Creative Space, An Agile Journey


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While many teams have adopted agile approaches to learn faster and boost performance, still few seem having managed to create radically better products than before. However, some have succeeded. We have observed that some teams managed to establish something we now refer to as the „Creative Team Space“. We have seen the Creative Space emerge, when great teams are given the chance to leverage their talent and passion in the right environment. What many see as a privilege of startups, designers or artists in fact is no mystery.
The creative space is built upon an understanding of systems thinking and design thinking. We have incorporated concepts derived from „Theory U“ (O. Scharmer), establishing an individual, but also collaborative growth perspective, breaking free from rather reactive behavior towards the heart of inner potentials for creativity, leading to a synergistic co-creating way of performing.
Participants will take with them an understanding of the elements forming the Creative Space together with a hands-on approach, how to start, grow and foster it in specific environments. They learn what success factors to focus on for enabling a supportive and collaborative environment and how to start applying it stepwise on team and / or project level.
The Creative Team Space has been derived from various experiences in Agile projects as well as developing teams in agile and non-agile environments. It is currently co-developed further with experts from diverse backgrounds.

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  • „Welcome“ SLOT-TIME 00:10
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  • Creative Space, An Agile Journey

    1. 1. Michael Michael@michael_leber @michael_lausser
    2. 2. CreativeCollaboration andtravelling.
    3. 3. Innovation is like aJourney.
    4. 4. It starts with the firststep.
    5. 5. Thefirst stepinvolves leavingthe comfortzone.
    6. 6. What is theCreativeSpace.
    7. 7. So what is it now?
    8. 8. But who cares?Artists die poor.
    9. 9. Most Organisationstoday are great atsolving large scalelinear problems.
    10. 10. Unfortunatelyinnovation is notlinear.
    11. 11. The InnovatorsDilemma
    12. 12. Mind thecomfort zone!
    13. 13. What makes your journeyDesirable?
    14. 14. Defer Decisions to keepOptions.
    15. 15. Keep thefocus asthe big pictureemerges!
    16. 16. What is helping us?What is blocking us?
    17. 17. Shape the boundaries!
    18. 18. Quick tips forcreative travellers…
    19. 19. • Mind the comfort zone!• Keep the focus as the big picture emerges!• Defer decisions to keep options• Shape the boundaries!
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