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Greetings from Myanmar


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Myanmar is one of the poorest countries in East Asia, with an estimated GDP per capita of between $800-$1,000 and a poverty headcount of 26 percent. Most social indicators are very low. For example, 32 percent of children under five suffer from malnutrition.
Myanmar is embarking on a triple transition – from an authoritarian military system to democratic governance, from a centrally directed economy to a market-oriented economy, and from 60 years of conflict to peace in its border areas. These transitions have the potential to create opportunity and shared prosperity for the people of Myanmar and for the country to resume its place as one of the most dynamic economies in Asia.

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Greetings from Myanmar

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Official name :  Republic of the Union of Myanmar Area                 :  676 600 km²  Population         :  61 millions  Capital              :  Nay Pyi Daw since 2005 Biggest city       :  Yangon (Almost 6 millions inhabitants) Sharing a common border with India, China,  Bangladesh, Laos, and Thailand, Myanmar is  about the size France and England together,  one  of  the  largest  countries  in  Southeast  Asia.  Its  length  is  about  2.000  km  from  the  Tenasseri Peninsula in the south to the north  of  Himalaya  mountain  ranges  which  border  Yunnan, Tibet and India
  3. 3. People and ethnic groups:   Out of the 135 different ethnic groups,     68% are Burmese, 9% Shan, 7%  Karen Official language: Burmese (Sino–     tibetan) Religion:   Theravada Bouddhism  (87%), Christians (5%), Islam (4%)
  4. 4. An  old  Asian  proverb  says  the  world’s  most  beautiful  women  have  a  Thai  smile,  Indian  eyes,  and  Burmese  skin.  Perhaps the Burmese have  thanaka  to  thank  for  the  glowing  reputation  of  their  complexion
  5. 5. Burma opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi  A young Yao lady in Shan state
  6. 6. A Laytoo Chin woman Chan villager near Kalaw
  7. 7. Akha Woman  wearing  Traditional  Beaded and  Silver  Embellished  Head-Dress Shan  State 
  8. 8. Flying- lantern boy 
  9. 9. Tachileik Shwedagon Statues
  10. 10. Kambawza Thardi Palace  Bago
  11. 11. Kambawza Thardi Palace Bago
  12. 12. Bago (aka  Pegu), just  80 kms  from  Yangon
  13. 13. This  reclining  Buddha  in  Bago  is  a  concrete  structure  180  meters  long  and  40  meters high, and construction  which began in 1992 and that  of  course  is  accomplished  with  the  donations  of  the  faithful  Buddhists,  is  now  almost  finished.  The  Buddha  image is known as Yan Aung Chantha Zinathuka.
  14. 14. Yan Aung Chantha  Zinathuka.
  15. 15. The reclining  Buddha of  Shwethalyaung is  one of the most  venerated  Bouddhas in  Myanmar.  Dimension: Length  55 m, height,: 16  m, small finger,:  3.05 m  Shwethalyaung  pagoda - Bago -  Myanmar (Burma)  - 1999
  16. 16. Shwethalyaung was once the largest reclining image of the Buddha in the country and is one of largest Buddha in the world
  17. 17. The Shwemawdaw Paya is a stupa located in Bago, Myanmar. It is often referred to as the Golden God Temple.
  18. 18. At 375 feet in height, the Shwemadaw holds the record for the tallest pagoda in the country although the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon is usually credited as the tallest pagoda in Myanmar (at 98 meters - approximately 321.5 ft).
  19. 19. Bago three Buddhas
  20. 20. Bago Kyaik Pun Paya (four seated Buddhas) Bago
  21. 21. ‘Earth touching' mudra, calling Mother Earth to witness the Buddha's Enlightenment Bago Kyaik Pun Paya (four seated Buddhas) Bago
  22. 22. Bago
  23. 23. Silver headdress of the Akha tribe Golden Triangle
  24. 24. The Akha are an indigenous hill tribe that live in small villages at high altitudes in the mountains of Thailand, Burma, Laos, and Yunnan Province in China.
  25. 25. Bagan
  26. 26. Bagan Shwezigon Pagoda
  27. 27. The whole banana plant, in fact, is very useful. The leaves of the banana tree can be used for wrapping foods to steam or grill, and as placemats for serving. Fresh and young banana plant stems are used in one of burmese favorite soups, mohinga, which is a pungent fish curry poured over noodles and typically eaten for breakfast. Banana blossoms often turn up in curry or salads. Thus the sweet fruit of the banana is but one of several foods and flavours offered by this versatile plant.
  28. 28. Childhood Museum in Bethnal Green - burmese puppets This rather famous toy museum is a branch of the Victoria & Albert Museum Burmese Puppet prince Mintha – Early to Mid 20th Century
  29. 29. Old Burmese Puppet Old Burmese Puppet known as General Sitthy gyi
  30. 30. Burmese Ramayana The lacquer takes its roots in China it there has a few three thousand years, and then developed in all the Southeast Asia. In Myanmar the tree which one takes the resin is it Thit-si.
  31. 31. Mawlamyine, Burma - The Thanlwin Bridge
  32. 32. Welcome to Taunggyi
  33. 33. Bagaya Kyaung Monastery, Inwa
  34. 34. Temple architecture is typically of brick and stucco, and pagodas are often covered with layers of gold leaf while monasteries tend to be built of wood Bagaya Kyaung Monastery, Inwa
  35. 35. Bagan Archaeological Museum with statue of King Pyusawhti Pyusawhti was a semi- legendary king of Pagan Dynasty of Burma (Myanmar), who according to the Burmese chronicles supposedly reigned from 167 to 242 CE
  36. 36. Bagan Archaeological Museum with statue of King Pyusawhti
  37. 37. Shwe In Bin Kyaung – Mandalay The Main Buddha Image
  38. 38. Yangon Monks in residential quarters, Shwedagon Paya
  39. 39. An integral part of life, Myanmar gold leaf appears everywhere throughout the country once known as Burma.
  40. 40. You see it gilding the exterior of pagodas. Step inside temples and you will find locals lined up to rub small squares of gold leaf on the Buddha as offerings.
  41. 41. Chin State - Traditional Dress
  42. 42. Most Myanmar are Buddhist of the Theravada stream. Central to their religious beliefs is karma, the concept that good begets good and evil begets evils. Another belief is that all living things go through reincarnation.
  43. 43. Padaung (Yan Pa Doung) is a Shan term for the Kayan Lahwi (the group whose women wear the brass neck coils)
  44. 44. Mandalay Traditional dance
  45. 45. Boats on the shore of Taungthaman Lake Amarapura
  46. 46. Amarapura Taxi
  47. 47. Amarapura
  48. 48. Amarapura is a former capital of Myanmar, and now a township of Mandalay.
  49. 49. Amarapura
  50. 50. Amarapura
  51. 51. Amarapura Crossing U Bein Bridge U Bein Bridge is a crossing that spans the Taungthaman Lake near Amarapura in Myanmar.
  52. 52. The 1.2- kilometre (0.75 mi) bridge was built around 1850 and is believed to be the oldest and longest teakwood bridge in the world.
  53. 53. Amarapura Crossing U Bein Bridge
  54. 54. Amarapura U Bein Bridge
  55. 55. Construction began when the capital of Ava Kingdom moved to Amarapura, and the bridge is named after the mayor who had it built.
  56. 56. U Bein Bridge is used as an important passageway for the local people and has also become a tourist attraction and therefore a significant source of income for souvenir sellers. It is particularly busy during July and August when the lake is at its highest.
  57. 57. Amarapura
  58. 58. Text and pictures: Internet Copyright: All the images belong to their authors Presentation: Sanda Foi oreanuş Sound: Hlaing Win Maung – The little rowing boat