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Bangkok Golden Buddha1


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At one end of Chinatown, in what was once an otherwise unremarkable temple of Wat Traimit, sits the world's largest solid gold Buddha image. Made of about 83% pure gold and weighing in at five and a half tons, the 15-foot tall seated image is worth millions of dollars at today's gold prices.
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Bangkok Golden Buddha1

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  2. 2. Templul Wat Traimit adăposteşte celebrul Buddha de aur strălucitor care a fost descoperit în 1955 când s-a rupt funia macaralei şi statuia de 5 tone şi jumătate, din aur, a ieşit la iveală din îmbrăcămintea de stuc This temple is well known for its 3-metre tall, 5.5 tons solid gold Buddha image, constructed over 700 years ago during the Sukhothai period. Originally the gold image was covered with plaster to conceal it from the invading Burmese. The Buddha at Wat Traimit was discovered by accident in 1955 when it was accidentally dropped as it was being moved, revealing, under a casing of plaster, a beautiful solid gold Sukhothai style Buddha. Pieces of the plaster are still kept on display
  3. 3. Statuia a fost creată în perioada Ayutthaya (1350-1767) şi a fost camuflată cu gips pentru a scăpa jefuirii birmaneze This three metres high, five and a half ton statue was long hidden under an unimpressive coating of stucco and plaster is thought to have been made in the 13th-14th centuries but the gold hidden underneath was only revealed by accident in 1955
  4. 4. Fotografii: Nicoleta Leu Prezentare: Sanda Foi oreanuş ♦ Traditional thai music