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Elena Katsyura (Russian, 1973)1


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Elena Katsyura was born and learned how to paint in Russia, in the country with the old artistic traditions.

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Elena Katsyura (Russian, 1973)1

  1. 1. Cup and daffodils Tea and raspberries
  2. 2. Antique cup and grapefruit Autumn plums
  3. 3. A sunlit teatime Teatime with spring flowers
  4. 4. Blue teacup Cup and fruits
  5. 5. Daffodils by the bedside Cup and citrus
  6. 6. Still Life The Courtyard of Arching Windows
  7. 7. Cream raspberries Apple tea
  8. 8. Apple, tea and sunflower Cherry tea
  9. 9. Paragon teacup and fruit Paragon teacup and lemon
  10. 10. Black tea and lemon Tea before bed
  11. 11. White linen and flowers Turquoise Cup and Grapes
  12. 12. Lemonroyalty Tea,grapesandlemonTeacupandpeony
  13. 13. Blue vintage and citrus Chamomile tea
  14. 14. Blue Moon
  15. 15. Cornflower teacup Cornflower teacup and orange
  16. 16. Country Rose Teacup Daffodil teacup
  17. 17. Family dinner Turquoise Cup and Grapes
  18. 18. Floral bedside Teacup and flower
  19. 19. Cup and daffodils Cup and fruit
  20. 20. Floral tea and grapes Fresh citrus tea
  21. 21. Cup of Tea and Flowers Teacup and berries
  22. 22. Tea and daisies Tea and flowers
  23. 23. Teacup,petunias,andcherries TeacupandsugarTeacupandpinkribbon
  24. 24. Tea and rosebud Golden Cup and Sugar
  25. 25. Teacup
  26. 26. Grapefruit tea Japanese cup
  27. 27. Green teacup and lemon Hollyhock teacup and orange
  28. 28. Karkade tea Lemon tea and apples
  29. 29. Black lemon tea Cup
  30. 30. TeaandSugar Teacup,apple,sliceoflemonSeptemberSunflower
  31. 31. Lemon tea and grapes Lemon tea and leaves
  32. 32. Spring tea Lemon Yellow
  33. 33. Tea and lemon Teacup and Berries Teacup,FlowersandOrange
  34. 34. Lilac cup and orange Tea and grapefruit
  35. 35. More sugar Summer tea
  36. 36. Sugar plum tea Tea and cyclamen flowers
  37. 37. Tea and fruit Tea and grapefruit slice
  38. 38. TeawithlemonTeawithwildcherries TeaandLemons
  39. 39. Tea with lemon Teacup and chrysanthemums
  40. 40. White cup and yellow rose Teacup and strawberries
  41. 41. Teacup and yellow roses Sky cup and sunflower
  42. 42. Teacup Tea rose
  43. 43. Tuesday teacup Teacup and red grapes
  44. 44. Teacupandlilacribbon TeacupandstrawberriesTeacupandroses
  45. 45. Teacup, plums and yellow cherries Teacup and rose Teacup, flower and watermelon
  46. 46. Teacup and mandarin Teacup and nectarine
  47. 47. I was born in Chelyabinsk, Russia. Since early childhood, I had been fascinated with art, and drew whenever I could find time and paper. I received my Bachelor's Degree in Chelyabinsk Art College. In 2007, I, my husband, and my daughter left Chelyabinsk to go to California. The new inspiration I received in California continued over my years back in Russia. My family and I spent two years in the US, found many good friends, and returned to Chelyabinsk in 2010. After coming back, I received my Master's Degree in Fine Arts. The painting I worked on for my final project was a portrait of my 11-year-old daughter, Sofia. It was summer, and every morning I would wake her up early so my painting reflected morning light. Sofia modeled for me every day during that summer, and here is the final painting
  48. 48. Teaongreen TeainpinkandlemonCupandblackgrapes
  49. 49. Text and pictures: Internet All  copyrights  belong to their  respective owners Presentation: Sanda Foişoreanu Sound: Getting To Know You - Julie Andrews; Bing Crosby; 101 Strings Orchestra 2019