2. 2. In northern Romania, at the Ukrainian border, lies the county of Maramures. Here,amidst mountains, hills and depressions are one of the most interesting tourism objectsin the country, yet very well kept. Here, people lead their lives as authentically andpeacefully as in the old times.
  3. 3. Created in post-Communist years on the site of a church abandoned in 1790, the Bârsana complex has become a significant cultural and religious attraction. Its 57 meter-tall (180 feet) spired church was reputedly the tallest wooden structure in Europe before the Sapanta Peri monastery was belt. The church was manually carved by some of the most talented craftsmen from Maramures. No power tools or nails were used to put thisMănăstirea „Soborul Sfinţilor 12 Apostoli” din Bârsana impressive construction together.
  4. 4. Situated on the famous hillcalled Jbar, Barsanamonastery, (nunsmonastery) architecture newmonument, placed on theplace of a 12-th centurywood church
  5. 5. The bell tower The museum
  6. 6. the belfry (bell tower)
  7. 7. A piece of traditional art of Maramures, gateto the cemetery of Barsana monastery
  8. 8. the church the summer shrine
  9. 9. Garden elements incorporatemany styles, from artificialfish ponds with walkingbridges to gazebos coveringa holy water spring (whichtakes full advantage ofmodern technology to pumpthe sacred water fromfacetted spouts.)
  10. 10. Te artists house consists of workshops for painters, sculptors and upholsterers.
  11. 11. the house of the masters
  12. 12. museum portraying the Maramures history, culture and civilization.
  13. 13. Glimmering withgold finishedfrescoes, thebasement of thenew church iswhere a lonepriest gives dailyservices toresident sistersand visitingRomanians.
  14. 14. Upstairs church
  15. 15. Text: Internet Fotografii: ♦ Voica Foişoreanu ♦ Mirela Capãtã ♦ Sanda Foişoreanu Prezentare: Sanda Foişoreanu Dumitru Fãrcaş - Doina din Bãtrâni - lui Tãtuca