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Fox glacier is 13 km in length and Franz Josef Glacier is approximately 10 km long. Both Glaciers descend the steep mountain sides to New Zealand's west coast. In the Nevé (a huge basin high up in the mountains) the snow collects.

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New Zealand Glaciers country

  1. The self-proclaimed‘Glacier Country’ is atthe heart of thebroader UNESCOWorld Heritage AreaGlacier This place isknown as "TeWahipounamu - SouthWest New Zealand”
  2. New Zealand detached from the supercontinent Gondwana some 80 millionyears ago and set off on a uniqueevolutionary adventure. Trees and birdsdeveloped their physiologicaldistinctions and many have not changedsince the time of the dinosaurs. Today,you can still feel the magic of lingeringprehistoric ghosts.Glacier Country is a microcosm ofGondwana, and an illustration of modernhistory.
  3. The early Maori knewFranz Joseph as Ka Roimatao Hine Hukatere (Tears ofthe Avalanche Girl).
  4. Legend tells of a girl losing her lover who fell from the localpeaks, and her flood of tears freezing into the glacier.
  5. The Maori name for the glacier is Ka Roimata o Hinehukatere (The tears of Hinehukatere)
  6. The legend of the Makawhio people(a sub tribe of the Nga Tahu) saysthat Hinehukatere was an extremelyfit and fearless young woman wholoved climbing in the mountains.
  7. She persuaded her lover, Wawe to climbwith her. Wawe was less experienced butenjoyed accompanying his beloved.
  8. Leonard Harper crossed “Harpers Pass” in 1852 and named theFranz Josef glacier Victoria and the Fox Glacier Albert after theMonarchs’ that were ruling the British Empire at the time. Sadly thenineteen year old Leonard did not formerly register this name.
  9. The area around the lake is managed by the Department of Conservation(DOC) and is surrounded by native kahikatea (white pine) and rimu (redpine) trees, as well as flax and a variety of New Zealand fern species.
  10. In 1865 Julius Von Haast decided to namethe glacier after “His Imperial Majesty” FranzJosef I, Emperor of Austria and the localvillage later took its name from the glacier
  11. This was only the first of a number oflandmarks that Mr Haast did not actuallydiscover as a European explorer, yet,he took the liberty of naming.
  12. The glaciers form from the weighty layers of snow compacting intohard blue ice. The pressure of snow above and gravitational pullforce the ice down the valley to within 200 meters above sea leveland within a few kilometers of the main road
  13. At such low levels the terminal face isconstantly melting. Because of its steepnessand location, the Franz Josef Glacier is themost dynamic in the world and respondsquickly to variations of precipitation andtemperature.
  14. Fox and Franz Josef are two ofonly three glaciers in the worldthat end at only 300m abovesea level amidst lush tropicalrainforest.
  15. Franz Josef Glacier isapproximately 10 km long.
  16. Emperor Franz Josef “gifted” one of the Westland Tai Poutini National Park greatest pests. Thetwo males and six female chamois were shipped to Wellington, taken by train to the Hermitige inMt Cook National Park and released in 1907.
  17. As long as you hold a current permit the hunting of chamois is now unrestricted and evenencouraged by the Department of Conservation to limit the animals impact on New Zealandsnative alpine flora.
  18. Fox Glacier village (population 280)
  19. The historic Heartland Hotel Fox Glacier originally opened in 1928 and has provided acomfortable bed for the night for more than its fair share of climbers and adventurers from allcorners of the world. Restored in 2007, conveniently located in Fox Glacier village, Heartland Hotel Fox Glacier is the perfect ‘base camp’ for discovering this spectacular area
  20. Fox Glacier village (population 280)
  21. Fox Glacier village (population 280)
  22. The cliff carved away by the Fox Glacier
  23. Text: Internet Pictures: Sanda Foişoreanu Doina Grigoraş Arangement: Sanda FoişoreanuSound: Haere Re A Hine - Kiri te Kanawa Maori traditional song - Haka