Bali 23 Colorful island


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Bali abounds in enigmas. It is frequently remarked that, for a culture so abundantly blessed with creativity, it is extraordinary that the Balinese language contains no word for 'Art'. This curious oversight may reflect the universality of artistic endeavor in Balinese society. That which in the West is taken as an expression of personal creative genius, in Bali is subjugated for the common good as part of a community's united efforts to entertain and gratify the gods.

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Bali 23 Colorful island

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  3. 3. Bhinneka Tunggal Ika is the official national motto ofIndonesia. The phrase is Old Javanese translated as "Unityin Diversity,". It is inscribed in the Indonesian nationalsymbol, Garuda Pancasila (written on the scroll gripped bythe Garudas claws), and is mentioned specifically in article36A of the Constitution of Indonesia.It is a quotation from an Old Javanese poem. This poem isnotable as it promotes tolerance between Hindus(Shivaites) and Buddhists.This quotation comes from canto 139, stanza 5. The full stanza reads as follows:It is said that the well-known Buddha and Shiva are two different substances.They are indeed different, yet how is it possible to recognize their difference in a glance,Since the truth of Jina (Buddha) and the truth of Shiva is one.They are indeed different, but they are of the same kind, as there is no duality in Truth.This translation is based, with minor adaptations, on the critical text edition by Dr. Soewito Santoso.
  4. 4. Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park
  5. 5. Kite Festival in Bali is celebrated in the area of Padang Galak nearSanur Beach with great enthusiasm, The festival is usuallybetween may and august when the wind are strong. A religiousevent, the Bali Kite Festival is meant to be a message to the Godsfor abundant harvests. The competition among the various teamsis the best part about the Bali Kite Festival. A sea of colorful andvaried shaped kites is seen dotting the skies, and vying for a placeamong the many other kites. Children and adults all crowd on thevacant paddy fields and participate in the Bali Kite Festival. TheBali Kite Festival is not only for the local Balinese crowds, andeven international kite fliers and tourists come to participate in theBali Kite Festival.
  6. 6. Holy water is the element of purification, blessings andgodliness ever-present at Balinese rituals and ceremonies.There is no ritual considered complete without holy water.Given the importance of tirta at Balinese rituals andceremonies, the religion is also known as the religion of holywater or agama tirta,
  7. 7. Ulun Danu Bratan
  8. 8. Banten are gifts to the gods (and thedemons). They provide good karma to thoseinvolved in their preparation. The BalineseHindu considers Banten as the mean to getconnected with their Gods.
  9. 9. Ngaben, the Cremationceremony is on of themost important ceremonyin Bali.
  10. 10. Antique Wall Hanging
  11. 11. Gamelan is played throughout Bali at Hindu ceremonies and as accompaniment to Balinese dance dramas. Upscale hotels and restaurants in Bali’s major tourist areas also present regular dance/ drama/ gamelan performances during dinner. In addition many shops, restaurants and resorts play recorded gamelan as backgroundelaborately carved music throughout the day.and gilded design Thus gamelan music is anon an Ubud integral part of daily lifegamelan ‘marimba’ around the island for both Balinese and travelers.
  12. 12. musician who happenedto be providing dinnermusic at a roadside cafe
  13. 13. Batubulan barong dance the traditionalBalinese performanceIt is frequently remarked that,for a culture so abundantlyblessed with creativity, it isextraordinary that theBalinese language containsno word for Art. Thiscurious oversight may reflectthe universality of artisticendeavor in Balinese society.That which in the West istaken as an expression ofpersonal creative genius, inBali is subjugated for thecommon good as part of acommunitys united efforts toentertain and gratify the gods.
  14. 14. Bali batik
  15. 15. Balinese doorBalinese temple
  16. 16. Frangipani (Bunga jepun) is a holy flowerused in Hindu’s rituals and offerings (white isbelieved as a holy color in Bali, yellow isbelieved as wisdom color and the aroma ofthis flower purifying the one who smell it)
  17. 17. Events andFestival areimportant inBali, and alsopermanentfixtures in thelives of theBalinese.These Eventsand Festivalare determinedby Balinesetraditionalcalendar.
  18. 18. Orchids (called Anggrekin Bali) are a favouritedecorative flower, andthey are cultivatedeverywhere.
  19. 19. Text & pictures: Internet Copyright: All the images belong to their authors Arangement: Sanda Foişoreanu Gamelan Joged Kebyak - Malam Minggu