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Skyline Exhibits quarterly publication, Winter 2

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Skywriter winter 10

  1. 1. A publication of Skyline Exhibits | Winter/Spring 2010 Making a Major Splash! 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Exhibiting at Trade Shows What's Working In Exhibiting 11 New Exhibiting Products from Skyline
  2. 2. In this issue: Success Stories 2 American Airlines: Flying High With Lightweight Replacement 4 SplashTacular: Making a Major Splash! 6 Skyline Exhibits: Exhibitors Swarm to New Products 8 Ortronics: Why Switch? Industry News 11 6 Things You Can Test to Improve Your Trade Show Marketing 12 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Exhibiting at Trade Shows 14 What's Working In Exhibiting Skyline News 16 11 New Exhibiting Products From Skyline Skyline Exhibits Dedicated to Your Exhibiting Success ® Skyline Exhibits • Winter/Spring 2010 • 1
  3. 3. success stories Components of the cutaway fuselage provided atmosphere at a Paramount Studios party following the premiere of “Up in the Air,” a motion picture with a prominent role for American Airlines. “People were impressed with the realism,” says an airline representative. Flying High With Lightweight Replacement American Airlines grounded a American Airlines. “It gives us other marketing needs.” custom cutaway fuselage, com- something new. The height makes plete with a stainless-steel us stand out more. And Skyline did Because the Skyline fuselage exterior and wall panels from an a great job of incorporating it with offers the flexibility to exhibit in aircraft’s interior, and replaced our existing Skyline components.” 10-foot increments and to sepa- it with a lightweight replica for rate the interior and exterior, the bigger audience appeal and “Over the next four, five airline quickly found additional smaller nonproductive expenses years, we’ll gain uses, such as internal meetings for shipping, drayage, installa- substantial savings.” and presentations by various tion, dismantling and storage. James Zackey divisions. The new Skyline exhibit, which Featuring a lightweight framework “We wouldn’t have considered stretches up to 30 feet in length, and fabric graphics, the Skyline doing that with the old structure,” stands nearly 4 feet taller than the system sheds weight and labor. Zackey says. “The Skyline exhibit previous fuselage, and doesn’t force “It’s much more economical to is easy to ship, easy to install, and visitors to stoop upon entering. ship and doesn’t involve all the provides instant branding for man-hours to assemble,” Zackey American Airlines. It’s a nice back- “I think it’s great,” says James says. “Over the next four to five drop for any kind of event.” Zackey, Advertising/Brand years we’ll gain substantial sav- For more information visit: Management Specialist with ings. That frees up dollars for 2 • Winter/Spring 2010 • Skyline Exhibits
  4. 4. A cutaway fuselage anchored American Airlines’ 20’-by-50’ space at a business travel show. Skyline designed exhibits for nine of the 11 airline partners in the oneworld®Alliance and integrated them all into a booth measuring 50’ by 80’.
  5. 5. success stories Making a Major Splash! For making attendees feel like they were taking a plunge in a giant tube waterslide, the SplashTacular® Entertainment exhibit won the Best of Show award at the 2009 World Waterpark Association (WWA) Symposium & Trade Show. SplashTacular, the largest U.S.- based waterslide manufacturer, received the award for displaying the greatest originality, creativity and impact with its trade show exhibit. Best of Show award winner! 2009 World Waterpark Association Symposium & Trade Show Best Exhibit! 600-1,000 sq. ft. IAAPA Attractions Expo 2009 “The SplashTacular Entertainment booth was outstanding–truly one- of-a-kind and every bit deserving of this annual honor,” says Patty Miller, WWA director of supplier relations. The SplashTacular exhibit also received the Best Exhibitor Award in its category at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Expo in Las Vegas. Not bad for a company that pre- viously caused few ripples with an inconspicuous rental booth. “With our old exhibit, people would ask what we do,” recalls B.J. Johnson, SplashTacular’s trade show and marketing coordinator. Skyline Exhibits designed the Continued on page 10 8 • Winter/Spring 2010 • Skyline Exhibits
  6. 6. ”It's an experience booth. The design grabs attention and gets people to come inside…” B.J. Johnson SplashTacular Enterprises exhibits with a virtual waterslide. Each section stands nearly 14 feet tall and features stretch-knit fabric graphics on a lightweight, aluminum frame.
  7. 7. success stories Exhibitors Swarm to New Products At the EXHIBITOR2009 Show, Attendees elected Mirage® Backlit turned heads with a triple-wave Skyline Exhibits drew crowds Display System their top choice, superstructure towering 16 feet with a new-product showcase in followed by DesignView ™ in height. The aluminum frame 40 feet of inline exhibits and Presentation System and Myriad® and fabric graphics weighed just scored quality time with clients Banner Stand Backwall. Overall, 750 pounds and packed flat for in an exotic 20’-by-30’ island three displays were given away – savings on shipping and drayage getaway. one on each day of the show. costs. A Skyline record eight new Skyline’s DesignView™ Skyline used three intimate confer- products – all designed to provide wins Buyer’s Choice ence rooms for needs-focused innovative solutions for do-it- Award for outstanding conversations with exhibitors who yourself, portable exhibiting – new product! use islands. In video invitations, made Skyline a popular destina- Skyline Executive Chairman Mike EXHIBITOR2009 tion. Skyline’s own new-product Vekich had addressed prospects contest motivated 300 attendees Meanwhile, the island called with by name, encouraging them to to examine each product’s advan- massive, serpentine structures schedule appointments in advance. tages and watch demonstrations that hovered 6 inches off the before casting a ballot, which ground. Suspended from the ceil- See DesignView™ and more new doubled as a chance to win one ing, Tapestry™ fabric structures – a products from Skyline on page 16. of the new 10-foot displays. ninth new product from Skyline – 6 • Winter/Spring 2010 • Skyline Exhibits
  8. 8. © 2009, Padgett and Company
  9. 9. success stories Why Switch? Why did Ortronics/Legrand More bang for the buck. “The the exhibit – and costs – with other replace a traditional custom new exhibit gave us a huge pres- Legrand subsidiaries. exhibit with a 20’-by-30’ custom ence and great results,” Fradette modular exhibit? Laura Fradette, says. Compared to the traditional “We can use the same booth in a the company’s marketing com- custom exhibit, it has triple the number of ways versus having munications manager, gives four square footage and an additional 6 multiple booths,” Fradette says. reasons: feet in height. But because it weighs about the same and packs Rapid response. Skyline went from Distinctive design. Fradette into fewer crates, Fradette says, winning the business to setting up wanted to escape the sameness the lightweight modular exhibit is in Las Vegas in under three months. of the competition’s exhibits, and “reducing costs for shipping, Skyline produced “an innovative drayage and storage.” “The support from the Skyline design that stood out from other team was outstanding,” Fradette trade show exhibits I have seen.” Versatility. The modular compo- says. “Extremely quick turnaround Skyline's design team worked nents can be reconfigured to fit was required for every element of with Anthony Giordano, Ortronics/ spaces down to 10’ by 10’. The the booth production, and Skyline Legrand's senior graphic designer, ability to replace graphics allows did not miss a beat.” to produce graphics that would the company to update messaging For more information visit: further enhance the design. and stretch the budget by sharing Skyline Exhibits • Winter/Spring 2010 • 9
  10. 10. success stories Continued from page 4 come inside, giving us an oppor- tunity to walk them through the new 20’-by-30’ exhibit to leave company and our new products.” obscurity in its wake. “Our goal was to have a booth that truly Meanwhile, the lightweight, reflects what we do,” Johnson easy-to-assemble exhibit has says. “This is an extremely fun slashed operating costs for industry, and this exhibit screams SplashTacular. The new booth that we do waterslides.” can be assembled in a half-day, compared to 2 1/2 days for the Three cylindrical structures mimic old booth. the shape of a tube slide. To simulate water flowing through Because the lightweight exhibit the tube, LED projectors beam a packs into two compact contain- watery pattern overhead on the ers, the company could afford to With their new exhibit from Skyline, blue liner. Monitors show video expedite shipping for a tight show SplashTacular Entertainment won Best of of the company’s rides in action. schedule. Johnson says that was Show and Best Exhibit awards in back- to-back shows – drawing the attention of never an option with the heavy, attendees and several trade publications. “It’s an experience booth,” bulky rental booth: “Freight costs Johnson says. “The design grabs alone were a huge expense for For more information visit: attention and gets people to us in our old booth.” “When people walking by immediately understood we are a waterpark manufacturer, I knew we had hit a home run.” – B.J. Johnson of SplashTacular Entertainment 10 • Winter/Spring 2010 • Skyline Exhibits
  11. 11. industry news 6 Things You Can Test to Improve Your Trade Show Marketing Want to improve your trade show 3. Engaging Lines variance in the marketing? Put it to the test. While veteran booth staffers have traffic level in their favorite engaging lines, there the exhibit hall In direct mail, you can test the list, is no guarantee they will always during those the format, and the offer. In print work. If you exhibit at different two time periods ads, you can test the headline, the vertical market shows, or have a to make it a ad size, and the placement. In different promotion in your booth, fair test. Hint for internet advertising, you test the you should encourage your staff- your test: Try pay per click ad, the ad bid, and ers to try various opening lines to exhibit graphics the landing page. But what can engage booth staffers. Huddle ... that have fewer, but bigger, you test in trade show marketing? with the staff after an hour or elements that emphasize client two into the show to see which benefits. You would be surprised at the ones are working best, and then amount of productive experimenta- ask your booth staffers to all use 6. Trade Show Marketing tion you can do to refine and the winners. Strategies improve your trade show market- When you’re ready to tackle the ing. Here are 6 things you can test: 4. Promotions big stuff, go for testing your trade You can test different promotions show marketing strategies. Do 1. Trade Show Selection at different shows, or even differ- you get more from a show when This may seem obvious, but you ent promotions at the same show. you target the entire audience really can choose which shows We’ve gone to a show with two equally, or just try to get appoint- you keep and which you stop different at-show promotions, one ments with a select few top pros- exhibiting at. Last month I met an fun and one more professional, pects and existing customers? exhibitor that has for years tracked and tried both simultaneously. Do you bring lots of products and the sales they get from every After an hour, we stopped using set up a temporary store in your show they exhibit at, and only the fun promotion that had been a booth, or do you just bring your keeps exhibiting at a show if the major hit at a previous show. The best sellers and communicate profits they get from the sales more professional promotion did your main company benefits with generated are greater than the better because it was better tai- big, bold graphics? Do you spread cost to exhibit at that show. He lored for the second show’s spe- your budget among 30 shows focused on shows outside his cific vertical market. You can also equally, or concentrate on your industry that were in the vertical test whether you get more bang best 10 with a bigger exhibit and markets of his best clients. That’s for your buck with pre-show or a more integrated program of pre- a great item you can test. at-show promotions. and at-show promotions with fully trained booth staffers? 2. Booth Staffers 5. Exhibit Design Sounds odd to test people rather Just as you can try a different One of the premises of A/B split than a headline or an offer, until message in an ad, you can also and multi-variate testing is that you realize that your staff is the try a different image or main ben- you can isolate specific elements headline, offer, and more, rolled efit statement on your trade show to precisely track their effect in up into one. So track how many exhibit graphics. If you exhibit at the response rate. However, with qualified leads each of your lots of shows, it’s a justifiable trade shows, it’s difficult to iso- booth staffers bring per hour expense to get two mural graphic late test elements well enough to they staff your booth. You’ll be to see which gets the most leads. get a highly accurate test. But surprised at what a range of You just have to count the leads that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t results you get. Then strive to during the times you have the dif- try testing at all. While you may keep the top performers for future ferent graphics up. You're best not be able to track results to the shows. (I am assuming that off switching the graphics for 3rd decimal point, you should be you’ve already given each booth complete show days, or even able to recognize clear-cut win- staffer equal training.) entire shows. But be aware of a ners when they emerge. Skyline Exhibits • Winter/Spring 2010 • 11
  12. 12. industry news 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Exhibiting at Trade Shows This article is written by Mike exhibit hours. There are so many 4. Trade show labor is way more Thimmesch, Director of Industry details to master, and so many expensive than you think, and Relations for Skyline Exhibits. Mike vendors you are depending on. sometimes it’s even worth it. has been involved in many of You can sweat more during exhibit It’s a eye-opener to find out how Skyline's exhibiting efforts and has set-up than a month of work outs. much you will pay someone else over 20 years of experience in And while travel can be exciting, it to set up your booth, hook up your exhibit marketing. gets old fast when you are repeat- lights, or rig that hanging sign, edly away from home and your especially if it’s on a weekend, or Recently I posted the “10 Things I family. God forbid, on a Sunday. The Wish I Knew Before I Started In union rules in most venues require Marketing“ and was amazed at the that you pay labor a wage that response. So, in that same vein, adds up in a hurry, even if they here are 10 indispensible lessons don’t. You can minimize labor I’ve learned about trade shows costs by getting easier to set up that I wish I’d had known before I trade show displays, trying to started exhibiting. schedule your set up for straight- time labor, and by lining up depend- 1. You won’t succeed at trade able contractors. I’ve found some shows if you just show up. Exhibitor Appointed Contractors A trade show first-timer may think are worth it, as they work hard to that because they’ve paid a couple earn you business, show after of grand to rent a 10' x 10' space show. for a few days, they automatically will reap the whirlwind of leads 5. You will blow your trade show and sales from the show’s attend- budget if you don’t plan well. ees. If only. Surprise: you’ve actu- You can never plan too far ahead, ally only paid for access to this especially for overseas shows. great audience of buyers. Now Your budget was likely set with you have to do your part, such as 3. Inertia determined much of the best-case scenario for your train your staffers, create a promo- your company’s show schedule. trade show expenses, without tion that attracts qualified pros- In the many years before you were room to pay for late fees and rush pects, and design your trade show handed the reins to your compa- charges. That’s powerful incen- display to entice the right visitors ny’s trade show marketing, your tive to quickly master the show to your booth. company cobbled together quite a book. Fortunately, after several list of shows. But are they all still shows you learn what you really 2. Trade shows are not as glam- worth it? Were some trade shows need to order (electrical, leads orous as they looked from the chosen because your target mar- machine, carpet) and what form outside. ket was there, or because your pages you will likely skip (plumb- To the uninitiated, this is what competitors were? Has your client ing, signage, security). A pad of trade show marketing looks like base evolved away from the demo- Post-It Notes or a good electronic from the ouside: Flying around the graphics of some of the shows scheduling software helps you flag country to sunny or metropolitan you exhibit at? Have some shows your most pressing deadlines. locations, staying in top-tier hotels eroded their attendee base by not and meals on the company dime, reinvesting in strong marketing 6. Everybody wants to help you and access to top-level company and educational content? Are pick the trade show exhibit color. execs. But seen from the inside, there new vertical markets that No one wants to help you track trade shows are not so glamorous. you have yet to find good shows the leads. Trade shows themselves are very to market to? It’s up to you to When it comes to exhibit design, hard work with a lot of stressful break the inertia — and create everyone has an opinion. And in moments before, during, and after some new momentum. the time leading up to the show, 12 • Winter/Spring 2010 • Skyline Exhibits
  13. 13. industry news they will all clamor to offer their ideas, making it harder to get the booth built on time without rush charges. Yet after the show, you will have a harder time getting similar participation in tracking the leads from the show – ostensibly the reason you designed your exhibit in the first place. Remind your colleagues that if you can’t prove the results from this year’s show, you won’t be exhibiting at the show next year. 7. The 10 minutes after the show closes is when most damage hap- pens to your trade show exhibit. The show ends with a voice boom- ing over the loudspeakers saying, “The show is closed, see you next Successful trade shows require careful planning, at-show execution and diligent follow up. year.” But to impatient booth staff- ers, it’s as if they had actually shouted, “Drivers, start your ably because more exhibitors their problems that your products engines!” Booth staffers hurry to switched to lighter weight trade can solve. Practice the process of win the race to the taxi stand, show booths like Skyline’s. To off- engage, qualify, present, and close, hotel, bar, restaurant, or parking set the lower weight of exhibit and you’ll be more comfortable lot. And if you have a portable properties, drayage charges per taking your first lead. trade show display that your booth pound have increased. If your staffers pack up, this is when they exhibit is still made the old-fash- 10. Trade shows can be addictive. break it, by shoving it in its case as ioned way, it’s a double-whammy. With the hard work, long hours, fast as they can. Close that expen- and time away from home, some sive window of time by getting a 9. It’s hard for booth staffers to people can’t wait to return from more durable display, getting better take their very first lead at a their trade show. But for others, packaging, or just by having a trade show. trade shows are a calling. They get frank conversation with your staff- In our lives we go though various, jazzed by the performance aspect, ers before the closing bell. Or, if potentially scary rites of passage: the blitz of direct client contact, you’re the one who wants to win learning to ride a bike, going to and the relationships built before the race, take a deep breath and your first day of school, asking for and during the show. They like the slow down before you make a a date to the prom. While all of ability to create a successful mar- costly mistake. these have been immortalized in keting program in a medium built film, no movie has yet to bring to upon the value of face-to-face 8. Drayage is the most expensive the silver screen the epic tale of a interactions. And that’s when way to move your exhibit the first-time booth staffer engaging trade shows really become addic- shortest distance. and writing up their first trade tive: when you master the medium As a trade show newbie, one of show lead. What would yours and drive serious revenue to your the biggest surprises is that you have been, a horror film? A come- company’s bottom line. have to pay to have your exhibit dy? A tragedy? Whatever kind of moved from the shipping dock to movie it would be, it would also be Skyline Blog your booth space. Even more a drama, because it’s you’re likely Keep current with the latest exhibiting tips and shocking is just how much you’ll filled with nervous energy as you trends at: have to pay — about the same to go out and ask a perfect stranger move something across a conven- face to face if they’d like to do tion center as it does to ship it business with your company. Just Trade Show Tips Receive tips and trends across country. Drayage rates have remember that your booth visitors monthly. Subscribe to our risen by double-digit percentages actually paid to visit the show, and informative e-newsletter: in some of the last few years, prob- many are shopping for solutions to Skyline Exhibits • Winter/Spring 2010 • 13
  14. 14. industry news What's Working In Exhibiting To find out what’s really working in exhibiting now, Skyline worked with Tradeshow Week Magazine to survey and analyze the best practices of today’s trade show exhibitors. The response was amazing. You and your peers shared over 1,000 new tips, filled with methods to make the most of a trade show program. 94 of these tips are included in the new 32-page What’s Working in Exhibiting White Paper. The Two Big Questions: How to Increase Results and Stretch Exhibiting Budgets Most of all, exhibitors shared their best advice for 7 key parts of a trade show program. Here’s the gist of what your peers said is making their trade shows more effective in each exhibiting topic: Exhibitors are trending to more simple exhibit design, including a more open and less clut- Exhibitors said they had most tered layout, and exhibit graphics that are bright, clear and straight to the point. success boosting their results with pre-show marketing and decreasing their budgets outnum- Lead Management show selection. Show selection ber those increasing by 4 to 1. Best practice: Put more effort also was a key method to stretch- However, about half are keeping into following up your leads. ing exhibiting budgets, as was their budgets the same. Other When exhibitors focused on lead reducing booth staffing expenses, than reducing their number of follow-up, more of them actually and saving on display shipping. shows, the two most popular increased than decreased their Further successful methods are methods of stretching their bud- budgets. Lead management ele- related in the White Paper. gets are to reduce booth staff ments included persistent, expenses and to save on shipping planned follow up, a good CRM / Show Selection with lighter weight displays. database program, and a person This was the only facet of exhibit- responsible for it. Note: these ing that was frequently mentioned Measuring Results are the same elements needed for as a key driver in both improving 90% of exhibitors said they are measuring results! results and reducing costs. doing some sort of measurement. Survey respondents on average The key: Create a process and Exhibit Design are going to 2.2 less shows in formula to actually measure and Less really is more. Exhibitors 2009, about 15.2% less. As one report sales generated from trade reported their primary ways to exhibitor commented, fewer show leads. Exhibitors who could change exhibit design that improved shows can be a good thing: “We show sales to justify their trade trade show results was to go more did fewer shows, but with a show program actually were twice simple, including a more open and greater presence.” as likely to get their budgets less cluttered layout, and exhibit increased instead of decreased. graphics that are bright, clear and Budgeting As one exhibitor said, “The only straight to the point. Most exhibi- Exhibitors reported they are trim- successful justification is sales tors are also going for more flexi- ming their 2009 budgets by 9.2% revenue. One good sale will pay bility to easily change graphics and on average. Those who are for a full show’s marketing.” booth configurations. 14 • Winter/Spring 2010 • Skyline Exhibits
  15. 15. industry news Booth Staffing By far and away, exhibitors say sales people make their best booth staffers, followed by their top management. Exhibitors are get- ting better results by improving how they select staffers, commu- nicating their goals before the show, and booth staff training. Said one survey respondent, “We pick the ones that have proven track records and set high expec- tations for any newcomers.” Promotions Exhibitors rely most on direct mail and email for their pre-show promotions. When asked which at-show promotions are working best, exhibitors liked free give- aways/drawings, discounts, and demonstrations. One exhibitor Exhibitors say sales people make their best booth staffers, followed by their top management. described their proactive pre-show marketing thus: “We identified Free White Paper! and get a copy of targets and reached out to key Much of marketing is taking risks the What’s Working attendees before the show. We and experimenting. Your peers have in Exhibiting invited key prospects to lunch or been doing just that, and this new White Paper. dinner meetings to have more report lets you tap into their recent Return the enclosed in-depth conversations off the successes and failures. Take advan- reply card or visit: show floor.” tage of the wisdom of crowds, ________ Service Expert to Lead Skyline I&D of Las Vegas Skyline Exhibits Las Vegas can not only from an I&D aspect, but do it all. Literally. With the addi- in customer care as well. He is tion of Skyline I&D of Las Vegas, truly committed to helping clients its new in-house service group, in any situation with any need.” Skyline’s Las Vegas operation can design, produce, install, “I’m very happy to be aligned dismantle, store and maintain exclusively with Skyline,” said exhibits for clients – all under Glomski. “Over the years I’ve been one roof. involved in hundreds of Skyline installations. I know their sys- To lead the team, Skyline tems and many of the people Ray Glomski, Skyline I&D of Las Vegas recruited industry service within their dealer network.” expert, Ray Glomski. “Ray is I&D of Las Vegas is exciting,” well known and respected in Skyline Exhibits Las Vegas is only said Michael Vekich, Executive the exhibit service community,” minutes away from all local ven- Chairman of Skyline Exhibits. stated Craig Tedrow, Skyline’s ues so Ray and his team are able “There’s no question that our Director of Global Services. “He to provide responsive service. operation in Las Vegas will set has years of experience and the standard for service and brings a wealth of knowledge “The addition of Ray and Skyline exhibitor satisfaction.” Skyline Exhibits • Winter/Spring 2010 • 15
  16. 16. skyline news 11 New Products from Skyline At Skyline, we continue to devel- op new products and enhance established products to help trade show marketers exhibit better – with more impact, more convenience and greater ROI. Here are some of the new prod- ucts launched within the past year. All are designed and built with to the highest quality stan- dards for durability, performance and value. Envoy™ Tapestry™ See more at: Exhibit System Fabric Structures Envoy sets the standard for ele- Create large, organic graphics that gance in exhibiting. Curved cor- get attention from all over the Buyers Choice Award Winner! ners provide a soft, clean look show floor! Tapestry is lightweight, DesignView™ voted while its sleek profile allows packs small and integrates with best new product at graphics to stand out. Frame pro- Skyline systems. Standard models EXHIBITOR2009 vides mass, yet is lightweight. and custom shapes are available. Applications: Applications: Custom Modular Custom Modular Myriad® Duet™ Convey™ Merchandising Banner Stand Double-Sided Banner Stand Information Placards Myriad® offers you more than Design and value in perfect har- Convey is a perfect complement other banner stands. In addition mony! Duet gives you twice the to trade show exhibits and can be to giving you lightweight portabil- message of other banner stands used as stand-alone kiosks. ity, convenient set up and big with big graphics printed on both Accessories include digital picture graphics, you also get the ability sides of a single graphic panel for display, literature pocket, acrylic to display products and literature. less weight and quicker set up. page holder and board graphic. Applications: Applications: Applications: Portable Portable Custom Modular, Portable 16 • Winter/Spring 2010 • Skyline Exhibits
  17. 17. skyline news Occasions™ DesignView™ Mirage® Custom Modular Table System Presentation System Backlit Pop-Up Display Gives your brand a powerful Build your presentation right into The world's best pop-up backlit presence for effective face-to-face your display! Big, branded graphic for impact! LED backlighting is marketing. Occasions is customi- with built-in screen area provides- intense, energy efficient and lasts zable with a host of accessories, seamless messaging. Short-throw longer than other lighting. And it's versatile to fit changing needs, is projector is available for rent and compatible with all existing Mirage lightweight and packs very small. simply connects to your computer. frames – just upgrade panels. Applications: Applications: Applications: Custom Modular, Portable Portable Portable Performa™ InterfaceFLOR® LED Lighting High Performance Display Fabric Modular Carpet Tiles Programmable Lights and Motion Exclusive to Skyline! Performa™ Get a high-design look without Brings big production values to is the new high-performance fab- buying custom carpet! Modular exhibits with even modest bud- ric created specifically for Skyline. floor tiles let you create patterns gets. LED offers 16.7 million colors Its unique design gives Skyline and designs that give you a fin- of light output, multiple levels of clients the highest quality fabric ished appearance in exhibits of all control flexibility, and a universal graphics for exhibits of all sizes. sizes. For purchase or rent. control scheme for easy expansion. Applications: Applications: Applications: Custom Modular, Portable Custom Modular, Portable Custom Modular, Portable Skyline Exhibits • Winter/Spring 2010 • 17
  18. 18. Your Local Skyline 123 Parkway Boulevard Cityville, ST 54321 555-765-4321 1-800-765-4321 Special! You can even put a customized message here! © 2009 Skyline Exhibits Printed in U.S.A. Skyline showcased a record 8 new products at EXHIBITOR2009. The DesignView™ Presentation System won a Buyers Choice award for outstanding new product (page 16). Photograph © 2009, Padgett and Company