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Father Marko Ivan Rupnik, (born 28 November 1954) is a Slovenian Jesuit, based in Rome, whose mosaics adorn churches at Fatima and Lourdes, in Almudena Cathedral in Madrid, in Cluj-Romania as well as the Pope’s private chapel.
Father Marko Ivan Rupnik is director of the Centro Aletti, a Rome meeting place for artists and intellectuals from Western and Eastern Europe. In addition, he teaches at the Pontifical Oriental Institute and the Pontifical Gregorian University

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Father Marko Rupnik the Artist5 (Spain)

  1. 1. http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/sandamichaela-1690026-mi-rupnik5/
  2. 2. Marko Ivan Rupnik was born November 28, 1954 in Zadlog, Slovenia near Idrija. He studied philosophy in Ljubljana and then, in 1977, enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. Theological studies at the Pontifical Gregorian University of Rome followed. He was ordained a priest in 1985. In 1991 he earned a doctorate. Since September of 1991 he has lived and worked in Rome at the Centro Aletti, of which he is the director. He teaches at the Pontifical Oriental Institute, the Pontifical Gregorian University, Saint Anselm Pontifical Liturgical Institute, and gives seminars and lectures at numerous other European academic institutions. In 2002 he was decorated with the honor “Sign of honor of the freedom of the Slovenian Republic”, conferred on him Chapel of the Holy Spirit at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut by the president of the republic. In 2003 he received the international “Beato Angelico” prize for Europe.Father Marko Ivan Rupnik is a Slovenian Jesuit, based in Rome, whose mosaics adorn churches at Fatima and Lourdes, in Romeor Milan, in Cluj-Napoca Romania as well as the Pope’s private chapel in Vatican.In Spain his works are in Cappella al Centro Pai Menni a Betanzos; Cappella del Santissimo nella chiesa di San Pietro a Gijon;Sacrestia Maggiore della Cattedrale dell’Almudena a Madrid; Sala capitolare and Cappella del Santissimo della Cattedrale diMadrid; Cappella dell’Ospedale Beata Maria Ana delle Hermanas Hospitalarias di Madrid; Cappella alla Università CEU SanPablo a Madrid; Cappella della Conferenza episcopale spagnola a Madrid; Cappella della sede vescovile a Tenerife; Cappella delCentro ospedaliero Benito Menni a Valladolid and Chiesa di Santa Maria Madre della Chiesa a Zaragoza
  3. 3. When the capital of Spain wastransferred from Toledo toMadrid in 1561, the seat of theChurch in Spain remained inToledo; so the new capital –unusually for a Catholiccountry – had no cathedral.Plans were discussed as earlyas the 16th century to build acathedral in Madrid dedicatedto the Virgin of Almudena, butconstruction did not begin until1879.The cathedral seems to havebeen built on the site of amedieval mosque that wasdestroyed in 1083 whenAlfonso VI reconqueredMadrid.
  4. 4. Cappella del Santissimo della Cattedrale di Santa Maria Reale dellAlmudena, 2011The bronze serpent
  5. 5. Cappella del Santissimo della Cattedraledi Santa Maria Reale dellAlmudena,2011The Good Samaritan
  6. 6. Cappella del Santissimo della Cattedrale di Santa Maria Reale dellAlmudena,2011The Magi
  7. 7. Cappella del Santissimo, 2011The Magi
  8. 8. The disciples of Emmaus
  9. 9. The multiplication of the loaves
  10. 10. The manna
  11. 11. The Pelican on the Tabernacle
  12. 12. The Tabernacle - detail
  13. 13. The Almudena Cathedral located near the Royal PalaceCappella del Santissimo della Cattedrale di Santa Maria RealedellAlmudena, 2011
  14. 14. SacrestiaMaggiore dellaCattedrale diSanta MariaRealedell’Almudena2005
  15. 15. Sacrestia Maggiore della Cattedrale di Santa Maria Reale dell’AlmudenaDivine Wisdom, witness and keeper of creation
  16. 16. The Spirit descends on the Mother of God
  17. 17. This Catholic cathedral wasofficially consecrated in 1993when Pope John Paul IIvisited and dedicated to theVirgin of AlmudenaPope Benedict XVI visitedMadrid august 2011Protesters say the papal visitis too costly at a time whenSpains economy is struggling
  18. 18. The first scene of Creation is the creation of water and fish.
  19. 19. the breaking of the bread at EmmausThe creation of the earth, the trees, the plants and the grain: it is thesecond scene of creation
  20. 20. The Archangel Gabriel: On the side of the The Archangel Michael Christ on the Crossangel Gabriel takes place Creation
  21. 21. The baptism of Jesus
  22. 22. Sacrestia Maggiore della Cattedrale di Santa Maria Reale dell’AlmudenaThe baptism of Jesus
  23. 23. Santa María la Real de La Almudena is a Catholic cathedral in Madrid.On May 22, 2004, the marriage of Felipe, Princeof Asturias to Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano (known thereafter as Letizia, Princess of Asturias) took place at the cathedral.
  24. 24. Sala capitolare di Santa Maria Realedell’Almudena, 2006Wall of the TransfigurationTemporary Exhibition
  25. 25. The Sacrifice of IsaacAbraham prepared to sacrificeIsaac, an expression ofsacrificial dimension of love
  26. 26. Ezekiels vision of the drybones
  27. 27. Wall of presentation – depositionPresentation in the Temple
  28. 28. Wall of presentation –depositionPresentation in the Temple- detail
  29. 29. The Depositionfrom the Cross
  30. 30. The Deposition from the Cross
  31. 31. And Peter remembered the wordthat Jesus said to him, Before thecock crow thou shalt deny methrice. ...
  32. 32. Wall of the AnnunciationAnnunciationThe Wedding at Cana. The brideand groom sad sitting at the tablewith Christ.Next to him a servant.
  33. 33. The encounter of Mary Magdalen with the Risen JesusThe angel at the empty tomb ofthe Risen
  34. 34. Wall of the Lamb To the right and left of theLamb there are a total of six saints of Madrid, three on each side.
  35. 35. Maria oranteWall of the Lamb
  36. 36. Isidore the Farmer (Isidore the Laborer) was born in Madrid in 1070. He was from a poor family and he became a hired hand for the wealthy Juan de Vergas on an estate near Madrid. His wife, Maria Torribia shared his devotion and is honored as a saint with the name Santa Maria della Cabeza. During his life Isidore worked many miracles; when their son fell in a well, the water level miraculously rose at the prayers of Isidore and Maria so that the boy floated safely to the top. Isidore died May 15, 1130. He was canonized in 1622 and his feast is May 15. St. Isidore is known as the patron of Madrid, Spain as well as Leon, Saragosa, and Seville. He is also considered the patron of farmers, peasants, day laborers, and rural communities. Lastly, he is the patron of the United States NationalSt. Isidore and his wife, Santa Maria della Cabeza Rural Life Conference.
  37. 37. On the 28th of April 2004, Cardinal Antonio María Rouco Varela, Archbishop ofMadrid blessed the new paintings in the apse, painted by Kiko Arguello, founderof the Neocatechumenal Way.
  38. 38. Text and pictures: Internet Copyright: All the images belong to their authors Presentation: Sanda Foişoreanu www.slideshare.net/michaelasandaSound: Divna Ljubojevic