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Bali 9 Pura Batu Bolong


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Pura Batu Bolong is a small shrine located just a stone's throw from the famous Tanah Lot temple. It is perched at the end of a rocky promontory that leaps seaward into the surging Indian Ocean. The rock underneath the temple has a natural hole that gives it its name - batu bolong (literally, 'rock with hole').

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Bali 9 Pura Batu Bolong

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  3. 3. Tanah Lot is a rock formationthat houses the Pura TanahLot. This is a popular touristdestination as well as a culturalicon.Tanah Lot este o formaţiunestâncoasă, care găzduieşteTemplul Tanah Lot. Înafarafaptului că este o destinaţieturistică foarte populară, TanahLot este şi un simbol cultural.
  4. 4. Pura Batu Bolong is a smallshrine located just a stonesthrow from the famous TanahLot temple. It is perched at theend of a rocky promontory thatleaps seaward into the surgingIndian Ocean. Visitors to PuraBatu Bolong tends to lump itwith Tanah Lot, hence itsname is not as familiar.Pura Batu Bolong este un mictemplu situat la doar oaruncătură de băţ de faimosultemplu Tanah Lot. Cocoţat peculmea unui promontoriustâncos, care înaintează sprelargul Oceanului Indian, esteadesea confundat cu TanahLot care este mult maicunoscut.
  5. 5. The temple is orientatedtowards Gunung Agung, Balisholiest mountain, and is afavored spot to watch thesunset. The rock underneaththe temple has a natural holethat gives it its name - batubolong (literally, rock withhole).Templul este orientat spreGunung Agung, muntele sfântdin Bali, şi este un loc preferatpentru a privi şi admira apusulsoarelui. Stânca pe care a fostconstruit templul are un orificiunatural, care dă şi numeletemplului - Batu Bolong(literal, „piatra cu gaură").
  6. 6. One of the legends connectedto the temple relates to thestory of Dang HynagDwijenda, a priest from EastJava, who had a majorinfluence in the developmentof Hinduism in Lombok andBali. According to the stories,the priest is said to havestopped at the temple in hisspiritual journey, inspiringthose in the region to followhis footsteps.Another legacy states that awoman flung herself into thedepths of the sea, due to abroken heart.A more popular legacydeclares that during the earlyyears, there were countlessceremonies held to sacrificevirgins as gifts of food to thesharks that live on the beach.Numeroase legende şisuperstiţii se leagă de acesttemplu, fiind considerat untemplu fermecat.
  7. 7. Pura Batu Bolong is aBalinese style Hindu temple.The rock under the temple hasthe natural made hole whichgives the name "Batu Bolong"in Baliense meaning "rock witha hole". This temple is verybeautiful with its setting. Thehole in the rock makes thistemple very unique. Pura BatuBolong is absoultely a hiddengem in Bali.Templul este construit în stiltipic hindus balinez, iaraşezarea lui face din el unadin nestematele insulei Bali.
  8. 8. Bungan Pucuk, that is the Balinese name for Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (named by Carolus Linnaeus), the national flower of Malaysia
  9. 9. Frangipani (Plumeria sp)
  10. 10. Frangipani (Plumeria sp)These trees are growneverywhere in Bali becausethe blossoms are very fragrantand popularly used in offeringsand for hair decorations.Balinese call it Jepun.The Frangipani is among theeasiest of tropical trees topropagate from seeds, cutting,and air layering. It iscommonly found in thetemples and also in Moslemcemeteries in Malaysia andIndonesia.
  11. 11. Bali is a province in thecountry of Indonesia.Sukarno, the Presidentof Indonesia (1945-1968), was Balinese byhis mother
  12. 12. The island of Bali, like mostof the islands of theIndonesian archipelago, isthe result of the tectonicsubduction of the Indo-Australian plate under theEurasian plate.Bali being part of the Sundashelf, the island had beenconnected to the island ofJava many times throughhistory. Even today, the twoislands are only separatedby a 2.4 km Bali Strait.
  13. 13. Bamboo
  14. 14. When you hear Balinese gamelan and give an attention tothe melody you will find the sound of suling (bambooflute), the only wind instrument in the ensemble.Suling are made mainly of bamboo, a long tube bamboowhich has very thin surface. The head of suling, near asmall hole, is circled with a thin band made of rattan orrotan to produce air vibration. The suling note is scaled in pelog or selendro system, sulings with five finger- holes for pelog system and four for slendro system.
  15. 15. Text : Internet Pictures: Nicoleta Leu & Internet Copyright: All the images belong to their authors Arangement: Sanda Foişoreanu Gamelan Bamboo & Flute - Sekar Ginotan