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La femme en rouge32, Carlos Oviedo


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The assigning of symbolic meanings to colors is probably as old as symbolism itself

La femme en rouge32, Carlos Oviedo

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Carlos Oviedo, was born on 1970 in Puebla, Mexico. From thetime Oviedo was a child he has taken many art workshops. Afterthat he studied Graphic Design at the Universidad de lasAmericas Puebla. Oviedo continued studying in the United Statesfor six years making his own investigation and been closely withthe work of the great masters of the contemporary Art.
  3. 3. Carlos Oviedo (1970)
  4. 4. Carlos Oviedo (1970)
  5. 5. Carlos Oviedo (1970)
  6. 6. Carlos Oviedo (1970)
  7. 7. Carlos Oviedo (1970)En tus manos
  8. 8. Carlos Oviedo(1970)
  9. 9. Carlos Oviedo (1970)Tu mirada en mi horizonte (60X70cm)
  10. 10. Carlos Oviedo (1970)Poesía Cuerpo y Alma150 x 200 cm
  11. 11. Carlos Oviedo (1970)
  12. 12. Carlos Oviedo (1970)
  13. 13. Carlos Oviedo (1970)
  14. 14. Carlos Oviedo (1970) El encuentro con la belezza
  15. 15. Text and pictures: Internet This page: Carlos Cadavid born in Colombia 1946 Copyright: All the images belong to their authors Presentation: Sanda Foişoreanu Lila Downs - Tengo Miedo De Quererte; Un poco más