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  • This book reproduces seventeen jewel-like miniature paintings by Simon Marmion from one of the finest Books of Hours in the Huntington Library's collections. Marmion, one of the most accomplished illuminators of the fifteenth century, produced this example sometime between 1450 and 1475. The French manuscript Book of Hours displays a number of scenes from the life of the Virgin Mary. The book's introduction discusses the history and meaning of Books of Hours, both as books of devotion and as works of art.
  • Following the Star17

    1. 1.
    2. 2. The St Albans Psalter, also known as the AlbaniPsalter or the Psalter of Christina of Markyate, is anEnglish illuminated manuscript, one of severalPsalters known to have been created at or for StAlbans Abbey in the 12th century Alexis Master (active 1121-1146) Nativity
    3. 3. Alexis Master (active 1121-1146)Alexis Master (active 1121-1146) St Albans PsalterSt Albans Psalter ShepherdsMagi and Herod
    4. 4. The St. Albans Psalter (c. 1125-1135), isgenerally regarded as the earliest survivingmasterpiece of Anglo-Norman painting. Itsextensive picture cycle includes over 200historiated initials accompanying thepsalms and prayers.The original Psalter is kept at the Church ofSt Godehard in Hildesheim.A copy of an ancient religious book, createdin St Albans almost a thousand years ago,has been given to the Si.Albans cityscathedral.Alexis Master (active 1121-1146)St Albans Psalter Nativity (detail)
    5. 5. Alexis Master(active 1121-1146)St Albans PsalterPsalm 136 Initial S(detail)
    6. 6. Manuscripts inthe Library of StJohns College,Cambridgetwo of asequence of 46Biblicalillustrations(c.1270-80)inserted at thefront of afourteenth-century Psalter(English).The Magi andHerodThe Nativity
    7. 7. Manuscripts inthe Library of StJohns College,CambridgeAngel andshepherdsThe Magi arewarned
    8. 8. Manuscriptsin the Libraryof St JohnsCollege,CambridgeThe journey ofthe MagiThe Adorationof the Magi
    9. 9. Hours of the Infante Don Alfonso ofCastile for Rome use, Spain, Castile, Milan, Biblioteca Trivulziana, Cod. 470 is a 15th century1460s-70s Book of Hours made in a French-Burgundian scriptorium.
    10. 10. Book of Hours for Jean II Le Meingre Boucicaut), Marshal of France, which was created betweenWorkshop of the Boucicaut Master, Paris, 1410 and 1415. This Book of Hours is currently inabout 1415 - 1420 Getty museum the Musée Jacquemart-André in Paris.
    11. 11. Book of Hours for Jean II Le Meingre Boucicaut, 1410-141
    12. 12. Book of Hours for Jean II Le Meingre Boucicaut, 1410-141
    13. 13. Book of Hours for Jean II Le Meingre Boucicaut, 1410-141
    14. 14. Adorazione dei Magi – 1400 Firenze, Biblioteca Nazionale
    15. 15. Hours of Catherine of Cleves (produced in about 1440)
    16. 16. Hours for (mostly) Windesheim use,The Netherlands, Delft c. 1415-20
    17. 17. Stonyhurst Hours for Sarum use, Southern Netherlands, possibly Bruges, c. 1400-15Stanisław Samostrzelnik (1490–1541)
    18. 18. Book of Hours, c.1500 Adoration of the Magi National Library of the Netherlands
    19. 19. Hours of Philippot de Nanterre for Amiens use,, c. 1420 Bedford Master. Visitation Beginning of XV centThe Hours of Jeanne dEvreux, ca. 1324–28
    20. 20. Codex Bruchsal German illuminated manuscript with two scenes of theUnknown Ottonian, Regensburg, Magi, ca.1220about 1030 - 1040 BadischeGetty Museum LA Landesbibliothek Karlsruhe
    21. 21. Book of Hours, c.1500 German codex 15-501 The adoration of the kings
    22. 22. Simon Benings Flowers Book of Hours
    23. 23. Books of Hours are among the moststriking examples of medieval illuminatedmanuscripts. Commissioned by wealthymen and women for their private religiousdevotions, these beautifully decoratedbooks contain prayers for the eightcanonical hours of the day. Francesco Di Giorgio Martini Nativity 1460- Private collection
    24. 24. Victoria and Albert Museum
    25. 25. Simon Marmion (1420-1489) was a French orBurgundian Early Netherlandish painter of panelsand illuminated manuscripts. Marmion lived andworked in what is now France but for most of hislifetime was part of the Duchy of Burgundy in theSouthern Netherlands. He was patronized by Philipthe Good, the Duke of Burgundy from 1454 when hewas one of several artists called to Lille to work onthe decorations for the Feast of the Pheasant. Book of Hours (Use of Cambrai) In Latin and French, illuminated manuscript on parchment, France, Valenciennes, c. 1475-1480 1 large and 14 small miniatures by the Workshop of Simon Marmion
    26. 26. Simon Marmion (1420-1489) Book ofHours (Use of Cambrai)
    27. 27. Simon Marmion (1420-1489) Book of Hours (Use of Cambrai)
    28. 28. Simon Marmion (1420-1489) was employed by several members of the ducal family, including Charles the Bold and Margaret of York. He was called "the prince of illuminators" by a near contemporary. Three years after his death his widow, Jeanne de Quaroube, married his pupil, the painter Jan Provoost, who on her death inherited the considerable Marmion estate.Simon Marmion (1420-1489) Book of Hours (Use of Cambrai)
    29. 29. La Flora book of hours, before 1489, with 22 full-pages -miniatures of Simon Marmion:Napoli, Biblioteca Nazionale
    30. 30. Text and pictures: Internet Copyright: All the images belong to their authors Presentation: Sanda Foişoreanu O, holy night - Leontyne Price