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The village of Sanur is typified by shady lanes, vine-draped coral walls, sedate leafy compounds, majestic trees and a five-kilometer shoreline within a gentle reef-sheltered lagoon. The main attraction of Sanur beach are the beaches with their very white sand, the beauty of constantly calm water and the colorful traditional fishing boats that line the coastal shores of Jimbaran and Sanur in Bali, known as "jukung"..

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  • Coming AroundThough the Indonesian Green Revolution ripped and tore the complex fabric of Bali’s agricultural system, the island retained enough cohesion and rhythm to survive the onslaught. For good intentions, the Green Revolution was pushed throughout Indonesia to feed its expanding, crowded population. The use of chemical inputs was pushed on Bali as a patriotic duty, and farmers were advanced inputs. As the farmers used the inputs, the land became dependent on them, which in turn made them dependent on using the chemicals. This caused great harm to the ecological balance throughout the island, and offshore coral reefs were poisoned and suffocated. As the agricultural planners observed the sophistication of the ancient system and that fertility could be naturally maintained by the geology of the island, they withdrew aggressive promotion, and many now hold the traditional system in high esteem. While some farmers continue to be dependent on expensive inputs, the use seems to be gradually reducing.
  • Bali 19 Sanur & Sun

    1. 1.
    2. 2. 19
    3. 3. The sleepy fishing village ofSanur was developed asBali’s first resort toaccommodate the needs tointernational travelers. Butlong before the arrival oftourists, this enchantingbeach front destination washome to renowned Belgianartist, Adrien Jean LeMayeur de Merpres.Sanur a fost prima staţiunedin Bali, dar în ultima vreme,datorită dezvoltării altorzone precum Kuta sau NusaDua, această staţiune a camfost lăsată în urmă iar acumeste frecventată în generalde familii cu copii, cupluriliniştite sau persoane mai învârstă. Nu degeaba i se maispune şi "Snore" (a sforăi),chiar este o staţiune liniştită Sanur
    4. 4. Sanur beach people waiting for the departure of the boat to Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida islandSanur beach at sunrise with Gunung Agung mountain
    5. 5. The Diamond Bali weddingchapel opened in August2008 is known as The mostbeautiful Chapel in theWorld.
    6. 6. Seating Capacity:Up to 52 paxindoor,and 800 up to1000 pax outdoor
    7. 7. The Diamond Bali is 15meter tall of blue glassdiamond shaped in abeautiful garden andsurrounded by flowing water,the clear ocean view andwhite sandy beachpanorama could be seenthrough the diamond glass.
    8. 8. Sanur beach boats
    9. 9. Bali Beach Hotel, 1966Initiated by Sukarno, the firsthotel of international qualitywas opened in Sanur,financed with the help ofJapanese war reparations. Ina strange coincidence the oldBali Hotel in Denpasar hadbeen built on the site of theDutch puputan in 1906 andthe Bali Beach Hotel wasbuilt precisely on the spotwhere the Dutch landed priorto that puputan.It turned out that mosttourists found it toointernational and preferred tospend their time in morelocal style, that is to say, inthatched cottages. Manyhotels now build thatchedvillas. It was also too tall anda law was passed that futurebuildings should not exceedthe height of a coconut tree.That law is no longerfollowed.
    10. 10. Bamboo
    11. 11. Egg art from Bali is an old tradition on the island.So those eggs are the shells from either duck,goose, ostrich (kasuari) and even crocodile eggs.Some are selected for perfect round shaped,unbroken ones. Very interesting how the Balineseart-painters create their subjects and produce a veryartful, artistic product.
    12. 12. Text : Internet Pictures: Nicoleta Leu & Internet Copyright: All the images belong to their authorsSound: Jean Claude Borelly - Le Concerto De La Mer Arangement: Sanda Foişoreanu Isaac Hayes - Shaft