iPad for education (Apple)


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Why iPad for education?

- A relief for students from heavy book bags.
- Ability to use thousands of educational applications that teach students while ensuring that they are fully engaged, paying attention, and having fun at the same time. This makes students LOVE learning.
- Allow students to correspond with teachers and vice versa
- Allow teachers to easily receive papers and homeworks on-line
- Preserve records of students’ work in digital portfolios
- Reduce printing and text book costs

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iPad for education (Apple)

  1. 1. iPad in Education
  2. 2. Who we areEducational Process Goals Skills improvement eLearning with iPad School Levels Who is engaged Why iPad in classroom iPad as curriculum Accessibilities Class infrastructure Class Management Outline
  3. 3. Executive SummaryModern Systems & Computer Trade LLC is interested in introducing the “iPad for Education” solution to schools, universities and collegesaround Jordan.Our 21 years of experience in the market put us in a position to lead the way in this field and be the best qualified entity to bring advancededucational solutions and implement them in Jordan.We implement and install a wide variety of Macintosh systems in different environments and divisions, from SMB’s to Large scale enterprises,governments, TV Channels, Printing Presses, Educational institutes and media houses.Storage, Backup and data protection Solutions Office Press solutions Educational labs solutions Audio, Video and Animations solutions Digital Signage solutions Logging and monitoring Solutions Creative and Printing solutions Training services Press Solutions
  4. 4. MSCT: Who we areWith a shining history backing them up and experienced professionals on their team, MSCT quickly became one of the premier ITcompanies in Jordan with a unique foothold in the Jordanian Market. The new MSCT Headquarter in Swefieh Amman is home to aprestigious array of global brands and a family of 70+ employees working together to offer these brands to both corporate and retail.MSCT provides on a nationwide level a variety of services related to solutions, distribution, hardware, support and training. Its customer-focused forward-looking approach made it possible MSCT to continue to be one of the nation’s premier companies.Vision:To draw from our successful history the wisdom and tactics to keep us as leaders of the nation’s vast IT field, and to maintain our topranking position as the only Apple Premium resellers in Jordan.Mission:To bring a diversity of solutions to the Jordanian Corporate and Retail customers, through offering innovative products and rewardingsolutions that can make a significant contribution to our customers.Values:LeadershipIntegrityQuality
  5. 5. MSCT: 21 Years of experience1991 Establishment of Modern Systems 1992 MSCT is an Authorized Distributor for Konica Minolta Laser PrintersMSCT was established in the Toner Recharge Solutions and Apple Konica Minolta Laser Printers Authorized Distributoraccessories.1996 MSCT start selling Apple hardware and software solutions 2000 Modern Systems is an Apple Authorized ResellerOur first step in Apple Solutions Apple Authorized Reseller2005 MSCT Moves to its new HQ & expanded its IT business 2006 Grand opening of MSCT iSystem StorePress and Pro Solutions departments were established under MSCT, Portfolio of iSystem, the only Apple Premium Reseller in Jordan is now open. Itbrands now include Screen Media, Ryobi, & Horizon Press solutions also established an Adobe Training Center 2007 MCST Establishes its Authorized Training Center 2008 MSCT widens its regional reach and adds more Pro Solutions MSCT established presence regionally in Iraq and Yemen and added more famous brands to its portfolio such as HasselBlad & HP “Large Format” 2012 Proud Achievements to be announced soon MSCT never tires of being the first to bring the best technologies to serve 2011 Pro Solutions Dept in MSCT acquires Audio Video Brands valued clients.Volicon Audio Video Logging System was added to our portfolio plus MobileView Point while the Press department added the brand Foliant
  6. 6. Why iPad for the ClassroomTo be successful when using technology in education, it is important to focus on:1- Engagement2- Creativity3- Inquiry-based learning. Because of these demands iPads became a critical part of the learning process. The point of using an iPad in the classroom shouldn’t be simply to use the digitaldevice, but to provide a tool to aid learning, as this will empower learners to engage in the transformation of learning experiences, which would not be possiblewithout iPad technology.Why iPad?- A relief for students from heavy book bags.- Ability to use thousands of educational applications that teach students whileensuring that they are fully engaged, paying attention, and having fun at thesame time. This makes students LOVE learning.- Allow students to correspond with teachers and vice versa- Allow teachers to easily receive papers and homeworks on-line- Preserve records of students’ work in digital portfolios- Reduce printing and text book costs
  7. 7. WHAT ARE THE MAIN Educational Process GoalsUsing iPad can improve all Reading Writing Listening Observing Researching Analyzing Watching Experiencing Formulating Calculating Creating Predicting Expressing
  8. 8. Student Skills improvement after using iPad A study took place in the fall of 2009, when 321 students and 29 teachers in six US schools embarked on a set of projects that spanned some 17 disciplinesLeadership 86%Media Literacy 82%Collaboration 84%Flexibility 85%Adaptability 90%Responsibility 82%Creativity 85%Problem Solving 87%Critical Thinking 93%Communication 85%Innovation 92%initiative 79% Average improvement 84%Productivity 85%Accountability 83%Social Skills 84%Media Literacy 85%
  9. 9. In which Levels iPad can be used?Elementary Schools ( Grades 3-5, ages 8-11 )Middle Schools ( Grades 6-8, ages 11-14 )High Schools ( Grades 9-12, ages 14-18 )Colleges/Universities ( undergraduates, adult learners 18 and above )International Schools
  10. 10. The infinite cycleWho will be engaged ? iPad will be the connecting ring between class room and home School-to-home communication solution used by teachers, administrators, and parent-teacher organizations of thousands of k-12 schools Receive real-time school alerts (such as closings, emergencies, back pack notices, announcements, etc.), view classroom happenings & homework via email, phone, Facebook and more! Innovative way of interactivity between parents and students Interesting way of assigning homework
  11. 11. Why the iPad can be used in Classrooms The Best Way to Show Textbooks Light, Thin and can replace heavy books iPad Fit Students’ Lifestyles iPad is interesting, fun and easy to use iPad Integrate With Education IT Trends iPads Are Becoming More Available iPads can replace expensive instruments
  12. 12. Enhancing Classroom LearningUsing iPad and iTunes contentIncreasing Language SkillsImproving the Written WordBuilding Reading FluencyLearning World LanguagesIncreasing Reading ComprehensionWhen and Where in the WorldImprove Math SkillsA Deeper Look at ScienceExploring Art and MusicEnhancing Productivity for Educators
  13. 13. iPad as curriculum Where can it help? Science Mathematics History & Geography Literacy English Language arts Art, Music & Creativity Engineering Medicine
  14. 14. iPad in ScienceFields and branches Human Body Science Chemistry Medicine Biology Physics Solar System Science Geology
  15. 15. iPad in ScienceSample Applications Build a Skeleton (£0.59) Fun app involving the construction of the human skeleton by assembling the bones Periodic Table (free) Comprehensive periodic table with detailed information on each element. 3D Brain (free) Wonderful 3D interactive model of the human brain coupled with text-based facts and figures Science Glossary (free) Excellent and extensive glossary of scientific terms and short biographies of key scientists. Molecules (free) 3D renderings of molecules with full touch manipulation - more can be downloaded for free. ESO Top 100 (free) Astonishing collection of high quality astronomical images including galaxies and nebulae. Planets (free) Excellent planetarium in your hand with constellations and planets Exoplanet (free) Amazing database of every known extrasolar planets with facts & figures + some animated graphics.
  16. 16. iPad in MathematicsFields and branchesWith interactive ways to learn numbers, master multiplication, solvealgebraic equations, conquer statistics, and more, these apps for allages make math more engaging, interactive, and fun.
  17. 17. iPad in MathematicsSample ApplicationsSubject App executionMathematicsLesson TitleAlgebric OperationsObjectives QuickTime™ and a decompressorRecognize Addition are needed to see this picture.Recognize SubtractionRecognize MultiplicationRecognize DivisionRecognize PowerApp Name Math Board
  18. 18. Special Needs EducationUsing iPad and iTunes content Zoom & Visual Alerts White on Black VoiceOver Closed Captioning
  19. 19. Class room infrastructureWireless network ( a/b/g or n )Server ( for Apps management optional )iPad mobile cart ( for safety and management optional)LCD + AV Ad. ( For video mirroring )Wireless Printer ( For AirPrint )Wireless Speakers ( For AirTunes )
  20. 20. iPad management in classroom Wireless Network: ◦iPads apps require direct access to the web (no login). Will your iPads connect through a separate wireless network that allows them to pass through directly? ◦Will you create a separate policy that identifies iPads on your existing wireless network and treats them differently? ◦Will they be subject to existing web filtering when browsing or will you need to consider adding a web filter to your network? Group Device Management:◦Where will devices be stored and charged?◦Will you use a mobile cart?◦Do you have a clearly defined procedure for distributing and collecting the iPads?◦Do you have a clearly defined Acceptable Use Policy? Has it been communicated to students and parents?◦How will you deal with issues such as damage or theft?◦Do you have a set procedure for how and when the iPads will be synchronized and updated?◦Are your IT staff trained on the technology and care of mobile devices such as iPads? Individual Device management ◦How will you identify each iPad? Some options include using a sticker, screen wallpaper image or engraving. ◦Will you use earbuds? Earbuds can be very helpful if they are listening to media in class. If you plan on using them you’ll probably want each student to have their own pair rather than share them. Application Purchase and Management ◦How will apps be purchased and distributed? Will you purchase, manage and synchronize to one central account or different accounts? ◦Will you use multiple accounts for individual teachers, classrooms and/or departments? Remember that you can synchronize to multiple accounts on any individual computer. ◦Will teachers be given permission to install apps on their iPads and/or student iPads? ◦Who will manage purchases with Apple’s volume purchasing plan? The VPP grants around a 50% discount on volume app purchases and is legally required if you plan on synchronizing and distributing apps to sets of iPads.
  21. 21. iPad Classroom ManagementSystem from MSCTLanSchool classroom management software is a critical component to teacher effectiveness and student achievement in any 21st century classroom. With LanSchoolteachers can demonstrate skills, monitor student progress, remove distractions and assess student progress.With LanSchool you get features like:1- Blanking the student screens.2- Showing the teacher’s screen to students.3- Limiting the Internet.LanSchool v7.7 installs on a MultiPoint Server in five mouse clicks and is very easy to use. It supports Macs, PCs and thin clients so you can standardize on one classroommanagement system for all of your computing platforms.Teachers are faced with the challenge and opportunity of using technologyto make a difference in students’ lives.Technology should enable education, not inhibit it.Our Class management system involves:- Inventory- Software distribution- Security- Power- Remote Control- Steady State- Support Windows Multi-Point server 2011
  22. 22. Why Modern Systems?Modern Systems Company has a shining history of being a top-brand expert and the iPad for Education solution is not any different: We are the first to bring it to Jordanand we have the best experience to support it.Modern Systems Company offers the following services and support for the iPad for Education solution:1- A-Z installment of system; hardware and software.2- Training sessions for teachers on how to use the system.3- Introductory sessions for parents on the usage of iPads in schools.4- Online and On-call support for any technical issues or trouble shooting needs.
  23. 23. Thank You