Firenze Passeggiando per la città6


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Florence is the capital city of the region of Tuscany and its rich historical, artistic and cultural heritage make it one of the main tourist destinations in Italy and Europe.

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  • Panoramic view out over Florence from the Bardini Garden, Florence
  • Firenze Passeggiando per la città6

    1. 1.
    2. 2. Florence is the capital city of theregion of Tuscany and its richhistorical, artistic and culturalheritage make it one of the maintourist destinations in Italy andEurope.Founded in the first century the Romans, Florence hasbeen through many prosperousand dark periods. The cityexperienced the battles betweenthe Guelphs and Ghibellines, itwas a Commune and then a"Signoria" under the Mediciduring the Renaissance. It waspart of the Grand Duchy ofTuscany first with the Medici andthen under the Lorraines duringthe 18thcentury, up until itbecame a part of the Kingdom ofItaly in 1861. Cimabue, DanteAlighieri, Giotto, Brunelleschi,Donatello, Botticelli andMichelangelo are just a few ofthe famous Tuscan artists whocontributed to making Florencesuch a beautiful and importantcity in the world
    3. 3. Medieval hitch forhorses and torchholders
    4. 4. PalazzoVecchietti-IlDiavolinodelGiambologna
    5. 5. Basilica della SantissimaPalazzo Signoria
    6. 6. the Loggia dei Lanzi terrace
    7. 7. Buontalenti restructured theroof of the Loggia to make aterrace where the Mediciprinces could watchfestivities in the Piazza, andtoday that terrace is a barthat you can enter throughthe Uffizi and see wonderfulviews of the PalazzoVecchio and Duomo.
    8. 8. Piazza San Firenze in Florence named after the Complex of St. PhilipBlacks, also known as St. Florence from a mispronunciation of the nameof an existing building dedicated to San Fiorenzo.
    9. 9. The Bargello, also known asthe Bargello Palace, MuseoNazionale del Bargello, orPalazzo del Popolo is a formerbarracks and prison, now anart museumThe National Museum has itssetting in one of the oldestbuildings in Florence thatdates back to 1255. Initiallythe headquarters of theCapitano del Popolo (Captainof the People) and later of thePodestà, the palace became,in the sixteenth century, theresidence of the Bargello thatis of the head of the police(from which the palace takesits name) and was used asprison during the whole 18thcentury.
    10. 10. Courtyard
    11. 11. Its walls witnessedimportant episodes ofcivic history. It was themeeting place of theCouncil of the Hundredin which Dante tookpart. It wituessedsieges, fires,executions, the mostfamous perhaps beingthat of Baroncelli,involved in the Pazziplot against the Medici,which Leonardo alsowitnessed. During the14th and 15th century,the palace wassubjected to a series ofalterations andadditions, stillpreserving itsharmonious severity,best seen in thebeautiful courtyard, thebalcony and the largehall on the first floor.
    12. 12. The buildings use asNational Museum began inthe mid-19th century. Todayit is the setting for works ofsculpture, mainly from thegrand ducal colleotions, andfor many examples of "minorGothic decorative arts.
    13. 13. Vincenzo GemitoFishing boy 1876
    14. 14. In the courtyard St.Pauls cannon made in 1638 by Cosimo Cenni
    15. 15. In the courtyard St.Pauls cannonmade in 1638 by Cosimo CenniDetail
    16. 16. Giambologna Gli uccelliThe bronze animals that were originallyplaced in the grotto of the Medici villa ofCastello are now displayed on thestaircases
    17. 17. The loggiaDavid by Verrocchio1475
    18. 18. LArchitettura byGiambologna
    19. 19. DonatelloDavid1408-1409
    20. 20. DonatelloDavid 1440
    21. 21. BenvenutoCelliniGanimedeBenvenutoCelliniBustofCosimoI.deMedici1548-1948
    22. 22. Brutus (a 1538 bust ofBrutus) by Michelangelowas commissioned bythe republican DonatoGiannotti for cardinalNiccolò Ridolfi
    23. 23. Bacchus (Michelangelo)Commissioned by RaffaeleRiario, a high-rankingCardinal and collector ofantique sculpture, it wasrejected by him and wasbought instead by JacopoGalli, Riario’s banker and afriend to Michelangelo.
    24. 24. Gasparo Mola Parade HelmetPomp Helmet
    25. 25. Second floor Main hall
    26. 26. Terracotta RoomLuca della RobbiaMadonna col Bambino
    27. 27. Luca della Robbia Madonna col Bambino Luca Della Robbia - Ritratto di ragazza
    28. 28. Luca della Robbia (1399/1400–1482) Young Girl
    29. 29. LucadellaRobbia(1399/1400–1482)MadonnadelRosetoLuca Della Robbia - Madonna delle Cappuccine
    30. 30. Perfumes-burning-Brass and silver-XIVth Century
    31. 31. LucadellaRobbiaStemmadiAmicodellaTorreLucadellaRobbiaCrocefissionediSanPietro
    32. 32. LucadellaRobbiaLiberazionediSanPietrodalcarcere
    33. 33. Giuliano Finelli (1602-1653)Maria Barberini Duglioli
    34. 34. Gian Lorenzo BerniniBust of Costanza Bonarelli1656MichelangeloTondo Pitti 1504-1505
    35. 35. Mercurius byGianbologna1580
    36. 36. Bartolomeo AmmannatiLeda e il cigno, 1540-1550
    37. 37. DavidApollobyMichelangelo1530
    38. 38. DavidApollobyMichelangelo1530
    39. 39. DavidApollobyMichelangelo1530
    40. 40. Sound: Andrea Bocelli & Angela Gheorghiu - Non ti scordar di me (Ernesto de Curtis))Text: InternetPictures: Daniela Iacob & InternetCopyright: All the images belong to their authorsPresentation: Sanda Foi oreanuş