Mallorca, from Soller to Palma


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On Mallorca you have the possibility of travelling in the only time machine that actually works, that takes you back in time: The Sóller Railway.
This railway has connected the city of Palma de Mallorca with the small town of Sóller since 1912. The train travels 27 km along its narrow-gauge track through beautiful landscapes, and has completely retained its original character. The train is powered by an electric locomotive and is the only one of its type that is still in use today. On its route, the railway takes you northward, across the plain, then starts to wind its way up into the mountains and through the thirteen tunnels of the Serra de Tramuntana that must be crossed to reach the valley of Sóller. The train takes one hour to achieve its goal: Sóller, a small town that combines the charm of the Mediterranean with the open, worldly atmosphere of a port that is open to Europe.

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Mallorca, from Soller to Palma

  1. 1. MALLORCA De la Soller la Palma Mallorca
  2. 6. Linia ferat ă de la S óller la Palma a fost înfiinţată în anul 1912 şi are o lungime de 27 de km Traseul este considerat unul dintre cele mai frumoase iar farmecul său este sporit de vagoanele de epocă
  3. 19. Drumul durează o oră până la Palma de Mallorca, traversând 13 tunele în Serra de Tramuntana
  4. 25. Linia ferat ă a fost construită pentru transportul fructelor de la S ó ller la Palma, într-o vreme când călătoria pe şosea dura o zi întreagă
  5. 42. Fond muzical: ♦ Juan Diego Fl ó rez – Fina estampa ♦ Semino Rossi - No me lastimes Fotografii: Daniela Iacob Mara Chinţa Sanda Foişoreanu Prezentare: Sanda Foişoreanu