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Italia Sorrento3 Museum Correale


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Museum Correale (Museo Correale di Terranova) is situated in a patrician villa, surrounded by a citrus grove, with a terrace of Belvedere that overlooks the Gulf of Naples. The villa is owned by Pompeo and Alfredo Correale, the last descendants of the family.
The museum exhibits collections of Neapolitan painters dating from the 17th and 18th century. It contains valuable Capodimonte and Sèvres ceramics, Murano glassware, Bohemia crystals and a collection of watches. There is also an archaeological collection. Some works date from the 19th century and the mansion displays tables, furnishings and finely inlaid jewel cases. In the library are works by Torquato Tasso

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  • Muzeul este caietul cu amintiri al unor secole in care vedeta a fost lemnul dar nu numai. Amplasarea este dumnezeiasca. Aromele si culorile parcului sporesc frumusetea bogatelor colectii de arta !
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Italia Sorrento3 Museum Correale

  1. 1. Piazza Tasso Corso Italia
  2. 2. Colgo la Luna (The moon catcher) - Giacinto Bosco Statue in the garden of the Hotel Excelsior Vittorio The Museum Correale, this valuable bulwark of Sorrento art and culture, has often been defined "the most beautiful province museum of Italy". It is situated in an ancient patrician villa, surrounded by a citrus grove that looks onto the tuff ridge just in front of the Gulf of Naples. The villa and the citrus grove, as well as the wonderful terrace of Belvedere, are part of a donation to the town of Sorrento by the brothers Pompeo and Alfredo Correale, the last descendants of the ancient patrician family. The Museum’s collections are arranged on three floors for a total of twenty-four halls, to which has been added the garret recovered as an expository room
  3. 3. Archaeological collection
  4. 4. The Museum keeps one of the most beautiful collections of Neapolitan painters dating from the seventeenth and eighteenth century, some works of the famous "School of Posillipo" and by some masters of the Flemish and French schools dating from the same period. A special mention deserves the collection of Sorrento inlaid works dating from the nineteenth century, rich in tables, furnishings and finely inlaid jewel cases. The poet and cabinet - maker Salvatore Gargiulo (Saltovar), from Sorrento, donated many of these pieces to the Museum
  5. 5. Sorrento's greatest craft is intarsia (wood inlay)—whether artistic panels in a Classical style for the Duomo doors and choir stalls or simple post- modern patterns on jewelry boxes, tabletops, picture frames, or other souvenirs for the tourist trade
  6. 6. Inlaid wood decoration is a Sorrento specialty Secrétaire dos d'âne
  7. 7. Michael Sweerts (Flemish 1624-1664)
  8. 8. The Feast of Acheloüs Peter Paul Rubens and Jan Brueghel the Elder ca. 1615 The original (?) in Metropolitan Museum
  9. 9. Marriage ceremonies are celebrated either in its garden or in its elegant room with antiques and ancient mirrors The Correale Museum of Terranova, rich in art collections and decorative arts, was established in 1904, trasforming the Villa of Counts Correale in House Museum. The park and the gardens full of fragrances and colours, complement the beauty of the Museum
  10. 10. Two mirrors with paintings by Nicola Maria Rossi (1690-1758) The game of odds and evens by Francesco Celebrano (1729-1814)
  11. 11. Game of odds and evens (an Italian game of chance, like the Lottery, called Biribi) table top, by Francesco Celebrano (1729- 1814)
  12. 12. Giacinto Diano ArtemisiaGentileschiMaddalenapenitente
  13. 13. 18th Century walnut Venetian Bureau Cabinet
  14. 14. Mid 18th century Neapolitan commode - top in jasper 18th century chinese porcelain vase set in golden bronze Mid 18th century Neapolitan commode - top in jasper
  15. 15. Giacomo del Po Apollo & Daphne
  16. 16. Walnut wood prie-Dieu 18th century The family Correale was native of Scala, an ancient town situated in front of Ravello and, from historical data available in some documents as early as 1268, we know that they were part of the "Sedile" (ancient nobles associations) of Porta in Sorrento, of Portaretese in Salerno, of Porto in Naples. The brothers Correale therefore put at Sorrento community’s disposal the villa belonged to their family, for housing the art collections gathered in their numerous travels all over Europe
  17. 17. Ebony cabinet with ivory inlays depicting scenes from Aesop's fables 17th century A pair of consoles and mirrors Naples mid 18th century
  18. 18. Japan
  19. 19. Giovanni Lanfranco (1582-1647) Apostels Pair of drawers with shaped front in ebonized wood with ivory inlays Cabinet in ebony and ivory
  20. 20. Tortoise shell inlaid cabinet (Coin cabinet in red turtle) XVII century
  21. 21. Duclere's masterpieces in exhibition at museo Correale, Sorrento. Teodoro Duclère (Naples, 1816-1867)
  22. 22. The museum exhibits collections of Neapolitan  painters dating from the 17th and 18th century
  23. 23. Majolicas of Abruzzo Castles of XVII and XVIII century
  24. 24. Third floor: Italian and foreigner majolica dating from the centuries seventeenth and eighteenth. Milano, Savona, Castelli, Sicily, Calabria, Mausticres, Ruen. Italian and foreign chinaware dating from the eighteenth century. Meissen, Wien, Ludwidsbourg, Nimphenburg, Zurich, Chelsa, Bow, S. Petersbourg - Capodimonte, Doccia, Venice
  25. 25. Powder compact bowl with an Egyptian figure, gilded china, Royal Workshop of King Ferdinand manufacture, Naples. Italy, 18th century
  26. 26. Sound: Milva - Serenata a Surriento; Surriento d‘e nnammurate - Nilla Pizzi Text: Internet Pictures: Sanda Foişoreanu Internet All  copyrights  belong to their  respective owners Presentation: Sanda Foişoreanu 2018