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Lonely Planet review for Parliament House
Opened in 1988, Parliament House was designed by Romaldo Giurgola of Mitchell, Giurgola & Thorp architects, winners of a design competition that attracted 329 entries from 28 countries. Its splendid interior incorporates different combinations of Australian timbers in each main section and more than 3000 original artworks.

The structure was built into the hillside and covered by grass to preserve the site's original landscape. Great swathes of neatly clipped lawn gently rise over the roof where a shiny metallic flagpole soars 81m to hoist a flag the size of a double-decker bus; a monumental, if unintentional, tribute to the Aussie backyard, the galvanised Hill's hoist and a beach towel.The main axis of Parliament House runs northeast-southwest in a direct line with Old Parliament House, the Australian War Memorial and Mt Ainslie, Burley Griffin's original 'land axis'. Two high, granite-faced walls curve out from the axis to the corners of the building; the House of Representatives (east of the walls) and the Senate (to the west) are linked to the centre by covered walkways. Enter the building across the 90,000-piece forecourt mosaic by Michael Nelson Tjakamarra - the theme of which is 'a meeting place', representing possum and wallaby Dreaming - and through the white marble Great Verandah at the northeastern end of the main axis.
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Australia Canberra1

  1. 1. CANBERRA The Australian Capital Territory 1
  2. 2. The Australian Capital Territory is the capital territory of the Commonwealth of Australia and is the smallest self-governing internal territory. It is enclaved within New South Wales and is regularly referred to as Australia's 'Bush Capital'.
  3. 3. The constellation of the Southern Cross is a significant navigational feature of the southern hemisphere, strongly places Australia geographically and has been associated with the continent since its earliest days. The supporters of the coat of arms of Canberra are the Australian black swan, representing the Australian Aborigines, and the European white swan, representing the white settlers. The floral emblem of the ACT is the Royal Bluebell and the faunal emblem is the Gang-gang Cockatoo. Gang-gang Cockatoo (Wikipedia)
  4. 4. Canberra is the capital city of Australia. With a population of over 345,000, it is Australia's largest inland city.
  5. 5. The site of Canberra was selected for the location of the nation's capital in 1908 as a compromise between rivals Sydney and Melbourne, Australia's two largest cities. It is unusual among Australian cities, being an entirely planned city.
  6. 6. The Parliament Old Parliament Anzac Parade War Memorial
  7. 7. Canberra is equally distanced from Sydney and Melbourne and was officially selected to be the capital in 1908. Its name comes from Aboriginal and means “meeting place”.
  8. 8. The centerpiece of Canberra is an artificial lake called Burley Griffin, after the architect who designed the capital.
  9. 9. The Old Parliament House, known formerly as the Provisional Parliament House, was the house of the Parliament of Australia from 1927 to 1988. The building began operation on 9 May 1927 as a temporary base for the Commonwealth Parliament after its relocation from Melbourne to the new capital, Canberra, until a more permanent building could be constructed
  10. 11. Old Parliament War Memorial Anzac Parade
  11. 12. This famous building used to be home to Australia's Federal Parliament from 1927 to 1988 and is the place where Australia grew up. The Old Parliament House is full of stories from Australia's political past. It is now the home of the Australia's National Portrait Gallery
  12. 13. situated in the heart of the capital, the building of the new parliament is widely-known for its breathtaking architecture, beautiful gardens and collection of Australian modern art. The symbol of Canberra is the 81 meter flag above the building
  13. 14. The building was designed by Mitchell/Giurgola Architects and opened on 9 May 1988 by Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia. At the time of the construction, it was the most expensive building in the Southern Hemisphere
  14. 15. The Australian Parliament House forecourt features a magnificent piece of Indigenous artwork created from mosaic tiles. The Forecourt Mosaic is based on a Central Desert dot-style painting by Michael Nelson Tjakamarra, a leading Aboriginal artist from the Papunya community of the Northern Territory.
  15. 16. The mosaic is made up of approximately 90,000 hand-guillotined granite pieces in seven different colors and represents a Possum and Wallaby Dreaming.
  16. 20. In the main Foyer, the grey-green marble columns symbolize a forest and the marquetry panels are inlaid with designs of Australian flora. The 20 panels were designed by Adelaide artist Tony Bishop and fabricated with Sydney craftsman Michael Retter. Some panels feature traditional Aboriginal food sources and others feature botanical specimens documented by Sir Joseph Banks when he landed on the East Coast of Australia with Captain Cook in 1770.
  17. 21. The Great Hall Tapestry is based on a painting by Australian artist Arthur Boyd. It features a eucalyptus forest in the Shoalhaven area of New South Wales.
  18. 22. Measuring 20 x 9 metres, it is one of the largest tapestries in the world. A team of 13 weavers from the Victorian Tapestry Workshop took just two and a half years to complete the work.
  19. 23. The Parliament House Art Collection is a significant national collection that currently comprises over 5,000 works of art and heritage objects. The Collection includes notable works by most major Australian artists
  20. 27. The 81-metre high stainless steel flagpole can be viewed from the roof of the building. The flag, measuring 12.8 x 6.4 metres, is approximately the size of the side of a double-decker bus. .
  21. 28. The roof of Parliament House provides spectacular views of Canberra
  22. 29. Visitors are welcome to walk on the grass ramps covering the building
  23. 30. The lift to the roof is marked on the floor plan in the Visitor Guide which can be obtained from the Information Desk on your arrival at Parliament House.
  24. 31. The Australian Magpie (Cracticus tibicen) The magpie is a commonly used emblem of sporting teams in Australia
  25. 32. Canberra Text: Internet Pictures : ♦ Sanda Foişoreanu ♦ Doina Grigora ş ♦ Lucia Buzdugan Arangement : Sanda Foişoreanu Steve Deal - The Great Southern Cross Ken Davis - Love For The Heart