Film poster analysis


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Film poster analysis

  1. 1. The use of colour is carefully selected to further appeal to the audience, the ‘George Lucas in Love’ poster uses the sepia effect and the toned-down colour palette to show the type of film and the genre. This gives the poster an old-fashioned feeling.<br />George Lucas in Love<br />Film posters for short films are often not as technical or professional looking as mainstream popular blockbuster films as they are targeted at a niche market, this is reflected in the look of the poster.<br />The style of poster used in any film indicates to the audience the genre of the film. This makes the film appeal to the certain target audience.<br />The poster looks hand drawn which also suggests it’s for a niche market as this may appeal more to the audience it’s targeted at as it seems more personal than a heavily edited blockbuster film poster.<br />
  2. 2. This film poster uses similar colours to those used in ‘George Lucas in Love’. The sepia effect used signifies to the audience the type of film it catergorises into.<br />I’m Here<br />The image used suggests to the audience that the topic of the film is a love story, by making this clear on the film poster it would make the film appeal to its target audience more clearly.<br />The sponsor of this short film is ‘Absolut’ vodka, this would suggest that the short film and the director are very successful as the sponsor is a high-profile and popular brand which would appeal to its audience.<br />
  3. 3. Across the Hall<br />This film poster is more edited which makes it look more professional and mainstream like a blockbuster film poster. It also has features such as the names of the actors which further makes it seem professional. The image is edited with blended faces which makes it seem more like a blockbuster poster.<br />The style of image used suggests the film will be a thriller which gives the audience an idea of what the genre of the film is which would ensure that the film appeals to its target audience which would be important to the viewing figures or sales of the film.<br />As the look of this film poster is more professional it would appeal more to a more mainstream audience as the poster doesn’t look like it has a hidden meaning exclusive to ‘film buffs’.<br />