New analysis of student


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New analysis of student

  1. 1. New Analysis of Student’s Problem “The student likes to disrupt and interrupt class a lot. While he has been with me, he hasbehaved a little.” These were the first words I used in my narrative of my hypothetical casestudy. One thing that caught my attention is that Anibal Miranda Ortiz does like, like any otherstudent, to disrupt and interrupt the class but to an extent. He puts limits to his menace. Thismeans that, when he has to pay attention, he pays attention. He is like any other regular student.Youngsters, at this age, like getting attention from others. The new analysis of student’s problem could be said that there are some external factorsthat contribute to Anibal’s learning and distraction. So, to name the primary issues inside school(let’s call them observable)that affects Anibal, I would say that they are: a. loss of interest, b.irresponsibility, and c. lack of study skills. Now, all this effects come from something else (let’scall them the none observable): his social life, his relationship with his family (blood related). Itdidn’t take me much to get the information out of this kid. It seemed that my age came quitehelpful in this case. English is hard to understand for some Puerto Ricans. So, it is normal have has problemswiththe language. Still, these none observable factors, factors that at simple sight cannot be seen,contribute to this poor learning. Anibal cannot focus so much on the class because of the issuesthat affect him outside school. This is what causes the distractions.He does not present attitudesthat could point out that he has family issues. The issue regarding this is the following: hismother and father do not spend the quality time they need to with Anibal (and the rest of theirfamily). One discovers this by the way he acts: spending time with the most troublesome boy in
  2. 2. school (Harold Fernandez), the kid who calls for attention at every corner; trying to fit in ateverything; having a big social life outside his school and not at his house, among others. At first, I thought Anibal lost interest in English because he didn’t understand thelanguage and that he did what he did because if he didn’t care he would not do it. Also, I thoughhe worked under pressure becausehe aspired to get to college. Therefore, he needs good grades.As a result, when he seems to be under pressure, he started to work. I didn’t know how to putthis kid to work. Then, after the visit to his house, I discovered the real issue. I knew it was bad,but I didn’t know it was that bad. The loss of interest in Anibal is really great, but it ismanageable to a degree. However, putting his mother and fatherto spend quality time with hisson is something out of the reach of my hands. This was the issue. Anibal looks for love outside his house as a consequence. As activities, (scheduled andnone scheduled, see table) I have sat to talk to Anibal a couple of times to get to know him moreand I have discovered that this kid, not only is he brilliant, but this kid has a social life anyonewould desire. This kid contacts artists to sing or play in parties or at special occasions. To theteachers, Anibal was always the problem. Yet, after knowing this, I believe the class (12-8) wasdisrupted because these kids knew how was Anibal’s life outside of school and thought of him assomeone real cool and wanted to act cool around him. My observations were accurate after all,even though some results were not expected. Anibal was not the problem. The students (Charlie,Harold, Edwin, among others mentioned before) acted the way they acted because Anibal “wascool”. I am amazed to know how teachers think of Anibal without doing any properobservations. I confess that I see that Anibal is what he is but only to a certain level. This kid hasbreaks; it is just that his parents are not putting them.
  3. 3. Yet, by making certain approaches to this kid, I have procured that he does his job . I wasacting like a concerned figure. This has worked. Then, he went to me to tell me to check hiswork and see if it was good. He was worried about his stuff. This was working. To talk about his mother, she loves her family, but she works all day long and, when sheis in her house, she is on the cellphone attending job issues. These were the words she said. Sheconfessed this to me. Also, she said that her ex-husband, Anibal’s father (also called AnibalMiranda), lived in another place and not in Caguas. Anibal’s father is the kind of man that likesthings his way and it’s always got to be like that. So, having a mother that lives on her job worldand a man that is hard as a rock can have effects on a child, and these effects have beendiscovered and studied by me. Now, Anibal’s social life makes him focus more on the outside than on the inside (by thisI mean school). I now know why he loses interest in school. For him, he has better things to dothan being in school. Anibal didn’t enter the classrooms the second week of March. He stayedoutside the classrooms hanging out with Harold Fernandez, the youngster who is the devil for thetwelfth grade teachers (some of them, it seems). During my visit to Anibal’s house, I discoveredthat his mother, also, dislikes Harold very much. She doesn’t want Anibal to be with Harold.Still, she does not do anything about it. On March 13, 2012, I went to Anibal’s house for one more chance to gather data beforehanding in the Case Study Phase II. Anibal confessed to me that he, in a way, didn’t like hismother (I just don’t want to understand what he said because I heard something like “hate”). Hetold me that she has the money to pay him stuff and that she didn’t give him money and that he
  4. 4. had to make money himself to buy the things he wanted. He did this from the money he collectsfrom parties and other things that he does. He told me he didn’t like his mother because she was always outside giving from hertime to the outside world and not her family. Also, he told me that she spent his parental supportmoney on gas for her car. Anibal confessed me all this after I got out from his house to go to myhouse. I stayed talking with Anibal and he confessed to me many things. He used to work inBairoa and he used to walk from Villas de Castro in Caguas to Bairoa. Since little, he has lookfor jobs in order to make his own money. He is mad at his mother for this. While his mother wastrying to “sustain his family,” he had to work to gain his own money. He wants his mother to beat his house with him and be what she has to be. Anibal talked to me about this without even measking. Anibal has become fond of me because of what I represent to him, and I believe thisapproach is working. Still, I believe his mother should be the one that does this. This bond mustbe cultivated and fast.