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China Macau4 Morpheus hotel


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Morpheus, a new flagship hotel for Macau’s city of dreams resort, has opened its doors to guests in 2018. Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA), the project’s distinctive appearance is informed by the fluid forms found within China’s rich jade carving traditions. Conceived as a vertical extrusion of its rectangular footprint, a series of voids is carved through the building’s center. This creates what the architects describe as an ‘urban window’, a void designed to connect the hotel’s interior communal spaces with the city.

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China Macau4 Morpheus hotel

  1. 1. City of dreams,City of dreams, Macau, China
  2. 2. City of dreams,City of dreams, Macau, China
  3. 3. “QueenoftheCurve”ZahaHadid According to ZHA, the building is the "world's first free- form high-rise exoskeleton", with its structural geometric grid negating the need for internal walls or columns that would clutter the hotel's interior Morpheus Hotel
  4. 4. 15 June 2018 Macau has officially opened the doors to Morpheus, a sculptural, 40-story luxury hotel that also boasts the “world’s first” high-rise exoskeleton—a curvaceous lattice-like covering that gives the building its iconic appearance. Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, the sleek and sinuous structure serves as the new flagship hotel for the City of Dreams resort. The $1.1-billion architectural icon is one of the last projects that architect Zaha Hadid worked on before her untimely death
  5. 5. Named Morpheus after the ancient Greek god of dreams
  6. 6. Located in Cotai, Macau, the striking building forms part of City of dreamsCity of dreams, a resort that includes a casino, two theaters, a shopping district, 20 restaurants, and four hotels
  7. 7. The new building in Macau innovates in three dimensions on a form often found across the delta in Hong Kong: rectilinear boxes with central linear voids, a classic feng shui strategy to allow dragons to pass from the mountains down to the sea. But there is more than fantastical tradition to this approach: interior windows mean more natural light access and views for visitors, too. “Dismissed by Western skeptics as weirdly new-age, the art of feng shui is serious business in China,” writes Megan Belt. “Feng shui, translated as ‘wind and water’ stems from the ancient art of geomancy, or connecting to the energy of the earth.” Among other things, feng shui is concerned with the relationship of buildings to the natural environment, including mountains, seas and skies. Proper positioning and flow paths are considered critical components of good urban feng shui Such “dragon gates” are designed to let these mythical flying beasts pass from their hilltop homes down to the water each day and then return again each night. Considering the flow of dragons, air and energy is just one part of a much larger phenomenon: feng shui.
  8. 8. Reception desk
  9. 9. The faceted reception desk and wall of white Chinese marble 
  10. 10. On opposite sides of the lobby are a series of backlit pyramids making up an internal 40m-high facade, framed by the same aluminium cladding of the exterior skeleton
  11. 11. Glass elevators provide guests with views of the hotel as they travel vertically
  12. 12. 12 glass elevators provide guests with sightlines of the hotel as they travel vertically
  13. 13. The lobby boasts a 35m-high atrium flooded with natural light from the glazing above
  14. 14. Le restaurant Yi propose une cuisine chinoise,
  15. 15. On level 40, an outdoor swimming pool offers panoramic views of the city 
  16. 16. Rooftop pool
  17. 17. Rooftop pool
  18. 18. "Morpheus combines its optimal arrangement with structural integrity and sculptural form," said Viviana Muscettola, ZHA's project director
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