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Elena Katsyura (Russian, 1973)4


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Elena Katsyura was born and learned how to paint in Russia, in the country with the old artistic traditions.
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Elena Katsyura (Russian, 1973)4

  1. 1. Silent sunset
  2. 2. Lamplit corner Iris in a jar
  3. 3. Magnolia in MaySheets and roses
  4. 4. Little bouquetCrackers with milk
  5. 5. Strawberries in silver Silver and sugar
  6. 6. Fruitbowl Cozynook
  7. 7. Tulipsongrey Two kids
  8. 8. Country rose teacup Peach and black grapes
  9. 9. Grapes in Japanese cup Wildflowers and berries
  10. 10. Strawberry blossoms Nasturtium from my garden
  11. 11. Creamer and black grapes Sunflower and cornflower
  12. 12. Elle rose Red grapes
  13. 13. Creamer and tulips Nectarine and cherries
  14. 14. Eveninglights Eveningpromenade
  15. 15. Refreshing pomegranate Poppies
  16. 16. Rose in a jar Romantic tea
  17. 17. Dandelion tea Yellow flower
  18. 18. WhitecreameranddaffodilsGreenandyellow Yellowcreamer
  19. 19. Yellow roses Moroccan mandarin
  20. 20. Royaldaffodils Teainthelibrary
  21. 21. Tulip on the plate Tulips in vase
  22. 22. Petunias Reading space
  23. 23. May yellow We are all fruit
  24. 24. Petunias and red charme Tea & strawberries
  25. 25. Silver and peony Silver creamer
  26. 26. Strong tea and strawberries Two roses
  27. 27. Gold on cobalt White roses II
  28. 28. Sunflower tea Sunflower
  29. 29. Roses in vase Tea and rose
  30. 30. Lemons and lime Sunflowers in copper
  31. 31. Armchair Sunpetals
  32. 32. Silver and cherries
  33. 33. Teacup and turnip Roses and cherries
  34. 34. Friday rose Silver and rose
  35. 35. Teacup and rosebuds Four pink roses
  36. 36. Green shadow The red velvet tablecloth
  37. 37. Springteacupandapple Threetulips
  38. 38. Roses in vase By the window
  39. 39. Sunflowers in the morning Sunflower in a jar Sunflowers
  40. 40. Red reflection Tangerine on black
  41. 41. Honey and strawberries Silver and onion
  42. 42. Pinkgladioli Blueandlemon
  43. 43. Spring fruit White lilac
  44. 44. Clementines in silver Sunflower in a jar
  45. 45. Elena Katsyura was born (1973) and learned how to paint in Russia, in the country with the old artistic traditions. She received her Master's degree in Art from the university in her native city of Chelyabinsk. Her artistic creed is in combination of the traditions of Russian realistic art and French impressionism. Elena's paintings have been shown at art exhibitions in Russia, in California, and in Georgia. Now, she is residing in Russia, with her husband and daughter. In her art, Elena tries to catch and portray the beauty of the world around us at any particular moment.
  46. 46. Peony in silver Teacup and petunias
  47. 47. Silver jug and pansies Tiny chrysanthemums
  48. 48. Silver and red Silver on purple
  49. 49. Teacup and pansy Silver and gooseberries
  50. 50. Pansy parade Nostalgic memories
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